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  1. the White Gazebo is a beautiful location right beside the ocean!! in some ways you just can't beat that! However, I chose the Health Bar for more practical reasons - and I ended up just loving it! two reason's why I picked the Health Bar over the White Gazebo, just in case it was windy (I hate wind!) and the Health Bar provides a bit of coverage. And also because there were a few people in our group with hip & knee problems that would make it hard for them to move around alot on the sand. Since I wanted a big partay - they would have had to have been very careful dancing.
  2. Yes, one of our guests could barely leave the room the whole trip because he was so sick. We knew it was more then the usual Mexican sickness, since it lasted so long, and he tried all the usual remedies, which did not work! We figured it may have been the sushi at the Japense restaurant - since he ate a tone of it the night before it all started.
  3. you look amazing! and I can see why you loved your hair - so beautiful!! Congrats
  4. oh my goodness! the wedding looked awesome!! I also loved your dress - so utterly unique and looked fantastic on you Congratulations!
  5. ahh!! amazing pics!! You look stunning! I love love your dress I love them all, but I think my 2 fav pics are, the one of you walking down the aisle with your dad and the one of you both walking back up the aisle! Congrats again Shannon!!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by adrianna28 One more question... I was thinking about trashing my dress but I/m not sure if it will be cleanable. Were you able to clean your dress after your TTD photos? I haven't taken it into be professionally cleaned yet, but I don't think it will be a problem. In fact, the TTD shoot cleaned my dress! By the end of the wedding night - the dress hem was black! and I also had drink dribbles down the front of my dress (hehe). I went into the ocean with my dress, and then took it into the shower to wash the salt off. By the end of that, there were no drin
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by adrianna28 Did you happen to purchase the matching bolero? The Bolero actually just came with my dress. But I knew I wouldn't wear it all. However, my mom took it and made a purse out of it - which I totally love! I just purchased a satin clutch purse on ebay for cheap and my mom covered it with the lace. It came out awesome!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by adrianna28 OMG! Your pics are amazing and I think we have the same dress! oh no way - that's awesome! I like your style
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by nolaroy724 Thanks Shannon. Do you sign your certificate during the ceremony? Do you suggest I include a song for that with the CD? How long does it take? I'm so thrilled there are so many new EDR brides just back to answer all of my insanely neurotic questions!!!!! haha!! I think we all had the neurotic questions - just comes with the territory the signing might have taken a whole minute - maybe! I didn't include a song for it and it was fine without one! there is a lot of sound coming from the ocean
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by shannon Mrs V-to-be-- I LOVE the black and white photo on your signature! Your so sweet - Thanks so much!!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Yvette very nice! i really like the hand imprint in the sand with your rings. so cute! me too!! Love the pics You guys look so happy - congratulations!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by nolaroy724 Okay, I am obviously in the worrying mood today, but how did everyone do their ceremony music at EDR? I asked this before and some people said ipod and some said cd. If you did cd did you have all of the processional songs on one disk (or playlist) and the recessional song on another? I was worried about the music too. I gave my 1 CD with clear instructions written on the front to the WC. and I gave my Ipod to my brother and told him to look after the music. I told him if it can play off the ipod just to do that. I felt better that som
  13. super cute! I especially like the one where you are kissing and it is blurry around the edges!! ps I love Kelowna too
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Virginialedoux I simply adore your dress?? Who is the designer?? Thanks! The designer was Jasmine
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by KirstenRN6 Jennette........Your pictures are AMAZING!! You are so beautiful! This makes me even more excited to be getting married at EDR! Congratulations on your wedding! Kirsten - you will love it!! Despite the small planning issues, EDR really did an amazing job putting on the wedding
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