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  1. Sorry for such a delay!!! I don't get on here much! It is Jenny Castro, she is a Philly based photog
  2. Lindsey, check out my planning thread. I did just what you are trying to do! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/77108/kristyns-playa-del-carmen-planning-thread-1-6-12/80
  3. Oops! That tree is not inside the AHR! Lol. It's inside the lobby of Playacar Palace
  4. Just wanted to share a couple DW and a AHR pics! Feeling lovey today Getting Ready First Look Our Set Up --- MAKE SURE YOUR PHOTOG WILL PHOTOSHOP THE SWIMMERS OUT!! MINE DID! Vista Print come to life! We did it! Tree inside the AHR TTD! AHR! Our Cake plus Stanley Cup Groom's Cake!
  5. Hey girls! Sorry, for the delay! AJane, you guys will LOVE it! The place is beautiful and the staff really go out of their way to accommodate you. If Wilma is still there, I would try to get assigned to her. She set everything up flawlessly, so much so that we gave her an extra 60 bucks at the end as a tip. She was phenomenal! And Cindy, I actually had a woman here in Philly do them! If you want to contact her to see if she would do through e-mail, her address is riley4@verizon.net and her name is Theresa from Creative Crafts. Good luck and best wishes ladies!! xoxo
  6. Hey babymila! Sorry I missed this! It was actually a local woman here in Philadelphia that took care of them for me!
  7. Thank you so much, Krysta!!!! I can't even take it! I have to literally try to not watch it everyday, hahaha! Your day is only a month from now, congrats girl!!!
  8. Ladies, I don't know when you booked, but prior to I believe March 2011 there was no fee for sound set up on the beach. Since I booked before that, I stood firm that I was not paying for it. That being said, there was a girl who had her wedding day the day before mine who did not have the sound system and you could not hear a thing. If we could not have had ours for free, honestly I think I would have just shelled out the money.
  9. Thanks girl!!!!!!! It was unreal! I had no idea and you can def tell by my face! Haha!
  10. Hey ladies! I know there are some Philly area brides on this thread, if youse (yes, youse for my Philly girls! haha) are having an AHR, you should totally check out the videography company we used for ours. They are freaking amaaaaaazing!!!! Here's the link for the "preview" they did for us, it's absolutely ridiculous and they were super friendly and easy to work with. http://vimeo.com/37990004
  11. Hey ladies!! All my pro pics are done and they are freaking AMAZING!!!! There are almost a thousand so I have them broken into albums on my FB. Friend request if you would like, or just ask me if there is something specific you want to see Name is Kristyn McCrohan
  12. OMG! Do it!!!!! Lol! Girl, seriously, it totally calmed our nerves, got us the pics we were looking for AND took absolutely nothing away from the walk down the aisle. Both my husband and I were crying during the processional even after doing the first look. If anything, the shoot made me more excited!!
  13. Joda, it was soooo much fun! We loved doing it, even if it was sunrise the day after our wedding. I'll do anything for good pictures!! And like I said, if you have thought at all or your photog has suggested a First Look session, I would absolutely 100% tell you those First Look pics are my favorite ones hands down.
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