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  1. Hello everyone, I am finally getting a few minutes to post on here as the last few weeks of my life have been crazy busy! We were in Jamaica from 4/12-4/23 and had a blast! I LOVE Jamaica. All i can think about is when can i go back! Our Reception for our friends and family was Friday 4/25, literally 36 hours after we got home. That was great as well! For those of you who are a little aprehensive about Chandlyn, dont worry at all. I was getting worried the week before we left as she was not answering any of my emails and we were leaving in like 2 days! We got there on Saturda
  2. Great Review Heidi!!! I cant wait to get there! I leave in less than 24hrs....must finish packing!
  3. OMG HEIDI!! You look sooo beautiful! I am so happy for you! Cant wait to see more pics!
  4. Hi- here is a pic of my invitation. I had them made for me- PM me if you want the information.
  5. Hi there- i actually won a package for Breezes runaway bay (4days / 3 nights) and will be staying there April 20-24 for my honeymoon. I will certainly check everything out and take pics for anyone that is looking to have their wedding there. PM me if you want me to check out anything specific for you. we are having a second honeymoon as well in Puerta Vallarta- cant wait
  6. Hi everyone, I havent posted in a while, but thought i would share some of my shower pictures with all of you. Our shower was March 8th. It turned out so nice! We had such a great time and it was nice to finally sit back and enjoy the day! The theme of the shower was Red Stripe- as you can see A friend of ours owns a Jamaican retsuarant and catered the event for us. Everyone really enjoyed the afternoon and was able to try some food and drinks that they may have never had before. I made all of the decorations myself and got all of the red stripe stuff from a vendor that i us
  7. Hi Girls, I havent been on the forum in a while, been soo busy with work and wedding plans that i dont have much time to do anything else. We are in the same situation. A few weeks ago we were trying to get the last of our group booked and the hotel is sold out on the 12th- which is my wedding day. I still have 2 people that have not booked yet! One of our couples booked 3 nights at RIU and 3 nights at Sandals. Sandals was over $500 more for the 3 nights than the RIU! Does anyone still have rooms in their block that are not accounted for? Has anyone been able to get a discoun
  8. Hey Heidi- my shower is on March 8th, about one month before the wedding. We are having a couples shower (thrown by my mom and friends of the family). We are having a "red stripe" themed shower with everything thing from a huge bucket of Red Stripe beers, red stripe beer bottle decorations to all Jamaican cuisine from a friend of mine that owns a Jamaican restaurant. we are actually getting together this weekend to finalize the plans.
  9. Carolina- are you getting married at RIU Ocho Rios or Dreams Cancun? your profile says Dreams?
  10. Hi Ladies, I will be there from April 12-19, then going on to Breezes Runaway Bay till the 24th. Our wedding day is April 17. For all of the gals leaving on the 12th- i will probably pass you in the airport i wish Robin was staying one more day- i would love to have her do my TTD photos
  11. Congrats on the big day! Its finally here!!! Cant wait to see pics when you get back
  12. HI Heidi, i know i havent been on here in a while, but i am SOOO sorry. I wish there were some way i could express this other than through typing. I wish you and Reggie the best! Stay strong!
  13. Hey girls, I dont know how i missed this thread- but i am in the same boat. My ceremony is at 1PM and dont have any plans untill dinner at 6:30 at Mamee bay. Has anyone looked into the catamaran cruise. I wreally like that idea and would like to plan something like that. Has Chandlyn got back to anyone on this? thanks gals....
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