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  1. Dress I didnt steam I had heard they did a good job I just didn't need it - my dress was so heavily beaded .... Songs - We used 4 songs for while people were sitting. Then one for me and my bm's to walk down the aisle (used the same song for all of us) and one at the end to leave to They did a great job of music.
  2. On our tables (you will see in the photos above) we got them to move the large arragements of flowers FROM the ceremony cite to the reception. While we only have 3 I think, and we had 5 tables it was no big deal! Seriously - the setting there is so beautiful, you dont need much "extra". The idea of using the bouquets is a nice idea too. I must say - be picky when choosing your bouquet ... I was dissapointed with my bridemaids - they were all so tiny - while it looks classy and pretty in the photos - when they arrived I almost cried! HAHA. Also - a small tip while they
  3. I dont know if I posted there or not yet Here are my photos (some) from Claudia - she was AMAZING Picasa Web Albums - Eden - Professional ... Anyway I got my hair and make up done at the Spa at El Dorado and was SO HAPPY with it! My Maid of Honor got hers done too and usually takes up-do's out EVERY TIME she get's them including her OWN wedding, and this was the only one she left becuase it was so well done and she loved it. I TOTALLY TRUST THEM there - they KNEW what they were doing. My dress was beaded and the dry cleaner there could not do it they said - fine.
  4. Natalie Congrats on making the switch. EDR is incredible I thought the money was insane too, but now that its over, it was sooo worth it. They didnt charge me to set things out .... but I have heard different things. I think they try to, but if you take the stuff with you to your wedding meetnig, they will just ofer to put it out, and never charged me (thats how it worked for me anyway). I had planned to have my bridesmaids put it out should EDR want to charge me. So maybe have a back up option like that in case they try to charge you. As for the reception being
  5. Thanks everyone so much for the nice comments! The dinner was at El Cocotal, yes. And yes, I am SO GLAD i did it there. My review is up!!!!! Posted under the Reivews section of this forum! Its long!!!!! Feel free to PM me with any questions at all I hope to be as helpful as everyone was to me (thank you again!)
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Rhonda Thanks so much for your review! I'm so happy to hear things went great for you! Everything looked/sounded beautiful! You answered many of my concerns. I have some questions... Did you ship any items for your wedding to the resort in advance? We are considering an optional excursion...would you recommend the ones that you did? Also, what was the cost and did you cover it for your guests? I'm sure I'll have more questions later... Thanks! Hey! Thanks! I did not ship any items - I just took them all in my suit case. I had all my out of t
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by pryzeless Those who decide against EDR are losing out!!!! I could not agree more! Serously, I LOVED IT! It was amazing!!!!!! Better then I could have imagined!
  8. Wedding was November 26th, 2008 EDR – El Dorado Royale All Inclusive, Adults Only Resort in Mayan Riviera, Mexico. Let me preface this by saying, we have travelled a lot and been to several AI’s as well, and EDR by far wins our vote hands down! This sentiment was echoed by many of our guests also, majority of them travelling lots and feeling EDR was their favorite AI to date. In fact, one of my BM’s had been to the Mayan Riviera like 8 times in the past 4 years and she picked EDR as her absolute favorite too. Also, on our flight home I was siting next to someone who marrie
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by pryzeless You look beautiful!!! I am so glad it worked out for you. Maybe brides seeing this will realize the Boycott is really not worth it. I hope so! I cannot be clear enough in saying, Im soooo glad I stuck with EDR, Im glad I worked within their outside vendor policies and paid the silly fees. EDR was a dream come true! Better then I could have imagined. The resort itself was great - and the wedding - wow, I could tell they knew what they were doing!
  10. Hair: I was super worried about getting it done there (and make up) ... and I didnt leave myself much time in case I hated it. HAHA. but not to worry - they are AWESOME. I loved my hair. I could tell they knew what they were doing. I just took a picture and they copied it perfect! My one BM got her hair done too and its the FIRST updo she has liked and not ripped out immediately following! They did a great job! BM's: We got the shoes at Le Chateau - that might be a Canadian company only - fo super cheap! I wanted bright pink for myself and once I bought them I thought ... hm
  11. Please see my comments below in bolded purple. These are just my thoughts, stick to whatever you think is best! I think you picked well with El Cocotol - our guests LOVED it! Quote: Originally Posted by Dreamgirl08 Hi everyone, Here are our food choices for EL COCOTAL. Feedback is very much appreciated. Please give us your HONEST thoughts. We haven't finalized anything yet so we can still make changes, depending on what you guys think. Starter: Vegetable tower We didnt like the appies, so did a soup and a salad ...... sorry I cant comment. What
  12. IM BAAAACK! First let me say, as all people who get married here have already, EDR IS AWESOME! INCREDIBLE! I am so happy I stuck with them!!!!!!! It was the BEST! From the resort to the wedding day, it all was better then I could have dreamed! Her are some pics http://boards.weddingbells.ca/showfl...part=1#3330446 If you have any questions, just ask - or pm me or something. (Sometimes I have trouble accessing this site) .... anyway Ill post a review when I have time. Another point I want to make, I am so happy I went with El Cocotal over Fuentes. It is a
  13. I just did a TTD with Claudia the other day (last week) While I have not got the photos back yet I would say DO IT! Here are some things that come to mind: 1) the price is good I think for what you get. Basically a whole other shoot! Plus she is taking you somewhere in her car (gas), and her car gets pretty messy after it!!!!! 2) since it was a DW, i wanted to use the surroundings. So many of my friends who got married in Canada and didnt get that option are soooo jealous!!!! 3) the photos are AMAZING! Claudia is great! She makes you feel so comfortable and the f
  14. Hey Everyone, I want to reassure EDR brides that it is incredible. The resort itself is great (food is awesome, and I am used to GOOD food). And They did an amazing job of the wedding. Better then I could have even dreamed or imagined! Ill write a review in the review section later. But since EDR somtimes gets a bad rep, I wanted to check in now! Click on this link so see some photos. WEDDINGBELLS Message Board Community: Non Pro Teaser Pics of our Destination Wedding Also, I used Claudia and while I have not seen the pro photos, I have no doubt the
  15. Brig How did you get to watch a specific game at the Martini Bar during your wedding? Did you pre schedule it? Did they have satelight? Reason I am asking - Calgary (where I am from) just got into the gry cup which falls next weekend OF COURSE! And many people really really want to see it!!!!!
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