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  1. What a great match with your e-ring! So pretty! You SO need to share the FI's modeling pics! How cute that he likes wearing it so much!
  2. That's great that the bank is lookin' out for your Mauraw! Better safe than sorry!
  3. I have to say that I think body types/proportions play a part in it too. I have a very long torso (lots of room for babies) and was able to carry easily. I gained about 30 pounds though.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by StephanieMN Well spring has arrived but not in the manner I had hoped. Snow! FH and I noticed there were some ducks at the semi-frozen pond by our house so we decided to head over to help them out with some bread. As we threw the chunks of bread at them we acted like the sample ladies at the store--we told them that it was Sara Lee bread we were giving samples of today and it was for sale in isle 5 but we had coupons for 50 cents off if anyone was interested. I am a nerd! Stephanie - I love your sense of humor! You always find a way to keep me amused! You're the best!
  5. It looks great in the folder! Good planning there! That is such a wonderful thing for your guests!
  6. I would like to receive one as a guest - especially with a CD player in the room. Nice idea!
  7. Wow - that has to be rough. It does happen though. I work with bypass patients from time to time. If they don't change they way they eat, they can gain it all back!
  8. I 3rd the motion to make up a name! (that's what I was meaning by the Pops for FFIL) SOmething that works for both of you would be cool!
  9. I will have to remember to NOT give my real # for those things - at least until we have purchased. I getting the solicitation calls!
  10. This thread has me thinking of waxing now too.... But I am SCARED! There is NO way I could try Brizilian at first... But, armpits sound like a GREAT idea!! I will have to look for someplace to do this in Indianapolis!
  11. Very pretty - but a little pricy for my budget - even on sale... Oh yeah - I am not a size 0 either...
  12. I like the "write your advice" books. We usually do those for both briday and baby showers in our family! The advice is great. We even let kids there participate and have their parents write. One's said "kiss a LOT" for a bridal one. For a baby one my god-daughter said "dont use diapers with pins. You might poke the baby" (she was about 5 at the time) They add some fun to the books for sure!
  13. For me, this is less of an issue. When I was younger (Jr High/High School) I somehow ended up calling a lot of people "mom". (mostly the mom's of friends - was easier than remembering their names!) So, I think I just sort of go back and forth. Sometimes I call her by her name, and sometimes I call her Mom. Whatever comes out. But, she does the same - sometimes refers to herself as mom and others by her name. She has also never requested that I call her one thing or another. Hope you figure out something that will work for you both! Too bad there aren't more choices like for Dads.... If it were the FFIL I would suggest "Pops"! : )
  14. Nothing too exciting - I am just happy that it is FRIDAY!!! TGIF!!!
  15. I usually avoid the laptop when on vacation - only take it for work travels. But, I always take the cell. Use it as an alarm. That is where everyone's phone # is stored. I don't answer it usually - usually don't carry it, but check messages daily for any emergencies.
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by jean-marcus oh man i had another nightmare last night... they are always about my teeth falling out pretty much . so last night i had a dream that my gums were receding so badly that you could stick your fingers inside the hole it created. it was horrible... man i need to go to the dentist hahaha I dream about my teeth falling out too. I think it is because I clench/grind in my sleep. I know I must have really been working it when I have dreams about all of my teeth falling out! Or maybe it is the mastrubating thing? TOO FUNNY!
  17. I agree that these would be cool for a ring bearer! Glad you shared them!
  18. So, my best friend has a daughter that has lost a few teeth. Well, one time she was BROKE when it happened and pay day wasn't for awhile. SO... She the "tooth fairy" wrote this funny note and left it for her daughter (about 7 years old) and said that she was a bit behind on bills but would bring a gift soon. That one was more than the usual $1 and was like $10! For my little ones, we got a cute thing made to hang on the doors. I was afraid that the tooth fairy at our house would be TOO CLUMBSY and wake sleeping kiddos. They are like little purses that hang on their bedposts or door knobs. That workd for us. And, I REALLY like the silver dollar idea! We may have to start using that one!
  19. How great to have a friend with the perfect restaurant! And the Red Stripe centerpieces are GREAT! Love them! What a great idea - would work for an AHR too - and matching the bottles with the country - I am sure others will now use this idea! And - you look like you had fun - love the panties on the FI's head! LOL
  20. We just wish we could find a Wii. They are ALWAYS sold out in our area! Sam's Club, Frye's Electronics, Best Buy, Target, Sears, EVERYWHERE!! We have been looking for about a month!!
  21. DANG! I missed the picture! But it sounds like your best bet would be the "I didn't get it" and keep ignoring... Good luck with the crazy one! Hope it dies down!
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