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  1. i initally had my ceremony for 4pm but that is way too hot and also people are still on the beach so i changed it to 6 which was good..i went on a few sits visits (march, may, and july) and i really could not tell the difference in temp between the months..its always hot but you are in mexico with the beach and pool right there, don't worry! none of my guest complained about the heat and i had all of my events outdoors (welcome drinks, cocktail hour and reception) it def cools down at night
  2. I got married this past July 15 at the Cancun Place...it was the best experience!
  3. I got married at the cancun palace this past july and the cd player for the ceremony was free i just had to make the cd
  4. I used Fernando for hair and makeup for me, my 5 bridesmaids, my mom, and flower girl. They were amazing! I had no idea what I wanted for my hair, so I had a hair trial the day before. The hair guy just did one style and that was it, exactly what I wanted.
  5. I used DJ Mannia for my wedding this past July and he was awesome!! I am the BIGGEST slacker and never even gave him songs to play (i even gave him my first dance song like 2 hours befor the reception lol) and he did an amazing job!! everyone was dancing the whole night!
  6. I emailed Marvin, had the time set up and the front desk actually called me at 3pm sharp to say my flowers were here. I sent my husband down to get them and I had 6 pretty large centerpieces and 5 bridesmaid bouquets. The bell boy actually brought the flowers to my room so I could see them, and then brought them over to the wedding coordinator's office so she could put them out on the table. When my coordinator asked about my centerpieces in our first meeting when i arrived in Canacun, I acted like I was going to make them myself when the rest of my bridesmaids arrived at the hotel, so I told her from the beginning that I would have them around 3pm the day of the wedding. There really is no issue at all and Marvin knows what he is doing.
  7. My wedding coord put the centerpieces out along with my favors..here are some pics
  8. I used Marvin for my wedding July 15 at the Cancun Palace..they were amazing!! I had him do my centerpieces and bouquets for my bridesmaids...he delivered them the day of my wedding, right on time!! ill post pics
  9. Marvin Jose Ku KinilTel. 998 8813397 / 8813852Cel. 044 998 144 [email protected] Marvin was great and flowers were beauitiful! Great prices too..he dropped them off in the lobby the day of the wedding so I did not have to pay the day pass.
  10. I didnt use the salon - went for a trial when i went for the site visit, i used Fernando Fuentes and his assistant for hair and makeup and they were AMAZING!!!
  11. I don't have many pics yet, but will post when i have some.. i got married at 6pm , had pics at 5pm bc i wanted the water to look blue, cocktail hour was 630 to 730 on the rooftop jacuzzi area, then reception on the beach from 7:30-11:30 I also had welcome drinks at the Beach Palace Sky Bar which was great!!! I hired DJ Mania - he was awesome- everyone was dancing all night , also rented a dancefloor for the beach You can bring whatever decorations you want and give it to the wedding coord that day and she will set it up I ordered my bouquets and centerpieces from a cancun florist (beautfiul) and he dropped them off and i gave them to the wedding coordinator to put out. I did complimentry and added on stuff but i used alot of outside vendors
  12. Let me know if anyone has any questions - i know there isn't alot of information on Cancun Palace
  13. when you select the sample swatch, do you have to type in the colors you want or do they send all of the colors?
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