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  1. I would recommend this one. Cancun Queen Cancun Cruise - The Best Cancun Dinner Cruise ever! It is not a catamaran but it is a sunset dinner cruise and all of our guests (75 total) loved it.
  2. Ours ended up costing a little over $20K and we had 75 guests. This included everything from the invitations and OOT bags to the last drink consumed at the reception and our TTD two days later. We also paid for welcome drinks for everyone one night and then a welcome sunset dinner cruise the night before the wedding.
  3. There is also a cute little chapel in Playa del Carmen. It is called Nuestra Senora del Carmen.
  4. Hi Amy. I just responded to your PM. I wore 2 inch heels and as you can see, the dress was laying a little on the ground. It should fit but feel free to swing by anytime and try it on.
  5. I can't help you out with the Riu but I had a friend make sashes for my AHR. What are your colors? I have about 50 red chair sashed for sale if you are interested. I also have 5 aqua table runners as well.
  6. I am selling my wedding dress for $200 or best offer. It is a Bonny dress style #762 in ivory. It is a size 6 and had slight alterations to take it in in the bust area. The length was never altered and I am 5'7". The beadwork around the waist is beautiful in person and very sparkly. It is a simple yet elegant dress. Please PM me if you are interested. The veil is also for sale.
  7. Congrats on setting the date. What kind of table number stands are you looking for and how many? I have 6 from my AHR. They are the double sided acrylic stands. I put a picture in one side and the table number and quote on the other. You can see it in the front table of this picture.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Becksy Are those raffia fans? Do you have any left? How much would you like for them? What about those starfish looking plates, are those available? How many do you have? How much would you like for those? Thank you Yes they are the raffia fans from OTC. I believe I have 30 of them. I have 10 of the starfish plates and they are really nice. I think they are made out of porcelain or something. PM me with the amount that you would like to pay and as long as it is reasonable then they are yours.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by mpajkos My colors are aqua and white. how much for just the white and aqua lanterns? I prefer to sell them all at one time but I will let you know if I am not able to and them we can work something out. Quote: Originally Posted by syl1115 I am also interested in the laterns. I would like them all. I believe I have about 35 of them. Name your price. Quote: Originally Posted by Aarica Do the chair sashes have something embroidered on them? My husband and my names were were embroidered on ours but the rest are plain.
  10. I had my AHR over the weekend and everything turned out fantastic, especially the weather. It was perfect. I had the reception at my cousin's house in her backyard but we rented a tent. But I no longer have a need for the decorations so I thought I would offer them up to you ladies that are having a red and aqua theme or to those who need a little inspiration. I originally got the color combo idea from this forum. Here are a couple pics to show you what items are available. A friend of the family made the chair sashes and table runners. There are about 50 sashes and 6 tables runners although o
  11. We bought 6 Finlandia Cranberry, 6 Absolute, 12 Old Parr, and 6 Jose Cuervo. The total with delivery and taxes was under $500 I think. We didn't buy any wine. At the Fiesta Americana Condesa we had to bring in our own mixers (juices, etc) so we bought all that at Costco. And we finally received our refund but it really was a pain in the rear!
  12. Your pictures are beautiful. I love the one of you two on the bridge. Congrats!
  13. Here is a picture slideshow of our Cancun wedding. I am still working on condensing our video into a slideshow which will incorporate some pictures too. YouTube - Our May 10, 2008 Cancun Wedding
  14. We did a sunset cruise for our welcome dinner and it was awesome! There was a DJ and live band for dancing on the upper level and dinner was served on the lower level. It was also open bar. We did it through Aquaworld Cancun's Sightseeing & Attractions , Cancun, Cancun Diving, Diving in Cancun, Cancun Tours, Cancun Fishing,Swim with Dolphins Cancun, Cancun Jungle tour, Cancun Snorkeling, Cancun Hotels. We had about 60 people on the boat and everyone had such a wonderful time. The people at Aquaworld were very great and professional. I would definitely recommend them.
  15. I am a huge fan of Project Runway! I made my hubby watch it last night because I was so excited the new season started and he gave me such a hard time about it. Not even halfway through, I was fast forwarding through a couple parts and he told me to stop because he wanted to watch it all!! My DH is addicted now too!!! I loved the vacuum cleaner dress and the paper cup dress was pretty darn cool too. They sent home the right person. That shower curtain thing was hideous.
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