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  1. Welcome and happy planning!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by dollbird I just splurged on mine today. Still have brain damage from the amount I spent, but I love them so much and will get lots of mileage out of them since they're silver. My wedding is on the beach. Love these shoes! How high are they?
  3. Thanks for the info. As well for those in the GTA, P&G has their warehouse sale until the 25th. I got sunscreen and other stuff for really cheap. The sale is at the Int'l Centre (Derry & Airport - Hall 3).
  4. DLyteful, I'm a Jamaican now living in Canada, and I make the trip home at least once a year so here's my two cents. Stick with the CC and cash. So far everyone's advice is good re: taking lots of singles. At the airport it should never cost more than $5 to tip baggage handlers. Before you leave the airport, get yourself some J$, it will always save you money in the end. The Bureau de Change is located in the Departure Lounge, Immigration Hall and Ground Transportation Hall. Their tel876) 979-2673. It's also best to carry J$ to the craft markets and tourist attractions, and keep it
  5. Welcome Liz and Happy Planning!
  6. Has anyone every used wedorama? I like their flash site best so far and was wondering if anyone had any experience with the site. TIA. Jamie
  7. Just though I'd share my good news... a high school buddy of mine (in Jamaica) plays in a steel band so I contacted her about having the band play during our ceremony and cocktail hour. Well she just emailed me to say that the band is booked and since they're non-profit, they don't get paid; all I have to do is feed them. SWEET! I can't tell you how excited I am considering everything else costs 15 million dollars!!!!!
  8. My caterer suggested at least 3 per person, so I think 5 is more than enough. You need to leave room for dinner.
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