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  1. Amy (kittenheart) I saw your pics...beautiful! You looked amazing. I didnt even think blog...if anyone is interested checkout this likn to my photogs bolg. Some wedding and TTD (we went into Puerto Morales and a cenote) Blog | Toronto Wedding Photographer - Jon Rennie Look at the bottom for Jason & Linda
  2. sorry guys I have no idea why the pics are soooooo big ??
  3. Hello Ladies It has been awhile since I've been here. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! to all you ladies that have gotten married. Kittenheart, you are having another wedding Lucky girl, how did you pull that off. I am trying to find your link to pics but I have been searching and cannot find it. i would love to see your pics. I put up a few pics from our wedding and a couple "naughty" ones I have to figure out how to make a small album that people can access. We have over 1000 pics. Working on getting a slideshow. I am happy to read that there has been some beautiful weddings....I want to do it all over again.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by thefuturemrslutz Your posts are so positive! Thanks for helping us girls out!!!! Honestly there was 2 moments on our wedding day that i wanted to burst out crying ( not happy tears) because things were not working as planned. I just decied then and there it wasnt worth ruining the rest of the night with angry tears, grabbed another drink and made the best of it. Even when i ended uo dancing on the couch by myself i had fun ( everyone was near by but didnt want to dance on the couch )
  5. Amy KH I feel your pain!! I felt the same way,don't worry everything will be awesome!! Just try not to worry too much about little details because you will set yourself up for major stress! Nothing is ever perfect anyway, no matter what they say Memories are what we make them It will be amazing!!!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by taylorwd That makes me feel better, thanks! I know I really shouldn't worry about weather a week away, but it's just a bad day overall so I'm extra sensitive. Wendy!!!! So excited for you. Just remember, somethings won't be how you imagine it to be. Its all about you commiting your life to someone, not how great the party is!!(mine was super cold and NOT what I fanasized about for months, but I remember the amazing parts!!!) Beautiful pics help to ease the pain of not having a totally perfect day!") You will be gorgeus!!
  7. the dress steaming is prettty cheap. My gown cost $18. The 4 BM dresses were $66 so $16 each. Its a set price on the laundry menu. They get it done pretty fast!!
  8. Hey girls my review is up....sorry it took sooooo long. Life has been crazy,starting work at a new place in 4 weeks and trying to finish up projects around the house(built a fence this weekend) since wedding planning is not on my agenda anymore I went to micheal's the other day and I was really sad that I didn't need to look at wedding things.... Enjoy it girls and try not to stress!!!!(easier said than done) If anyone has questions please don't hesitate to ask!!!!!! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...-2010-a-57546/
  9. Lolo’s (Linda) Azul Sensatori wedding review I want to start off by saying that nothing is ever perfect and we have to remember why we are getting married…. Our time at Sensatori was overall wonderful and I am glad we chose this resort. The resort itself is very beautiful and clean. Our guests kept saying how beautiful and clean it was. The rooms are also very nice, we had a few problems with our room (a/c was noisy and toilet kept clogging up) but we finally decided to complain and were upgraded to premium for our last 3 days. Wish I had complained sooner! All of the toilets in the resort were being replaced; guess they had a lot of issues. Hopefully by the time anyone else goes there it will be taken care of. The food at the resort is also very good. Lots of variety, but I didn’t like that you could not eat at a restaurant between 3:30 and 5:30 as they close to prepare for dinner.( Room service is available) Le Chique restaurant is reservation ONLY. They were booked up for the first week of our stay so we went week 2. Some of our guests did not get to try this restaurant and that is a shame. If you like fine cuisine and are up for something DIFFERENT try Le Chique. We loved it!!!!(Some of my family did not; they were still hungry and had to eat at another place) Reserve your spot the day you arrive!!!! It is worth the wait. It is also beautiful inside. The rest of the restaurants are great but nothing that was amazing. The Italian was a family favorite. The service at the resort is complicated… The first week we were there we were not very thrilled with the service we received, by waiters and bartenders. (A lot of people complained) However the second week was awesome. There were 30 people with us and we were kind of a rowdy bunch, so I guess they figured they didn’t need to serve us well. Drink service by the pool was s.l.o.w…. At the wave bar the bartenders seemed annoyed to serve us….At mojito lounge the bartenders wanted TIPS to make us shooters, and the servers were slow. The restaurant servers were good but nothing exceptional. However the second week was amazing….we got to know some of