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  1. With 13 days before we leave I'm planning the seating arrangements and how I want the reception to look, the only problem is that I've never been down to Azul. Fabio sent me a sketch of the terrace layout, but it is not to scale, and after I tried my best to layout the tables, and the cake table, and the buffet tables, everything looks to crammed and with no much space for dancing. Do you think that the terrace is too small to set up 5 tables about 6'x6' seating 8 person each, plus a sweetheart table, the cake table, the buffet tables with area for serving the food plus space for dancin
  2. Thanks for the reviews.. I'm getting married at Azul and honeymooing at Excellence Riviera Maya.. in just a few weeks! Can't wait
  3. I need 2 parasols. The natural color ones. Please let me know if you have any or if you know where I can get any! Thanks
  4. Does anybody has the contact info for the on-site WC at Azul? My brother who lives in Cancun and is helping me with the wedding would like to have a meeting with her this week, and obviously is not like Nancy is going to give me her info. I'd appreciate it if anybody knows her email or/and phone number. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the info.. after talking about it with FI, we're just going to give in and throw our money to the hotel and rent their speakers. Blah!
  6. Anybody has any experience with the DJ at Karisma. I'm not sure if being an Ipod bride will work with them. They are trying to charge me too much for their music equipment that at the end it would be better to go with a DJ. Any takes?
  7. I know some brides have used them. I'd like more information on the quality. How loud were the speakers? I'm just afraid that my guests won't be able to hear the music. My hotel is trying to rip me off for the sound equipment. I need help!
  8. I'm getting married there in 2 months, Fabio was my WC but after too many problems with him, I got reassigned to Nancy who's not any better at all. I'm having a private cocktail party at the wave lounge and a private dinner reception at the terrace. That's all I know as of now, because they NEVER answer any of my questions, and I'm leaving in exactly 60 days!
  9. Your review is so helpful. I'm getting married there in 3 months and I'm very anxious. Fabio was my online wedding coordinator but we had so many disagreements that they took him off my account and assigned Nancy, who after a month hasn't still contact me. Can't wait to see your pictures, and I'm glad everything went fine
  10. I'm schedule to do my honeymoon in EDR. WE have one of the casitas booked. Right now I'm in a battle with Karisma Resorts and they are on my black list of people I really don't like. The reason is because I'm getting married at Azul Beach Hotel and they've been extremely difficult, unprofessional and incompetent. Anyways now I feel like i don't want to give $6,000 for my honeymoon to Karisma, because they don't deserve my business, it's too late for me to change my wedding but I can still choose where to honeymoon. I feel really bad becuase FI is the one who picked the place and he is to
  11. I love it!!! Congratulations again. You are one stunning bride. I can't wait to have my wedding and I really hope that is at least half as nice as yours
  12. Thanks for the suggestions! I already sent it and they replied right away saying that they are talking to the corporate offices and they will contact me as soon as possible.
  13. I didn't copy the original submission here, but i will attach it to my email.
  14. Ok this is what I have so far: I chose Azul Beach Hotel because it came so highly recommended by my travel agent and I wanted the perfect place to share this important day. Unfortunately, I have to say that I have been extremely disappointed with both the service and the management. I am writing this letter because I hope that this issues can be resolved before my wedding on November 22, 2008 since I am not looking forward to having to get outside parties involved. My relationship with Fabio since day one has not been too impressive. After an incident that made us change our weddin
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