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  1. Thank you so much you have made us feel so much better! We have met with our Parish Priest who has been fantastic and has interviewed us and put us onto the Pre Cana waiting list. We have booked our wedding but have not had all the confimation through yet so we don't have the WC contact details yet. It is early days yet as we are not getting married until July 2011 but we just want it to be perfect! We both read your review last night and it made us feel so much better thank you!! I can't wait to hear all about your wedding!! It's so exciting not long to go. I am so excited to hear about your special day it will make us so excited about ours too as their is not a lot of people have had a Catholic wedding at EDR on this site, so glad you replied! The Catholic element is extremely important to us so let's hope all of our dreams come true just like I have imagined it. Our own Parish Priest needs the name of the Diocese and the Priest that will say the Mass also where to send the documentation too but I am sure the WC will tell me all that. Did you send the documention directly to the Church the Priest belongs to or EDR? I am sure I wil think of a million questions to ask you about the whole process, It is a lovely feeling of relief that someone else is doing the same as us and it is not too complicated. Â Thank You!! Lynsey xxx
  2. Hello all brides to be!! I am wondering if there is anyone out there who has had a Catholic ceremony in the Chapel at El Dorado Royale. I am starting all the planning with my Parish Priest and would love to hear stories of other weddings. It would be great to see some pictures if anyone has any. It would help so much with all my planning. The Catholic ceremony is so important to us and have fallen in love with the little Chapel but would love to hear all your stories about planning, sending documents, Priests and anything you think that could help. Than You x
  3. Thank You so much Lindobride 14 that was so kind of you! Do you think i should get started on the process now, our wedding is 15 month away? It's a worry that it will get all sorted but I will do everything possible in order to have a Catholic ceremony. Thank you for telling me exactly what you need to do I feel a lot better now. You have made me feel loads better although i will feel better once i get it all sorted! How are you coming along with the paper work? How far in advance did you approach your Priest? I just want it all to be perfect xxx
  4. Just noticed Jodie P you are from Glasgow I am from Gourock not far from you! xxxx
  5. hi everyone! we have booked El dorado Royale and have booked the chapel there for our Catholic wedding. We have 15 months yet for planning but i am worried about the paper work we will need. What do you need to get from your Parish Priest? How long in advance would you organise this before getting married. It is really important to us that it is a Catholic ceremony but really want to have a destination wedding. i want everything to be perfect just a bit worried about everything we will need and whether to crack on with the preperations or wait just now. Help!! Thanks xxxx
  6. hello! Kerry your dress is beautiful!! I can't wait to start looking for my dress going to start in the summer some time need to be strict on the diet in the mean time!! It's so exciting can't wait! I am open minded just now about the style of dress I am going to try on loads and have fun deciding! xxx
  7. Thank You all for making me so welcome!! Speak to you all soon xxx
  8. Hey Josie I live in Gourock near Glasgow. I know I have already said this but so glad i found this website so good to chat to other people who are excited as me! xx
  9. We got engaged on the 25th of July 2009 and hopefully get married on the 25th July 2011 all going to plan!! xxxx
  10. Hiya Everyone!! I am so excited I have jsut booked EDR for July 2011!!! I am over the moon, I feel like I am walking on air!! We are flying out on the 17th and getting married in the Chapel on the 25th hopefully!! We got engaged at the El Dorado Seaside Suites but decided on EDR as it had the beautiful Chapel for a Catholic ceremony. So excited to share all the planning and ideas with you all at this exciting time. xxxxx
  11. I know I felt like that when we couldn't get our prices it's so frustrating! Our TA told us the prices would be out on the 29th and i was so excited to get online then we booked on the 8th of May!!! So excited it's booked, we cracked open the champers on Sat to celebrate!! Enjoy all the planning before the booking it's all part of the excitment! xxxx
  12. I know what you mean about the diet! I am trying so hard just now it's always on my mind and when I have a treat I feel so guilty! It will all be worth it! xx
  13. Thank you Kerry!! Your wedding day is not long at all bet you are so excited! This is the best website ever! I don't really know anyone who has got married in Mexico but it's just what we always wanted the special people in our life in a beautiful location. It's great to hear what everyone else is planning. xx
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