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  1. Thanks! I've seen those pics of the gazebo and beach, but was hoping to see a picture of the gazebo with everything set up. We have 82 people coming to our wedding, so apparently that option is out. I really do not want it on the beach! My wedding is Dec. 30/08.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm still looking for someone who's been married using the gazebo at the RIU Santa Fe. I'd love to see some pic's of it decorated. Also, did I hear of someone being able to use the RIU Palace wedding locations?
  3. Has anyone used the Riu Santa Fe Gazebo as their wedding site? Also, I'm trying to get info on possibly having a banquet room for the reception, since we're up to 71 people booked. I thought I read somewhere that this is possible...anyone have any info or pics??
  4. Thanks Kelly. Where did you go to buy your flowers? I'm also trying to deal with getting all the documents legalized/translated but I'm not really sure what to do. Any thoughts?
  5. Hello, I'm getting married at the RIU Santa Fe in December. I'm interested in learning about what happens once you get to the hotel. Also, what have other brides brought along or done to make the wedding unique and personal? Thanks, Kelley
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