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    Swine Brides **Support Thread**

    This sucks. I am getting married in Belize next weekend and half of our guests have already cancelled. We're not even going to Mexico! I hate this f*&%ing flu. I am thankful that, as of now, my wedding is still scheduled to take place. I hate to think about all the weddings that have been cancelled. What about the brides whose weddings have been cancelled... what are you going to do during the week/weekend you were scheduled to be married? Are you going to go to work, go on a local vacation, sit at home and cry, etc? I hate to think about the brides who will be at work when they should be getting married on the beach!
  2. Thanks guys. After checking out some of the pics, I think it is a really cool idea. I want to do it now!
  3. BelizeBride

    In Memory Of...

    Its nice to read the various poems, but also really hard. I fear that incorporating some of these ideas into my wedding will cause me to cry uncontrollably. My mom died 10 years ago and sometimes I think I am dealing with it just fine and time has helped my adjust, and other times I realize its still as hard as the day she died. Not sure how incorporating these things will make me feel.
  4. I plan to have a photo of my mom and my FI's dad on display and will also have the Justice of the Peace mention each by name and say something like "We think of them today..."
  5. I don't understand what all the brides are talking about with the TTD (trash the dress) talk. Why buy an additional dress just to trash it? Is it for photo purposes? Please explain. Thanks!
  6. BelizeBride

    Great Tool on Itunes!

    Oh my! I love this tool. I have found not only the "Indie Wedding", but also "Caribbean Vibes" and "Beach Essentials". Thanks for the tip.
  7. I love the bags! I love the high I get when I go into Target and not only find something I love, but find that that something I love is on clearance!!!! And who on this board does not love the dollar spot at Target?!
  8. BelizeBride

    Gift etiquette

    Perhaps I am going to sound a bit materialistic, but I think receiving gifts is one of the best parts of getting married. When else do you ever get gifts as an adult? For me, its not that often. My fiance and I registered at two stores and have enjoyed receiving each and every gift. I think all couples should register. If you truly don't need anything, I like the idea of asking people to make a donation to a charity (of either your choosing or theirs).
  9. I really like the way your OOT boxes turned out. And the tequila... you can never go wrong there!
  10. BelizeBride

    Getting Married in Belize in May

    Thanks for your replies. Cayo Espanto does look beautiful (though I have never been there). My fiance is related to the owner of Cayo Espanto, which is how we are able to marry there otherwise we would never be able to afford it. We are staying at Ramon's Village before the wedding and then staying at Cayo Espanto for a few days after. I do believe you could hold a wedding there without having all of the guests stay on the island and I think you can stay there for shorter periods of time (their website says there is a minimum night stay, but I bet if you called you could work something out). As for the planning process, things have been somewhat difficult. Things are more expensive that I anticipated, which is always a bummer. The staff at Cayo Espanto have not been super helpful, but we do have a really great wedding planner and that makes all the difference! I hope that answers all your questions!
  11. I love your OOT bag pockets. I kept looking for an affordable bag w/pockets and could not find one. I am thinking of doing something like your pockets. Great job.
  12. Just when I think I am doing a good job and have some ideas, I see your amazing thread and am humbled. I am truly floored by the work you have put into planning. It is awesome. There is no doubt that you will have a great wedding.
  13. In an effort to save money, I am not having our OOT bags embroidered. However, I do think it would be nice to attach a tag of some sort to the bag. Originally, I thought about using a circular piece of chipboard and attaching our monogram stickers to it and tying the tag to the bag w/ribbon. However, you ladies inspire me to do things that are more creative and eye catching. Any ideas on how to create a tag for my bags? My bags are aqua blue canvas with two straps (pretty plain right now). Thanks for your help!
  14. BelizeBride

    Alyssa's planning thread...

    I love your BM dresses! I know you said Victoria's Secret 7in1, but when I googled them, I couldn't find them. Do you have a link? Your BM must love you for picking out such awesome dresses. Well done!
  15. BelizeBride

    Denver Brides

    I would love to meet up with some BDW members in Denver to chat about our upcoming (or past) destination weddings. Let me know if anyone else is interested. Thanks!