the staff and then we were gold!! A few staff in particular was very good to us. So if you don’t pay too much attention to them, they will do the same to you. (Not ideal, but the way it is) Once we got to know Merle (beach &pool server) our drinks came a lot faster! Victor at Wave bar didn’t let us finish our drinks before bringing us new ones. So make fast friends with some staff and you will be treated like gold! We were told that a new manager was hired and he was “cleaning "up the resort. (Some staff did get fired for bad service while we were there) So hopefully they can find excellent staff that will be there for years and give excellent service to guests. Housekeeping was excellent. Esperanza is very gifted at towel art. Juan, our concierge, was great. He helped us out in every way. The entertainment at the resort is a bit cheesy….it’s the same group singing every night different “themesâ€â€¦.it was something to do before we went dancing. The live band in Mojito lounge is great, but they repeat the same songs every night….. AND there is no disco, just the live band at Mojito lounge. So there is no D.J playing at all anywhere. (I asked this question many times and did not get an answer) Our wedding coordinators were very nice…..we were not very picky so it all went smoothly. You may want to force the rehearsal for the ceremony though. We were pretty laid back and Elena told us we didn’t need to rehearse, she would tell everyone what to do. But since everyone is pretty emotional and nervous the day of the wedding, it would have been nice to have practiced going down the steep ramp(we had a couple of near wipe-outs that do make the video kind of funny) They all told me they wished they had rehearsed to take some of the nerves away. The Ceremony was at 4pm and was beautiful. The minister did a lovely job and we really liked the words in her ceremony (we didn’t really remember it, we were so nervous and excited) since we had a secret legal ceremony at home that we customized, we let the Mexican minister do her own thing. The sand ceremony lacked a bit of personalizing. She did not speak at all as we poured the sand. The ceremony was beautiful regardless of the imperfections. 4 pm does not leave a lot of time for pics before sunset though so 3 pm would be ideal. The reception had a bit of issues…but we made the best of it. We needed a screen for our slideshow (had our own projector) the place they rent projectors from does not rent out the screen separately. So they tied a sheet up so we could use it as a screen, it was nice they did what they could to make us happy. We decided to cheap out and not get the amp with microphone (brought our own sound system) DO NOT DO THIS!!! Pay the $250 and get theirs!!! We thought that with only 30 people we didn’t need the mic….you do need the mic. It’s outside and it is hard to hear any speeches unless it is very quiet. The way they set up the tables at Zavas plaza is quite spread out, so please get the mic if you want your guests to hear any speeches being made. (And the one giving the speech won’t have to yell) And we had issues with the power…..we had a laptop, projector and sound system all plugged in to their extension cord. It was too much…the power was not enough to keep it all going. The music kept cutting out and we could not turn it up too loud or it was horrible. Maybe a slideshow is not the way to go….. The Mexican cocktail hour was wonderful, everyone said there was too much food and they hadn’t had dinner yet! Surf and turf dinner was amazing!!! We all loved it. The lobster was cooked very well. The desert was 3 kinds of chocolate and raspberry sauce…yummm. Beware…we got the petit cake for 2 in our package and they served it to us as our desert. I was not happy with this; I wanted 3 kinds of chocolate! They got us our desert very quickly before I could make a scene  I was very happy with it. And then the weather decided not to cooperate. It was an unusually cold night in Mexico, so cold that our guests were disappearing to go to their rooms to warm up!! We spoke to the manager and after a heated discussion we were able to go to the ballroom and our 2 waiters served us there. My groom had to get angry before they would agree to this though. They should have had an alternate venue available in case of something like this, and we should not have had to get angry before finding a solution. It was not our dream reception but in the end we had fun and everyone was warm. So just remember nothing is perfect and may not happen the way we have always dreamed it would…..but in the end I married the love of my life and our friends and family were there to share it with us!! The memories we choose to remember are perfect! A note about photography and video: The day goes by so fast and you don’t remember all of the details so I highly recommend having a video capture the day. We had a friend do this for us; it’s not professional but has most of the day captured. Speeches are great to video so you can hear them again. And our photographer was AMAZING!!!! Our photos are very beautiful and not traditional. (He’s also a great guy) Jon Rennie out of Toronto. I highly recommend him!! I will share all photos once I receive the final product. Overall we had a wonderful wedding and stay at Sensatori. When can we do it again ?? 
