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  1. Hi girls, I used DJ Mannia for my wedding on April 29th, at the Paradisus Riviera resort. We initally contacted them for the same reason Meredith (post above) did as the house DJ at the resort was out of our budget. From the first email I sent through to the last I was very impressed with the quick responses, all my questions answered and their professionalism. I had some ongoing issues with the house DJ and DJ Mannia was extrememly patient while we figured out our situation. We met with them the day before our wedding, and I had every intention of showing up with a "must play and a do not play" but I never got around to putting one together. We just gave them our first dance songs, said we wanted a song for our entrance, cake cutting and some light dinner music and left the rest up to them! I was a little nervous but it couldnt have worked out better!!! I had guests coming up to me all evening asking if I told them what to play and when I said no they wouldnt believe me!! DJ Mannia did an awesome job and played all the wedding favorites plus more. I would recommend them to my best friends without a question. We even asked them last minute to do the sound system for our ceremony and they were there and set up no problem. They were also all set up for the reception and were waiting on us to get started!! We cant say enough good things about this company, their service and price and professionalism made planning a DW easy. They definelty get an A+++ Michelle :
  2. Hi girls!! Were back!!! We got back this afternoon and I have to quickly say that my wedding was PERFECT!!!! It was hands down everything I have ever dreamed of and please dont worry!! You are all in great hands, Perla and Danilea are fantastic and put all my worries aside the first day I met them. It rained in the morning and we had to make a decsion to move the reception into the ballroom, which actually worked out sooooo good!! The resort is beautiful and we didnt worry about the flu once while we were down there. We had no problems in the airport regarding quarentine, they give you a questionnaire to fill out take your temperature with this digital thermometer and send you on your way. We have watched the news today and did not realize all this hype about the flu and it seems like it is really scaring everyone. Please do not worry, you are all in good hands, and like I said our wedding was so perfect. I will write a full review soon and add some pictures, jut wanted to put a quick note on here about how great everything was and the flu is not a problem at the resorts.
  3. Hi girls, Thank you for all of your help over the whole planning process. I know I didnt post much but I sure did get alot of inspiration and help from this forum. Reading all the past brides reviews really helped too, I will definelty post one when we get back. We are all set to leave tomorrow, it was nice talking to Perla today. She laughed after I finished my questions and jokingly said " Oh dont worry, all you brides are the same, worry worry worry. Everything will be alright." haha made me laugh but I guess its very true. Missy I will definelty tell her hello. Sarah hang in there, we didnt get things sorted out until 3 weeks before the wedding. Be persistent and things should work out for you. I did the same thing as Lauren I just bought a calling card for 10 bucks and it gave me an hour from Canada. Thanks Fanny, I have a ton of freckles, so the name is very suiting. I will try to figure out how to post pictures when I get back and Im sure you will agree on the name!! Thanks for the wishes everyone, will post again when we return!! Michelle
  4. Thank you!! It worked, I have just gotten off the phone with her. I feel so much better after talking to her, she is sooooo nice!! Michelle
  5. Hi Girls, Im trying to get ahold of Perla and the number I have is not connecting. This is the number I was given 52 (99 872 83 83 ext 8046 Does anyone have another number at all? Thanks, Michelle
  6. Hi girls, I live in Surrey BC and I have just picked up my wedding dress after getting a corset back put into and I love it!!! I wanted to pass on her information to anyone who is looking for someone to do alterations. Her name is Catherine and she is the former owner of Lady of Fashion Bridal, a store that was located down on New Westminsters "Bridal Row". Her and her husband owned it for years but closed down after not enjoying the business side of things. She took her business to her house and works from home now. I was a little hesitant to go but once I met her and saw what she could do I was won over and didnt worry once about what my dress would look like. She is very reasonably priced as she doesnt have all the fees associated with running a business anymore. I also bought my veil from her for 60$. If anyone is interested in her contact information please pm me. Im not sure either how to post pictures so if your interested I can always email them to you. Michelle
  7. Another Vancouverite here!! Well more like the suburbs...........hahaha
  8. Congratulations Meredith! Im going to go check out your review. I cant believe Im finally a week out. We leave on Saturday!!! So nervous and excited that its finally here. Im working on a final email to Perla to outline everything we have talked about. Without checking my email I think the last time I heard from her was late last week. She seems to be really good at getting back to me now that Im so close. There were times though that I had to wait up to 10 days to hear from her. Michelle
  9. Congratulations Sandra!! So glad everything worked out for you, have an awesome time in Jamaica!!
  10. Hi girls, Just wanted to give an update on our DJ situation. We got an email back from Perla today saying we only had to pay the 300$ external DJ fee. Thank goodness this has all been sorted out, it was becoming quite a stress for us as we are only 3 weeks out!! Perla also mentioned the steaming service is 20$ US and that they will take my dress once I arrive yikes!! Im a little nervous giving them my dress but sure it work out. Michelle
  11. Hi Yamille - I pm'd you about the 30% off promotion Ive been booked with Carlos for a month and half or so, Im wondering if its just for weddings in April? If I get any more information I will post it I know what you mean I just want to sit down with Perla and get everything sorted out, I hate not knowing and I dont want to be ambushed when we get down there with all sorts of fees. Things are happening very fast and Im hoping the situation with Sandra is sorted out fairly and it might resolve things for us future brides. Michelle
  12. that steamer looks like a good size to take in your suitcase!, keep us posted on how it works, I still have time to order it if it works good!
  13. Thanks Fanny - I too am nervous to ask on prices these days, I never know what to expect back. Im there for a few days before the wedding, I may just hang it up and let the humidity of the place do its work, Im a little nervous giving it to someone else to look after! As for the DJ issue Im anxiously awaiting Sandras return to see what happened. Not sure if you girls saw but DJ Mannia is having a 30% off promotion for BDW brides not sure if its April only or starting in April. But I emailed them yesterday and even though we had already booked with them they are going to honor the 30%, almost 300$!!! So it kinda relieved a little stress I have over this whole SWANK issue and fees. I really dont know what Im going to do, but have a feeling it wont be resolved until we get down there and frankly I just dont want to worry about that on top of everything else! Michelle
  14. My colors are a cornflower blue and a mango orange
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