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  1. I got my necklace from a department store in England (Debenhams - not sure if you have one over in the US?) You may be able to find one similar on the internet. I didnt want anything to big, but not too small either and this necklace was perfect. Good luck in your search.....
  2. We actually had our wedding reception at Cocotal. It was part of the package we had paid for so we just assumed it would be the best place for it. We really liked it in there, and all of our guests were really pleased with the menu we had chosen. I think it was a 5 course meal with soup for starters, then a pastry type thing, then a choice of meat (chicken teriaki) or vegetable (burritos) dish. Cant remember what we had next then the final course - dessert - was lovely. I think our guests were able to choose their main course and their dessert, but the rest we had chosen for them. We also ate at Fuentes during our stay there but I was definately glad we had our reception at cocotal. The only thing we had a problem with was the flute player that they quite often had in Cocotal. She was there on the night of our reception and it was so loud, we had to ask her to stop so that our wedding party could do their speeches. Although she was really good, I did find it quite annoying in the end. Fuentes is definately more casual and the chefs often spoke over the speakers explaining what they were cooking which could be quite annoying during a reception. The setting of cocotal is more romantic and perfect for a reception. Hope that helps.
  3. Yeah there were big sandbags in the sea to protect the beach from big waves. Personally it didnt bother me and I didnt think it looked ugly. It may bother some people though. I haven't even noticed them in the pictures!! I'd rather have sandbags than no beach. You may be able to see them in some of my pics, if not i'll find one that does show them if you like?
  4. Thanks for all your lovely comments!! We used the casitas gazebo. The one right down the far end - as far as you can go (to the left if your facing the sea). We had originally booked a different one but we were able to change it when we got there. Definately the best gazebo in my opinion! The waves almost went over our toes during the ceremony and it was far enough away from the pathway to be quite private. Obviously there were people on the beach watching but I didnt mind as we got to show off our outfits a bit more! My husband designed his own outfit too and I didn't actually see it until the day! Was a lovely surprise! The decor was just white fabric on the gazebo with tropical hanging flowers each side. We had a white aisle with pink and white rose petals. We wanted to keep it quite simple and I think it really worked. Only problem we had was that it was quite windy so some of the fabric kept blowing about (you can see in the pictures). It may be worth asking they to secure the bottom of the fabric to the gazebo, I would if I had of known. Also they couldnlt put the rose petals down until just before I walked down the aisle as they would have blown away. They were soaked in water though so they did quite well to stay for the whole ceremony. My bouquet was just pink stargazers I think. I ordered it through the wedding co-ordinator once we got there. Its in the catalogue that they show you anyway. It actually had little white daisies in it too which I thought made it so pretty!
  5. Thank you, yes I designed the dress myself and had it made. Was perfect for the beach!!
  6. Hi all, I have finally uploaded my wedding pictures from Eldorado Royale. You can view a slideshow at this link: Phil & Clare's wedding - Mexico 26-03-08 by pinkchick79 The day was beautiful. We found the wedding co-ordinators to be absolutley fantastic (Lomas travel) and we used the hotel photography service which was also excellent. I wouldn't hestiate to recommend this hotel to anyone getting married. The whole experiance was amazing! Any brides getting married there in the future, im happy to advise on any queries you have as I know what its like leading up to the big day, worrying about little things!
  7. Thanks for all your lovely comments. I designed the dress myself so its really nice to hear positive feedback about it! I will put a link on here to some more pictures soon and also write a review. It truely was the most fantastic holiday of my life and I would go back to the same hotel again. Without a doubt!!!
  8. So we finally did it!!!! My wonderful new husband and I got married at the El Dorado Royale on 26th March so I thought i'd put a up few pics. I have to say though, our wedding day could not have been more perfect. The co-ordinators at El Dorado made the day absolutely amazing and we couldn't have asked for more. Totally recommended to every couple looking to get married!!!!
  9. Hi, Flying out to EDR on tuesday - does anyone know if beach towels are provided there or do we need to take our own?? Thanks!!
  10. So the time is almost here - we fly out to Mexico on 18th March (ONLY 2 WEEKS AWAY!!!). I cant believe its so close. Anyone else going to be there the same time? 18th March - 8th April??
  11. Hi, Im getting married at EDR on 26th March and we have just received confirmation from Monica that we have got gazebo 55. We've looked at the pictures and there is a wall between the ocean and the gazebo which we didnt expect. Does anyone know the number of the gazebo which is right on the ocean front (without a wall)? Also, do you know if we can request to change the gazebo as this really isn't what we wanted
  12. Booked our wedding through First Choice in the UK. Not a great choice I must say, but was just wondering if anyone else has done the same? Need a bit of reassurance that its all gonna be ok!
  13. Hi, I've been in contact wit Monica about my wedding at EDR but she only seems to reply to some of my emails and is not really very helpful. Does Valeria have a different email address as the general opinion seems to be that she is a lot better and I am getting concerned that Monica is not understanding the things that I am asking her. Many thanks xx
  14. Thanks for all the advice!! My wedding co-ordinator has been Monica and although she has been ok, she doesn't fill me with confidence! Does Valeria have the same email address? From the things I have read, I think i'd rather deal with her! With regards to hair, is anyone taking pictures of what they want with them, or does anyone know if they have some kind of portfolio? I dont know what I want yet so thought maybe I could get ideas from hairdressers there. Are teh hairdressers any good? I had my nails done at home 3 weeks ago and they are still perfect now so I think I might get them done the day before I fly out. Plus I think i'll do my own make-up. When is everyone else going out there? We arrive 18th March!!
  15. Hi, Im getting married at EDR on the 26th March and I was wondering if I need to book my hair appointment for the wedding day before I go or can I book it when I get there?? I assume it is worth booking a hair rehersal too! Does the hairdresser come to your room or will I need to go to the salon? Also, I've heard some reports that the acrylic nails they do aren't great so I was thinking I would maybe get them done before I go just to make sure they are what I want. Only 10 weeks to go! So excited!!! But sooo want it to be perfect!
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