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  1. Or That you cant find on the website I meant to say
  2. Oh and I should also tell you that I have alllllll of the wedding information that you cant find on the resort. Pictures, Menus, Options everything. If you would like to see, let me know!
  3. Hey! There actually is no difference between the two. It is all one resort, I was really confused about it at first but it is just divided into two sides. Either side can use any of the restraunts so I am not entirely sure why they did it that way. We hired a travel agent at home to help me with everything and she actually suggested it to us! We had looked at every resort out there and for some reason, never came across this one. I read tons of mixed reviews so I was a little nervous. I ended up getting really lucky because one girl that I work with went there and decided she wanted to get married there because she loved it so much! A few months later, my boss went there and loved it so much that she recommended it to another lady that I know, she just got back and said it was amazing!! I picked it because I love the fact that it is sooo big! There is one thing about the resort that is bothering me, If you hire anyone outside of the resort to do anything you have to pay $200.00US per person to allow them onto the resort. I wanted to hire a photobooth company, 2 hours after dinner, and they told me that unless I pay $400 extra dollars, they are not allowed to come onto the resort. The photobooth company told me that they have heard of day passes for about $50-70 but never anything like that. Same also goes with the photographer but I have heard really great things about the resort photographer so I just booked them! Good luck!! L
  4. Hi, Glad you had a good time and Congrats!! I am getting married here in July of next year. We are almost decided on everything, except the reception. We automatically chose the Gala as it is inside and seemed the safer choice. The more we think about it, the better the beach party sounds. I think it would be fun. I asked the WC if we could rent a dance floor, and she basically said yes. The menu is a little more appealing on the beach as well. I did want to ask you, You are the second person who has said that if you could do it again, you would do it at the Chill out. From the pictures that the WC has sent to me, it just looks like a deck. Is it larger than it appears in this picture? Is there something i am missing about it? Let me know what you think! L
  5. Thank you so much for sending those to me! I am very happy with our choice in resort! Wish I could go visit ahead of times but there are so many pictures and videos out there that I can almost imagine it all perfectly! Does anyone have any pictures or videos of a reception from this resort? L
  6. Thanks to both of you. I am feeling better about July the more that I hear about it. The majority of people who have travelled there at that time say that it is hot but as long as you are near the water, it is fine. Super excited. Mexican Wedding Photos- was it just the one picture? that is all that I can see when I open it. This is a picture of the gazebo that our travel agent sent to us. We are actually getting married at the Grand Riviera instead of the Grand Sunset
  7. I am getting married here in July 2013. Just started planning a couple of weeks ago! Super excited that we picked this resort. My travel agent has done quite a few weddings there and she says that it is her favorite! Looking forward to hearing how everything goes during your planning adventures!! L
  8. Thats great! Thanks for your help. This website is awesome!
  9. Thanks for your reply! I am starting to feel better about having it in July. The worst thing that I have heard is that it will be very hot, which doesnt bother me. I am just worried that people will be uncomfortable.. but really? I dont think anyone will mind. I have talked to most of the people that I care for the most and no one seemed bothered. What time did you have your ceremony? L
  10. Oh thats awesome! Thanks so much for that! That wedding was absolutely gorgeous! You take amazing photos! Do you work out of Mexico? Laine
  11. Hi everyone, I just signed up on here and tried to post something before, I dont think it worked but, I appologize if this comes through twice. My Maid of Honor is a teacher at a private school and is unable to take time off during the school year. We have decided that we need her there so we have chosen to move our dates to July. I am really concerned about the weather. Has anyone ever been to Cancun in July? Better yet, has anyone ever been to a wedding at this time? We are getting married at the Grand Sunset Princess. Thanks so much for any advise you can offer Laine
  12. Hi Everyone, I am new at this so I hope that I am posting in the right place. My Fiance and I are getting married in 2013. My Maid of Honor is a teacher at a private school and is unable to take time of during the school year. We have decided to look into getting married the first week of July. I am nervous about travelling to the Mayan at this time of year and I was just looking for some input. Has anyone ever been to this area during the summer? Or even better has anyone ever been to a wedding during this time? We have picked our resort, we will be getting married at the Grand Sunset Princess. Really excited! I have heard great things about this resort. Thanks so much for your help, Laine
  13. This is a review of:

    Samuel Luna Photography

    Samuel was the best decision that we made for our wedding.

    Pros: Everything
    Cons: Nothing
    Our resort offered Photography as part of our wedding package. We were tempted to chose this option but I decided to look around anyway.  I found Samuel online and was instantly impressed by his portfolio as well as his pricing.  I emailed him for a quote and was expecting to hear back within a few weeks, he emailed me back right away.  My entire experience with Samuel Luna was amazing.  He was always prompt to return my emails and seemed genuinely excited to work with us on our wedding day.  
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