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  1. Hair could take up to two hours depending on how long it is and what you want done with it. I have shoulder length hair and had an updo and that's how long it took. Granted, I had them wash it beforehand, so that put more time into it (and supposedly they don't like to do that b/c it won't "stick" was well). So, if you're not going to wash your hair, I'd allow an hour and a half so you're not rushing in case they're running late or something else comes up. For make-up, to be on the safe side, I'd schedule an hour for that, too. Again, this will probably be more time than necessary, but believe me, you don't want to be rushing around and stressed. Better to have to wait inbetween if you have too much time than not to have enough time.
  2. Aawwwh - that's so sweet and I was happy to help Mandy and anyone else who needed help / advice. I don't get on here too often, so if anyone needs any more information from me, please feel free to send me an email so I can get back to you right away!
  3. We chose Option # 2. DH did not like it - he said it was too fru fru. If we had known that we could have ordered the omelettes or basics, we would have done that instead.
  4. I recently learned that Claudia Rodriguez is an approved EDR photographer (meaning you do not have to pay the $500 for her) That's who we used for our EDR wedding and we were very happy with her work.
  5. That's a tough one b/c I think that EDR is an absolutely perfect spot for a honeymoon. However, we are also planning our honeymoon and are considering Excellence. Our TA says that the resort is neck and neck w/ EDR. I suppose it's what you want more. EDR's grounds are supposedly better than Excellence. But, I've heard that Excellence has a better beach and better food. But EDR has great pools and the casitas are wonderful (if you get a newer one). I've been checking out TripAdvisor to see if one of them sways me. Best of luck to you in your search, too! The only other consoltation I can offer is that once you get to EDR, you probably won't have to interact w/ the people you're booking it through. All of the staff at EDR are absolutely wonderful - they're another reason why we're considering going back there for our HM.
  6. Thanks, Melanie! I miss everyone since I haven't been on very often. I hope you and everyone else is doing well! I see that you're the Forum Mom - I love that!
  7. Wow!!! Claudia is now one of EDR's approved photographers?! That's great! I used Claudia and Mike Cantarell for our photography and videography, but we had to pay the $500. The only one that we could use was Caribe. In the beginning of my planning process, Caribe just seemed to be getting started and the samples that I saw on-line were just ok. However, after I had booked Claudia, I saw that Caribe had really started to step it up. So, Caribe might not be bad at all. However, I'm totally biased since I used Claudia. Here's a link to our slideshow if you're interested (I actually just posted this as an add-on link to my review in another thread - sorry for the extra post). Jennifer & Kevin | April 23th, 2008 | Riviera Maya, Mexico Logon: Jennifer Password: 042308
  8. Wow - I haven't logged on here in months, but I finally got my LONG wedding slideshow - Claudia was having problems with the wedding site, but if you girls need to see MORE EDR wedding pictures, the link is: Jennifer & Kevin | April 23th, 2008 | Riviera Maya, Mexico Log-on: Jennifer Password: 042308 I miss EDR and we are planning a trip back for our honeymoon at the end of this year!
  9. Awesome, awesome photos! You looked so beautiful and happy - I loved the one where you were teary-eyed. :-) And your review will be very helpful to future EDR brides!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by nolaroy724 Okay, I am obviously in the worrying mood today, but how did everyone do their ceremony music at EDR? I asked this before and some people said ipod and some said cd. If you did cd did you have all of the processional songs on one disk (or playlist) and the recessional song on another? I was worried about my music, too, but it turned out beautifully. I put my music on a CD and had them in the order that I needed them to be played. I also labelled the CD w/ the song numbers that were to be played at each segment. I just put all of the songs on one CD and the EDR staff knew what to do.
  11. Since there are only ten of you, did you think about maybe splurging for an excursion for everyone?
  12. I highly recommend Elizabeth Windsor. She did my boudoir shoot and will be photographing my AHR reception next weekend! She's just starting out and is still in the process of building her portfolio, but I know for certain how amazing she will be and you will be so happy that you went with her. She's based in Anne Arundel County and does travel.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by PaulaV I recommend Mike. He filmed our wedding at Dreams Cancun in Feb 08. The video was excellent! He worked very well with our photographer and was non-intrusive. Gracias Mike! I second Paula's recommendation!
  14. Congrats and Welcome Back!! So happy to hear that everything went so well! Can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it!!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan it isn't just money though. I don't want us to feel awkward on our wedding day. did the camera make anyone feel nervous? or are you in such a blur you don't notice? And I honestly didn't feel awkward at all. I don't even remember seeing the videographer or photographer during anything but the posed pictures after the wedding ceremony!!
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