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  1. WOW....He did a great job, I really want some. I've had 3 kids and I can't even fill out a (A) cup bra-my pooor FH why he picked me I'm not sure because he's a boooooooooob man, maybe it's my nice backside....You look great hope you both enjoy and congrats
  2. What about something like this.. Front. Detailed Image(s) - Back. Back View -
  3. I want to say Congrats 1st and for most, I think that it's great that you have found your soulmate and you have to remember that he too loves the way you are and I think that once you go shopping that you should expereince trying on all different styles of dresses and you'll know just like every other bride when you've found the one!!!!! It doesn't matter what size a person may be we all have flaws that we have to overcome when it comes to finding that perfect dress. The dress that you originally selected is breathe taking and im sure it will look perfect on you...I hope that you enjoy shopping for the perfect dress, make sure to post pics..... GOOD LUCK
  4. My only advice is to try to squeeze in some Cardio if not every day every other for at least 45 min. Watch what you eat, try to lower your calorie in take to only 1600 cals a day if possible. Just remember that its important to not cut out meals though, this will only break your system down and if it was me that means getting sick. Snack in between meals on fresh fruit such as apple slices or veggies like carrots or celery. And drink plenty of water...
  5. Im a Retail Manager for a Children's clothing store and I make $45,000.00 a yr plus bonuses....Ive been with the current company since Sept of 2008, before that I also worked retail from the age of 16. I love my JOB, all though I do drive over 40 miles one way at least 5 to 6 day's a week....
  6. Welcome, Happy Planning.....You will get alot of info from these forums~which ship are you sailing?
  7. I say dont risk it getting wet, they should have something that is pretty close to yours as far as length goes, if its a must have....Take pics~we all wanna see
  8. Yeh I too have thought about getting a boob job myself. I have had 2 consultations and all though Im down with having babies, they did tell me that you will not be able to breast feed. If having that bond with a baby you may have in the near furture, honestly I would hold off a while. Im sure you've heard mixed feeelings and have some of your own. YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT MAKES "YOU" HAPPY!!! I wish my FH would say he would buy them for me but he say's no, all though he wants me to have them more than I do...Well Good Luck
  9. CJEB~I'm not really sure due to the fact that they are so strict about flowers i really don't think that they will. We are thinking of an Italian Love song that we can play during our guest being sitted. I think the best way to be somewhat secretive about it without upsetting anyone is to add the charm or photot frame to my flowers.
  10. Hey chicklet, Maggie Sottero and Allure Bridal's have simular style dresses as the one you found at Davids Bridal. Vist jaybridals website. You can register there and veiw the gowns with a $$price$$, and if you search other Designers as well you could find some of the same styles at a lesser cost, good luck!!
  11. Detailed Image(s) -, you can go on there website and register and see Pricing for just about everything. I've tried on several Maggie's while I was in my selection process. The dresses are fabulous on. They are located in Jacksonville, Fl and Gainesville, Fl..... Good luck!!!!
  12. At Jay's Bridal that dress cost $848.95. Not including shipping.
  13. What a great choice, I bet it looks fab on. So how many did you try on b4 you selected that one? I went 3 seperate times, twice alone and the last time I took a very close friend picked out about 10 to try on and went with the 7th one....I plan to order next week.
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