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  1. I was hoping some of you could help me figure out the following because I really have no idea myself. You see, last Friday my work computer was hit by a virus, causing all the startup Services including Norton Anti-Virus to not on startup, thus not allowing the computer to function like it normally does. Normally these Services startup and load just fine, but I guess it's not uncommon for a Trojan Virus to knock out these Services and paralyze the computer to the point where you have no choice but to Restore it or wipe it clean. I guess my Norton Anti-Virus was able to Quarantine the virus but I'm wondering if another one might have gotten though. So I've elected to wipe the whole thing clean, but before doing so I was able to copy a bunch of my personal and work files to a Network Drive and this leads me to my question. How do I know if those files were corrupted by the virus or not? I managed to scan my computer after the virus was quarantined and the scan came up with zero threats found, but I don't want to assume all those files are fine and I don't need to worry about them. So should do you think it's same to copy those files back onto my hard drive after I've reinstalled all my programs, or what should I do? It's absolutely vital that I figure out what files are safe and what aren't. Any help or suggestions would be awesome! Thanks guys!
  2. Who else is with me when I say I'm dreading the Tonight Show's switch to Conan next week? I seriously hate the guy. He's funny for about 5 minutes per hour, when he dances at the start of his show, has a staring contest with Max the drummer, has a hot woman for a guest, and has the lips speak. The rest of his show is too silly and crude to be funny. When Conan is funny, I usually fall out of my chair laughing so hard. But those times are far and few between. Meanwhile... Jay Leno is funny with any guest, whether it be John McCain or Pamela Anderson. Jay is funny in every show with just about every joke getting at least a chuckle. Headlines and Jaywalking just can't be topped by anything else on late night TV. I don't like Letterman... I think he's the best interviewer out of all of them, but I don't get his jokes.....or they just aren't funny to me.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Christine Brandon being from Utah you should be familiar with honeymoon babies. I know that all my friends in Utah & Nevada get hoppin on the baby train pretty quickly. It's not so much that people are having a lot of "honeymoon babies" here in Utah, it's that they have them at a really young age.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Erika J but now i can do it with out looking. Are you freaking kidding me!?! That's amazing!!! I used to be able to do that with my BlackBerry Pearl but now that I have a Curve, I can't do it due to all the small little keys.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by carly Jeez, where ya been? There are tons of honeymoon babies around this forum! I figured there would be considering there's tons of brides on here but I didn't know it was on this scale.
  6. I don't know how many of you actually have an iPhone but if you do, don't you wish they had a pull out physical keyboard that gave you the option to use both the virtual or physical keyboards? It would also be nice if you could copy and paste text. The Palm Pre comes out next month and they have the pull out keyboard, but I'm unsure if they included the virtual keyboard into the model too. Which brings me to my next question.....does anyone know or heard of any rumors of Apple implementing a pull out keyboard in any future iPhone models? Google seemed to have their crap together when they developed the G1. Palm Pre iPhone Google's G1
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Lizz Our first anniversary was a few days ago. We would have loved to go back to Jamaica to celebrate, but with a 12 week old baby that wasn't possible, so we went to Atlantic City for the night. Mike gave me a watch after the baby was born and that was also my anniversary gift. I gave him tickets (paper) to a Phillies/Red Sox game. So that means you had a honeymoon baby, is that correct?
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by TammyB If you like Trek (great Mountain bikes BTW) then Just go to the Trek store, tell them how often you plan on riding, if you will be riding trails and at what level of experience you have and they will guide you into buying hte right bike for you. IMO, I would get a full suspension, it's more money but worth it. I used to mountain bike all the time, now we only get out a few times a year, and we have trails right behind our home. Trek and Specialized are the only two I've looked at so far (Specialized just briefly) but Trek seems to have better technology with their full suspension system. I totally agree with you on getting the full suspension. I live near a lot of mountains and there's a lot of great trials I used to use when I was a kid. What kind do you have?
