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  1. I was stressing about the same thing right before we went down. We ended up packing everything in 2 large suitcases and a carry on. We were fortunate to have friends and family who took down the extra bags and we just gave them $ for the extra baggage fee. The chair bows won't take up much space at all and definately worth bringing your own to save $. The ones I bought came in a flat package and they could easily fit in with your clothes.
  2. All the sand ceremony really entails is the pouring of the sand from two vases into one. The minister talks about how it is a symbolic joining of two lives as the sand is now entwined and can never be separated just as your lives together now It's like 2-3 minutes long. Uhhh sorry I really have no idea how many windows there were and I'm a bad judge at estimating height lol. Your better off asking Pilar or Ana.
  3. Okay ladies...here is my detailed review as promised! I know other brides have written reviews recently in great detail, so I will try not to be too lengthy. First off, I just want to say that everything turned out even more perfect than I could have imagined!!! It was an amazing 4 day celebration with 48 of our closest friends and family! So for those of you who are concerned or stressed, take a deep breath and just have faith that they are wedding coordinators for a reason and are damn good at what they do!! Our guests are still raving about how awesome the resort and wedding was! All of our friends keeps talking about who's next to have a destination wedding because it was just that incredible. And of course, I may be a little biased We went with the Eternity Package . I have to admit I was a little nervous before the wedding with the lack of communication and time it takes for the wedding coordinator to respond to emails. Maybe I am impatient, but it drove me crazy waiting at least a week (in most cases) for a response. However, I was VERY pleased with Pilar after meeting her and how wondeful the wedding turned out! When we first arrived we were taken to the Preferred side to check in and were greeted by Pilar after check in. We set up a time to meet with her the following morning to discuss all the details. That night we had a welcome dinner at the buffet for all of our guests. I had put together a welcome packet (letter, info about wedding/welcome dinner, resort, etc) for the guests and I my sister (who arrived the day prior) give to Pilar. They gave this to each of our guests upon check in for no additional cost which was really nice. We would have preferred to do one of the a la carte restaurants but with the $23 pp fee that comes along with it, we just couldn’t swing it. The buffet dinner was actually really good and the service was outstanding!!! They have a very big selection at the buffet and all of the food was really good. However, a lot of it was not that warm so that was disappointing. But I guess you can’t expect too much from a buffet. I was really happy we did the welcome dinner as this was a great opportunity for us to pass out the koozies we made and thank everyone for traveling all the way to Mexico to share in our special day. After dinner, when we wanted to make a quick thank you speech and a toast, I grabbed the manager of the buffet (can’t remember his name for the life of me right now, but he was awesome!) and asked if they could pour a glass of champagne for all of our guests for a toast which they did right away. Also was the perfect opportunity for us to pass out gifts for the bridal party. Second and third day we allowed guests to enjoy there time there and do as they pleased. For the most part everyone hung at the pool and the beach each day and we had a blast! We met with Pilar the 2ndmorning and she seemed to have taken pretty detailed notes of everything we had discussed. We just finalized last minute items, such as when we were going to give her our decorations, doing a sand ceremony, when we needed our bouquets, dress & suit the day of the wedding, when we could do a walk through of the Bamboo Room to make sure everything was set up as we liked, etc. Pilar gave us the final quote then and we paid her in full. Day of the wedding- I was supposed to meet with Pilar at 10 am to give her the remaining decorations for the wedding. We made tissue paper poms to be hung from the ceiling and since we didn’t really have anywhere to put them, we didn’t want to “puff†them out until the night before the wedding. I went down there at 10 am and she wasn’t in so I just left them in her office. I got my hair and make-up done at the spa. I brought pictures of how I wanted my hair to look and brought all of my own make-up. She did a great job and how my hair turned out was exactly how I envisioned it! I brought my own flowers to put in my hair and she did that for me. I didn’t do a trial run. You can do one, but I think it was around $150. I decided to schedule the appt earlier enough in the morning that I could just have one of my friends redo it if I hated it which luckily was not the case. After my hair and