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  1. Hello everyone, I was wondering if any of you plan of doing games at their wedding ?? I you are, what kind of game are you planning ?? We only have 4 hours for the reception and i am not sure if we will have enough time to play some games. Thank you !!!
  2. Hello, we are getting married at the grand sunset princess on april 15th 2013. In every package they have the reception is in a restaurant and if you not at leat 40 persons you won't have the restaurat to yourself !!! What i can tell you is that if you want a private reception you will have to pay extra $$$, if you want a beach reception its about an extra 85$ per person and at the chill out is 100$ per person. You can also have the reception inside but i don't know the cost. After seing the picture, we chose the chill out bar, i didn't want to have the reception in a restaurant with other hotel guest and the place is very beautiful !!! You have two kind of gazebo, one in the sunset side and an other one in the riviera site. We chose the riviera side it think the gazebo perfect. If you wan't picture i can send you te one i have. I also have the menu for the restaurant and the beach and chill out reception. I hope this can help you !!! Have a great planning !!!
  3. Bonjour a vous, j'espère ne pas etre la seule à francophone a utilisé ce site pour m'aider à planifier mon mariage. Il y a tellement de bonne idée sur tout !!! Grace a ce site j'ai décidé de faire des OTT Bag pour mes invités !! C'est aussi grâce a ce site que nous avons décidé de faire nos invitation passeport. Nous allons nous marier le 15 avril 2013 au Grand Sunset Princess à Riviera Maya et nous serons environ 40 personnes !!! C'est beaucoup plus que je pensais !!! Par contre j'ai de la difficulté avec les sacs cadeau pour mes invités !!! Par exemple, j'ai acheté des porte carte pour que les invités puisse y mettre leur carte de chambre et argent, mais je ne sais pas quoi écrire à l'intérieur. En anglais c'est super beau mais en le traduisant en français, ça ne vas pas du tout. En espérant que certaines d'entre vous pourrons m'aider !!!! Plus que 76 jours avant le départ et 82 jours avant mon mariage !!!!!
  4. Hello everyone, I am getting married at the grand sunset princess April 15th 2013, i was schedule to have my wedding at the sunset gazebo at 16h00, but a mistake was made by my coordinator and the hotel never received her email so now i will have my wedding at 14h00 because its the only time left. She said that i could get the 17th but the problem is that i made OTT bags for my guest with personnalized items and on all of them the date of the wedding is april 15th thats one of the biggest reason,why i can't change my date. The problem is now i have two hours inbetween that i have no idea what my guest will do !!!! Any of you have suggestions ??? I have my reception at the chill out lounge, if any one of you have picture of your wedding at this location could you sent i to my email : marie_eve_g@hotmail.com Thank you
  5. Hello, i am gettting married there on April 15th 2013. We decided to have the beach reception. Its 85$ per guest and you need to have at least 40 person and the recption is from 6 to 10 pm. We decided to have the beach reception because we wanted to have a private reception. Having to share your meal with hotel guest is not what imagine for my reception. I hope your planning is going well. Less then 3 month since i am getting married, starting to feel really stressed and excited !!! Are you doing OTT bags ?? When do you arrive ??
  6. I am also getting married there of april 15 2013, still got a lot of time but its coming faster than i tought. What are you doing for the reception? Restaurant, beach or chill out section ?? We are not sure what we will do ???
  7. Hi I was wondering if anyone have done ott bags for kids ?? We should have a least ten kids at our wedding ? I think they should have a little something to, what do you think ??? Thanks
  8. Hello everyone, i was wondering if anyone is getting or got married there ? I am getting married at this hotel in april 2013. Thanks
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