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  1. Our gifts to the GM are the suits they are wearing in the wedding. I am still not sure what to do for my girls. I have for them so far: A straw beach mat Photo Album Straw beach bag Jewelry for wedding I want to get them something that will be there "big" gift, but can't really spend a whole lot of money on them. I was thinking about maybe doing the robes, or possibly a Vera Bradley Cosmetic bag. ANy other ideas?
  2. We are buying each GM's suit and tie for the wedding. We got them nice suit that they will be able to wear again...and it saves them money by not having to pay for them themselves!
  3. If he is anything like my fiance...you will end up picking his outfit anyway! I told Josh from day one that his attire is totally up to him. I told him I didn't want to know what he would be wearing and I don't want anything to do with it! Well...after I finally dragged him out to the store to look for suits, I was the one who ended up calling to order them and calling to get them tailored! Goes to show you...some guys just can't live without us!
  4. thomastaci22

    Order of the reception

    This is the order of how our reception is going: 1) Bridal party introduction 2) Bride and groom introduction 3) First dance 4) Father/daughter dance 5) Cake cutting 6) toasts 7) serving of the food We are going to do everything right from the start, so that the rest of the reception can just be dancing and having fun...without having to keep bothering everyone for something else. We are not doing the bouquet/garter toss
  5. I did 2 separate STDs...one for the actual wedding and one for the AHR (since a lot of people from the AHR are not invited to the wedding). I ordered 25 magnets for my STD for the wedding and ordered 100 postcards for the STD for the AHR. All together, I only paid $26!! Check out vistaprint.com and sign-up to be an insider. You will get Emails when they run free product specials. I was really pleased with the turn-out on both of my STDs!
  6. thomastaci22

    What do you feed your dogs??

    We feed our dogs Royal Canin, which is a premium dog food from England. My brother-in-law is a sales rep for them, which is what turned us onto it. Our dogs absolutely love it! It is a little pricey (about $40 for a 35 lb bag), but they have breed-specific food. For example, they have a boxer food, lab food, german shepherd food, minuature food. Our dogs love it and we have noticed a big difference in their digestive system since we put them on it
  7. thomastaci22

    help with MOH speech!

    Hey there! I was MOH in two weddings lasy year (my sister and my BF), and they were back-to-back weekends! YIKES! Anyway, I started each of my toasts with a quick introduction and how I know the bride. Then I went into my first memory (of my BF) and my favorite memory of my sister. I tried to make them both a little funny, without seeming like I was fishing for a laugh. I said a little bit about the grooms, got a little sentimental with both of them, and then wrapped it up with a simple toast. I think both of them went over pretty well...especially since I had a little to drink beforehand!! GOOD LUCK!! PS...I had a few notes written down on a scrap piece of paper in case I got lost...I think that is better than reading the entire thing straight from a piece of paper where it is all written out, word for word...that may just be me though!
  8. Hey girls! We are going to print out invitations for the AHR soon...do any of you have ideas on the wording? I think it would be cute to come up with some type of poem or catchy saying and you guys are all so creative, so I turn to you! Any ideas/suggestions would be great!! Thanks so much! I don't know what the monkey means, but I like him!
  9. thomastaci22

    What's a good engagement gift?

    When we got engaged, my sister made me a "Wedding Binder". She had all of the dividers labeled things like "My Dresses," "My Flowers, "My invitations" etc. It has really come in handy in keeping everything somewhat organized (or at least in the same place!).
  10. O-H...I-O!!! Welcome to the forum...I love seeing another Ohioan on here! What part of Cleveland do you live in?
  11. thomastaci22

    Wednesday Chit Chat thread

    I just found out that I did not get a job that I had made it to the final interview round for! I even took a 1/2 day of vacation off my current job to do a ride-along with someone in the position that I was interviewing for!!! GRRRR!!!
  12. Hey girls! We are putting together the wording for our invites to our wedding...finally! But I can't figure out what words should or shouldn't be capitalized?? For example... ...on the Nineteenth day of September two thousand and eight at eleven o'clock in the morning... Is that correct? Or is the year capitalized? The time? The day? HELP!!
  13. thomastaci22


    Hey girls! I just have to share this with someone! Josh just called and told me that his dad has FREE tickets to the SOLD OUT Reds game on Saturday...right behind the dugout and they are playing BOSTON!!! I am so excited!!!
  14. I was really impressed with mine as well. I was actually afraid that they were going to be really thin and cheap looking. But I loved them. I have gotten a few back in the mail and there were a little damaged, but nothing terrible. And I just sent them by themselves.
  15. thomastaci22

    tell us your best (or worst!) drunk story!

    Oh m y gosh...this thread is awesome! I have plenty to share but need some time to think of which ones I am willing to expose!