make-up appointment, I stopped back into Pilar’s office to make sure our bouquets and dress would be at my room by 2 pm as we had discussed in our meeting and she still wasn’t in. I talked to Anna and she told me Pilar wouldn’t be in until later, but she would make sure that the flowers and dress were there before 2 pm. We needed it early because we decided knock some pictures out of the way (me with the girls, and my husband with the guys) before the ceremony. The dress came on time and the flowers didn’t arrive until after 2. Pilar was sick while we were there and explained she had been at the doctors. Funny because I have received a lot of compliments on the bouquet, but it wasn’t exactly what I had asked for. I wanted peach/coral roses with white calla lilies and the roses ended up being more of a red color than I had wanted. I told Pilar it wasn’t what I wanted and she offered to rearrange the flower or take the roses out, but I just decided to go with what she gave me. All of my BM’s said that they would like great in the pics and you wouldn’t be able to tell the color difference and they were right! I look at pictures of it now and I really liked the way it looked. Although in person the flowers were not that fresh- tips of the calla lilies were a little brown. And the single calla lilies I got for the girls had a lot more green than white on the actual flower, but for me not a big deal. I would suggest that if you have exact colors you want that flowers to be stress that with Pilar and maybe ask to see samples. Ceremony- Pergola. It was calling for rain the day of our wedding and it was overcast all morning and then…the sun came out right as we were taking pictures and then for the ceremony JIt was really windy though. I honestly didn’t even notice the day of until watching the wedding video. We brought our own chair bows and they set them up for $1 per chair. They also set up conch shells along the white runner down the aisle for free. They looked really nice, but they weren’t really practical since the aisle wasn’t that wide and a lot of people tripped on them. Just something to consider. Cocktail Hour- Blue Bar. Awesome Location- right next to Pergola and outside of the Bamboo Room. Pilar tied a few of our chair bows on the cocktail tables which was a nice touch and something we didn’t ask for. We made cocktail menus as we created our own drinks. They placed the menus on all of the cocktail tables and a few at the bar. I was seriously SOOO impressed with how well the cocktails turned out. We just sent Pilar the ingredients for the drinks (we chose 3) and didn’t really know what to expect. They all turned out so yummy! One was a Bellini and they even had fresh cut up peaches at the bottom of the champagne glass. Didn’t spend much time at the cocktail hour because we were busy taking pictures. Reception- The reception was held immediately after the cocktail hour. As soon as everyone was seated and the bridal party entered dinner was served. We had the reception from 6 – 11 pm and it seriously flew by!!! Once we got booted, we continued the party at the sports bar. Food at The Reception- The food was incredible! Although we had the Eternity Package, we upgraded to the Devine dinner package for $5 more pp. We gave our guests the choice between the Salmon or the Filet & Shrimp. I had the filet and shrimp and it was delicious! Guest who had the Salmon said it was great too. We chose some Bailey’s chocolate dessert and I didn’t get an opportunity to try it but everyone was talking about how amazing it was. Cake-We went with the cake in the package for 25 guests. We figured that since dessert was already served with dinner and not everyone eats cake (myself and husband included) that the small cake would be fine and it was. We went with a yellow cake with a strawberry filling. It was nothing fancy. It was one of the options for the Eternity package. I only tasted the small amount that was smeared on my face but everyone said it was delicious. Decorations- We had Pilar and her crew did an AMAZING job of decorating the reception. It honestly turned out better than I could have imagined. Pilar even went to get something to add to the table with the place cards because she thought it looked too empty. We brought the majority of our own decorations. She hung our poms from the ceiling and also outlining the edges of the room. It was a nice surprise because when I asked for this in the meeting she told me they could probably only hang them from the center of the room. We also brought our own table numbers and place cards. The table numbers were pictures of significant places in our lives (where we met, got engaged, fell in love, etc). Pilar set up a table when you first walked in to the reception that had the place cards and the photo mat we brought for guests to sign. We brought our own centerpieces. They were vases filled with sand with branches with small poms on them. Turned out really nice. Pilar provided the sand for us. We didn’t bring table runners, but Pilar used a few of our extra chair bows and ran them down the center of the bridal