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  1. Sandra E.

    Some teaser pictures (Pro and Non-Pro)

    I love your pictures, you looked gorgeous!
  2. Alyssa, great review... I love it!
  3. Kat, your pictures are awesome!
  4. Sandra E.

    Gossip Girl

    The clothes in this show are amazing!
  5. Yari, everything looks beautiful!
  6. Sandra E.

    Congratulations to Kat (Kat81) & Ryan!

    Kat, can't wait to see the pictures!
  7. Sandra E.

    Kat's Planning Journal

    Kat, everything looked great, I hope you had a wonderful wedding.
  8. Sandra E.

    RIU Santa Fe Reception Question

    I would recommend booking at the Steakhouse, it's the best restaurant with the best view. You'll get whatever meal it's been served that night but you'll be in the terrace away from everybody else. There's already music but it's not live, but I'm sure you can bring your own. Good luck.
  9. Sandra E.

    PLEASE Never Have a Cake like this.....

    Wow! That's hilarious!
  10. Sandra E.

    RIU Santa Fe

    Welcome to the forum, you'll get a lot of help here. I got married there on March of this year.
  11. This is where I got my nephew's, they look odd in the picture but they are really very cute and he looked adorable. Boys Linen Pants: Beach Wedding Shirts | Guayaberas, Linen Pants, Boys Linen Shirts, Mexican Wedding Shirts.
  12. Sandra E.

    Can you smell that?????

    What a cutie!
  13. Sandra E.

    Nephew has surgery tomorrow :(

    Calia, I hope all goes well. I'll keep him in my prayers.