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  1. 1st Birthday - let them eat cake or no? *Party planning/sharing thread*
  2. Ooh yea that exhaustion was nuts. Definitely give in to it and go to bed early. Your body needs it.
  3. What weird comments about he c/s! I had one and while it was strange (being awake while having surgery!) it was nothing. You have a good attitude about all this. Your baby will be perfect!
  4. I didn't have anything atypical which was good since there was two. My biggest issue was that I was measuring about five weeks bigger than a normal pregnancy and my belly was so heavy. I gained 38 pounds and no joke it was all around my waist. Might sound fine in theory but it was extremely difficult to carry around. We also had one heartrate scare where I was sent to triage but that was it. I was pretty lucky.
  5. i don't have any wedding info, but i was there last summer for vacation and it is gorgeous. my hubby said repeatedly that it would be a fantastic wedding venue. we had a wonderful stay- i think your guests would love it.
  6. aww this is fun. i already had my kids though, hopefully i can still chime in here. we started TTC in july 2010 and got pregnant right away. then we went in for a 10 week ultrasound and got the biggest surprise of our lives when they told us it was twins. i made it all the way to my scheduled c-section at 38 weeks and 2 days with no bedrest or other issues. we have a boy and a girl, so yep we are all done. and meBonidie, even with the drugs from my c/s, i breastfed right away. one of the twins had to have a little formula on two occasions because his weight dropped a lot. but i bf'd both for 5 months. i stopped then because i went back to work and the pumping was out of control.
  7. this is a weird venue for a fight...
  8. i got married in july and used them anyway. dotd has certainly become commercialized enough where i wouldn't think it's an issue. do you have mexican guests? otherwise not sure who you are worried about offending?
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