  9. So it's been a good 7-8 years since I've done really any mountain biking at all. I used to be really big into it when I was growing up through junior high and high school but when I turned 20, the opportunities suddenly weren't there anymore. Well, I'm 27 and life has calmed down quite a bit, so I'm looking to pick it back up again. The bike I currently have is a ProFlex Full Suspension (P.O.S.) and it's nearly 12 years old, so I'd like to get a new one. I haven't done too much research so far but the bike that's jumped out at me so far is the Trek Full Suspension Fuel EX 8. Do you think it's a bit overkill? Trek Bikes | Bikes | Mountain Full-Suspension | Fuel EX 8
  10. West Antarctic?s Sea-Level Rise May Be Overstated, Study Shows - Bloomberg.com Quote: May 15 (Bloomberg) -- The collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet would contribute 3.3 meters (11 feet) to the rise in sea levels over hundreds of years, about half as much as previous estimates, a U.K.-led team of researchers found. Disintegration of the floating ice shelves surrounding the sheet, which is grounded, would open the way to melting, the researchers, led by Jonathan Bamber, a glaciologist at the University of Bristol, said today in the journal Science. That melting would lead to a rise in sea levels that’s much less than scientists estimated, Bamber said. “There’s a vast body of research that’s looked at the likelihood of a West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapse and what implications such a catastrophic event would have for the globe,†Bamber said in a statement. “All of these studies have assumed a 5-meter to 6-meter contribution to sea-level rise. Our calculations show those estimates are much too large.†Bamber’s team said that while tracts of ice grounded below sea level would float upwards and break up if the ice shelves holding them disintegrated, portions of ice attached to land above sea level will stay frozen, contrary to earlier estimates. Antarctica is divided into two main ice sheets: east and west. The continent as a whole holds enough ice to raise sea levels by 57 meters, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says. While the larger eastern sheet is largely stable, glaciers on the western sheet have accelerated their flow in recent years amid global warming and ice shelves surrounding it have broken up. The western ice sheet’s contribution to sea-level rise won’t be uniform across the globe, Bamber’s team also found, noting that because of gravitational effects, the Indian Ocean and the U.S. Pacific and Atlantic coasts would have more sea- level rise than the rest of the world. “The pattern of sea-level rise is independent of how fast or how much of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapses,†Bamber said. “Even if the WAIS contributed only a meter of sea level rise over many years, sea levels along North America’s shorelines would still increase 25 percent more than the global average.â€
  11. Is it true in an effort to reduce bandwidth, Comcast cuts their HD feeds in half or more, thus resulting in a grainy, noisy feed?
  12. What about gift wise, did any of you give gifts for your 1st anniversary?
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Christine on our anniversary we went out for a quick dinner, we had a two week old baby so we didn't leave for long. We actually went to "dinner" at 3:30 in the afternoon. For presents, since 1st anniversary is paper, I got him red sox tickets and we went to a baseball game. He got me a leather bound journal to write in every year of our marriage. The journal idea is awesome if you're into journals entries.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by lisaloo79 But I always tried to keep clothes away from it. Just when it's healing?
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by CaliaA07 Well we would of LOVED to go back to Jamaica but that was not financially feasible for us. So instead we went to a super fancy restaurant together and it was super romantic. And then we got TATTOOS. I posted my tattoo in the other thread. But we did something to remember our wedding. The coordinates to the beach we married on. Not super extravagant anniversary but something I'll always remember. We hope to go back to Jamaica for anniversary's but for now we just did something small. Cool, great ideas. What kind of restaurant did you go to? I love the tattoo idea of the coordinates of where you got married. Quote: Originally Posted by JUSTUSTWO Is returning to the location of your DW possible? Or what about a weekend getaway? What about a spa date? Next month we are returning to Jamaica with family & friends who were there with us for the wedding & we will celebrate our 1 year anniversary then. Since we knew we weren't going back to Jamaica until June, we took advantage of a great sale & booked a cruise that sailed 1 week before our anniversary. On the actual day of our anniversary, I surprised DH & booked us a couples massage at a spa. I figured a couples massage would be a great treat for both of us. After our massage we were able to lounge around the spa & enjoy their sauna's/steam rooms & hot tubs. It was a very relaxing & quiet day. After that we went to lunch & that was about it. What exactly did you have in mind & are you trying to surprise DW or are you both planning this together? Okay, I'm editing this cuz I just looked & saw that you were married in Cancun so I'm thinking that a return to MX wouldn't be on your agenda right now due to the swine flu scare. But a trip someplace else you guys always wanted to go would also be a great surprise, even if its just for the weekend. I'm absolutely clueless on what to do since we've been traveling so much this past year. We just got back from a trip, so we weren't really up for going back to a tropical place like Cancun again this soon. Quote: Originally Posted by JUSTUSTWO I decided to google this & these ideas came up. Hopefully they are not too corny for you! A Man’s Guide to Anniversary Planning How to Celebrate your Anniversary First Anniversary Ideas and Gifts How cute, personalized M&M's! I would never have thought of that idea for an anniversary: My M&M's® - Personalized Anniversary Candy Message Gifts Anyway, I hope that these helped in some way since I couldn't think of anything else more creative! I'll check these out this weekend and get back to you on what I think. Thanks for doing all that research for me, you're a sweetheart!
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