party table and it looked great. We also brought our string lights be hung for the bamboo. We had bought 5 strands of 100 lights thinking that would be enough and it actually only was enough to cover the area right behind where we were sitting. So if you plan on doing this and want all the bamboo lit up, be sure to bring more lights! DJ- We didn’t have a DJ. We used the sound system, brought an ipod and my brother and law mc’d. Worked great. Photographer – close friend of ours is a photographer so she did our photos. Videographer- We went with Oscar who is included in the package. We did add a few hours to what was included. He filmed the ceremony, while we were taking photos, a little of the cocktail reception, and stayed at the reception until we were done with the cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss. He was awesome and the video turned out fantastic! The turn around was ridiculous- he got it to us before we were even home from our honeymoon! I would definitely recommend him. Sand Ceremony- We ended up doing this and I thought it was a nice little touch and the speech that goes along with it. Since we weren’t originally planning this we didn’t bring our own vase or sand, but I would recommend bringing your own if you’d like to have the sand your wedding colors J Overall Food at the Resort- Really really really good! I have stayed at lots of all inclusives and this by far was up there with some of the best I have been to. All of our guests raved about the food as well. The crème brulee at the French restaurant was incredible…a must try. My favorites were the Japanese and the French restaurants. Overall Review of the Hotel- Amazing resort! The grounds and rooms are all very clean and modern. Even the regular rooms were very spacious. All of the staff (with the exception of a bartender who wouldn’t serve one of our guests before he tipped him and told him that) were super friendly and accommodating. Service at the restaurants can be slow. Just go in with the mind set that it is Mexico and things do take longer and you will be fine. At least that worked for me ha. The room service on the other hand was really quick and everytime we ordered we got out food in less than 30 minutes. Congrats brides and happy planning! You picked an amazing place…I wish I could relive it all over again!!!! I’d be happy to try and answer any questions you might have. Michelle
  4. The bouqet was part of the Eternity package. It wasn't in the wedding book. I just sent her a picture of what I wanted. I paid $12 a flower for the single calla lillies I did for the BM's.
  5. Hanna- we went with the Eternity Package, but we did upgrade the dinner to the choose from the Devine Package for $5 more pp.
  6. Thanks ladies! Lisa- The hotel provided the conch shells. I didn't even ask for them, but it was windy so I think they needed to put them there to keep it in place. They looked nice, but to be honest they weren't practical because alot of people tripped on them. Especially the bridal party when they danced down the aisle after the ceremony Hanna- I brought my own flowers for my hair. They are actually fake...shhh! Here is the link to where I bought them....http://www.hibiscusflorals.com/wedding-hair-flowers/pair-of-single-white-real-touch-dendrobium-orchid-wedding-hair-flowers-343/ They are a little pricey, but totally worth it. Everyone thought they were real! I did get my hair and make up down at the spa there. My bouquet and the bridesmaids calla lillies were from the resort.
  7. Oops here are the photos And the link to the blog..http://carmenschuettephotography.com/blog/
  8. I recently just got married at the Now Jade on December 13th and it was absolutely wonderful!!! I promise I will write a detailed review soon, but it has been crazy with the honeymoon after in Bora Bora and the holidays. Meg- I had 48 guests and we used the bamboo room and I thought it was perfect. It didn't feel empty at all. I posted some pics below. The room has two walls of windows overlooking the courtyard and pergola/ocean, the back wall (in the pic below where the head table was) and a wall that borders the buffet. There isn't bathrooms in the bamboo room, but they are right out the door in the hallway by the buffet. Pilar set up the head table against the back wall and then had the other 6 tables basically lined in a square around the room and the center was the dance floor. We didn't use a DJ. We used our ipod and my brother in law mc'd. We set up the microphone and speakers in the corner of the room where the back wall and windowside of the courtyard meet. Robin- We had poms that we had Pilar hang and she didn't charge us for them. She hung some on the ceiling over the dance (as you can see below) but she also hung them on the outer edges of the room which looked awesome and I was very impressed with. (Sorry I don;t have a picture of that yet) By the way I love your date...11.11.11!!! I have a friend who is getting married on the same date Here is a link to my photographer's blog...she just posted some pictures from our wedding if anyone wants to check them out.