  10. HEEELLLOOOOO SEXY Ladies!!!! Katie and Wendy....well done girls!!! The pics are beautiful Katie I love the first ones of you, very beautiful and sexy. And the team shirt is hot .They are all hot ,it will be tough to pick the faves!!! Wendy the vintage feel is very glam!! You look beautiful, love the ones on the chaise...saucy!! I am so happy more women are embracing their bodies and showing them off!! Those are some lucky boys!!! (still waiting for mine
  11. Hello Ladies!!! Sorry still have not done my review....its been busy being a wife I see some ladies have done thier BD shoots......congrats girls. It takes some courage to be naked in front of someone, besides FI. I am still waiting for my pics, hope to get them soon! My shoot was 3 hours and it went by so fast, we had loads of fun. I had alot of ideas and he was willing to do them all.I did ALOT of topless one but I had long extensions to cover up with. Hope to see yours, Katie, and whoever would like to share. I will try to do my review this weekend! have a great day girls!!!
  12. Less is more;1221145]lolo, Welcome back!! Gorgeous grown, fab pics and soooo happy for you!! My FI liked the pics as well. He liked the in TTD photos in the street. I love it when he gets excited and adds input. What package did you choose because your set up was perfect! Did you have a private reception and where. If this is toooo many questions let me know. Can't wait for the detailed review!!! Congrats Lolo!!! Thanks for all of the compliments ladies!! We got the silver package. The private reception was at Zavaz Plaza.....BEWARE.....it gets very chilly at night and I should have booked the open air restaurant. Just our luck our wwedding night was one of the coldest,so maybe it wouldn't have been so bad on another night. Also I did not have to pay extra for their sand ceremony. It is included in the silver package. Back to work today Have a lovely day ladies!!!
  13. If anyone's interested to see a few more pics of wedding and trash the dress look at Blog | Toronto Wedding Photographer - Jon Rennie It's Linda and Jason I did the Bd shoot too!!! it was so fun and Amazing pics!!! post some when i get them
  14. Hello Ladies!!! I have returned a married woman!!! The wedding was fabulous. All I can say to everyone is that the day goes by so fast and all of the details we worry about before don't even matter. I didn't care that I didn't have programs, place settings or alot of decorations. The whole day seems like a dream....I can't belive it's over My groom was sooooo stressed out the few days before the wedding, it was very nice to be able to RELAX after all of the planning. The resort is very beautiful, and the wedding ceremony was perfect. The weather was great and the site was beautiful. The ramp we walk down is a bit steep, one of my bm's almost wiped out. I paid $150 for 2 pieces of colored fabric, the gazebo is ugly without it. Tiffany told me that up tp 4 pieces are available for $300. The on site girl (Elena) said only 2 pieces are available. Don't pay for more than 2 pieces!!! The evening does get cold!!! tell everyone to pack a jacket. We had to relocate to the ballroom because it was so cold (guests were going to rooms to warm up) I wish I knew that I would have asked for the restaurant instead of the plaza My photog was AMAZING!!!!!! He was very cool (helped carry one of our friends to his room our first night!!LOL) I definatley recomend him! Jon Rennie check out his website. Here are just a few of the shots We did light writing on the beach (I wrote mexico with a little flashlight) This one was a fun shot from one of the crew I will post more later... a very in depth review those going to Azul beach... it is very nice!!! the beach is beautiful there Alot nicer than Sensatori's beach!