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  1. Is anyone not spending the night with their FI the night before the wedding? We are pretty sure we will spend the night apart, but I am not sure where to send him to spend the night, any suggestions?? We are thinking he may stay with his parents, but that may make getting ready on the wedding day a challenge. Thanks, Jennifer
  2. We are hiring a mariachi band for our reception and can't decide if they should play during the cocktail portion or dinner portion. Any suggestions? I am wondering if it would be too distracting or loud during dinner, but since there will be only 12 of us and no other music I thought it would add something. Any advice is appreciated, thank you!
  3. Have you tried looking at anniversary bands at Jared? My ering is platinum and I am getting a platinum anniversary band with princess cut diamonds from Jared as my wedding band. The wedding band was only $900.00 since the price of platinum had dropped, I think regular price is $1100.00. Hope this helps.
  4. Your pictures look amazing! I have a question about the Presidential Gazebo, would you suggest not getting the wooden runner? I am getting married there in November and from your pics it looks like the walk to the gazebo isn't a straight shot, so would the runner look odd? Thank you, Jennifer
  5. Has anyone purchased their sixpence from silversixpence.com? I am considering buying from them, but wanted to check first. Thanks
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by NATASHA About two weeks before the wedding I sent this (large) document to Dino - our photographer - as an example of the types of photos that we were looking for. I also sent a shot list with the specific names of who we needed pictures with, but I was really more concerned with the style of photo we were going for. I noticed that Dino specifically set up two pictures that I had included that were a bit more unusual than the others (most notably the one with the mariachi surrounding the bride and group as they walk after the ceremony) so he definitely us
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by pryzeless According to the map I have it is called Bar de la Salud aka Healthy Bar. However, my map does not show El Cotorres. It is right before the Casitas entance. There is a sign overhead to signify the entrance. Pryzeless, Would you mine sending me your map because I don't have that location listed on mine and the EDR coordinator told me that Health Bar used to be called Pericos. Thank you, Jennifer animaldoc28@gmail.com
  8. Does anyone know if the Health bar used to be called El Cotorres? My coordinator said that on the map it is called something different, but hasn't told me what it used to be called, I just need to know so I can point my guests in the right direction. Jennifer
  9. I am not sure what I should put my rings in during the ceremony, we will not have a ringbearer, so I am not sure if I could place them in a shell or treasure chest. Any suggestions? Jennifer
  10. I have a question about the cake cutting, when did everyone do this, on the beach right after the ceremony or did you wait for the reception? Also, did anyone do the champagne toast? Jennifer
  11. Shannon, Thank you for posting this, I am now considering bringing our own vows down with us. One question, there is no exchanging of the rings and no I do in the EDR version? Also, you transitioned into what you brought down before the in the name of the law part, did they say that part after the sand ceremony? Jennifer
  12. I am trying to finalize my menu for the free dinner, cocktail and dinner reception. For the free dinner-fuentes, we are going with ceasar salad, yucatan soup, pasta primavera, and grilled pork chop. Dessert tres leches w/ strawberries. Private dinner-Ruccola salad, chicken breast stuffed with mushroom, angus beef tenderloin, and frozen coconut with wedding cake. No appetizers because we will have a cocktail reception beforehand. Any dislikes or recommendations? Thank you, Jennifer
  13. Many questions? Wasn't there an EDR bride that had a stylist from Playa come to the resort and do her hair, if so could someone pass on her info and does the stylist do makeup as well? Also, I am having my ceremony at the Presidential Gazebo and the cocktail and private dinner at the health bar, we will have an hour gap between pics and the cocktail reception, so I am looking for some place to send the guests to grab a drink. Is there something that is centrally located between these 2 locations? Thank you, Jennifer
  14. Thank you for the info, I think I am going to make the appointment for 11, which is probably too early, but I don't want to be running late. Tracy, the new coordinator said that the bridal party would be scheduled an hour apart from each other, I wonder why they won't schedule the bridal party at the same time as me. Jennifer
  15. I have a question about hair and makeup. How long does it usually take and what time would you suggest I make the appointment for, my wedding is at 3:30 and pics start at 2:30? I will have 2 bridesmaids having their hair fixed and MOG hair and makeup. Thanks, Jennifer
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