  9. Bienbag- Congrats! You were an ABSOLUTELY gorgeous bride!!! Thank you so much for sharing! I am getting married here in 5 days and I have been a little nervous about getting my hair and make up done at the resort but not anymore!
  10. Congratulations Ally!!! Thanks for the review. I am already taking notes. Good to know that you need to make sure Pilar writes down all the little details. I sort of worried about that. I am making a list now to give to her with everything just in case since we are bringing all of our own decorations. I have heard from others about the service being really slow. My only concern is with drinks at the reception. I am going to talk to Pilar about this and see if it's possible to add 1-2 more servers/ cocktail waiters so we don't run into this. The excursions sound like a blast. I am thinking of checking out the ATV through the jungle and swimming in the cenote. Thanksa gain for all the great info! Only 13 more days to go!!!!!
  11. Hi Amy, Yes you can have the guests choose thier main course from the Devine menu. To make it easier we gave our guests the option of 2 choices...salmon or beef. The other course are the same for everyone as I figured that would get too confusing.
  12. I got quotes for fire dancers outside of the hotel because the $1000 they quoted us was just too much for us to afford. The quotes I got were half the price, but I was also told I would have to pay $350 to bring them to the resort! I was also told previously that it was $65 pp. so I have no idea where they come up with the $350! Anyone else doing fire dancers? I REALLY want them but can't justify the cost!
  13. Tracey, thanks SOOO much for the review! So reassuring to hear such a great review- especially about the food! I'm glad to hear that they took the chair sashes off from the ceremony and put them on at the reception. Did they charge extra to do this? I mean did they charge $1 per bow to put on at reception and then $1 per bow again at the reception? I'm assuming Pilar hung the lanterns for you at the reception? We are bringing tissue paper poms and I was wondering if she would do it for us or if we would have to... I have been trying to envision how it would look and your pics help tremendously!!! Thanks again for such a detailed review- you rock!!!
  14. Has anyone had any issues with planning a rehearsal or welcome dinner at the buffet?? Pilar previously told me to just tell her when we wanted it and now she is saying that we can only have it at 6 pm or earlier. We wanted to have a welcome dinner the first day everyone arrives, but quite a few of our guests don't get in until 7 pm so we wanted to have it later so everyone can attend and she said it's not possible I don't know if it's just me but I kind of feel that the restaurant being busy at that time shouldn't cause us from having out dinner. We are bringing 50 guests to the resort for a very special occasion and I think they should be more accomodating.
  15. Hi Ally, Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! I don't check this all the time. I am getting married at Now Jade on December 13th, so shortly after you. We are having our ceremony at the Pergola and the reception in the Bamboo Room. The Pergola looks absolutely amazig and has a beautiful view of the ocean, so that would be my suggestion. I guess it really is just a personal preference. I don't think the Bamboo Room will feel empty ad cold. We have 49 guests and we choose this. I think it will just make for a bigger dance floor I think you can only have one long table at the OCean Front Terrace. This is one of the reasons we chose the bamboo room. I know that Las Olas restaurant is aother option and it is open but covered. I think quite a few people have chosen this location. I actually just finished filling out my Wedding Planning Form and sent over to Pilar. Hope that helped. Let me know if you have any specific questions. I'd love to hear all about it when you return.
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