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  1. Gosh I haven't posted in here in forever but yey Vik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so so excited!
  2. 1st Birthday - let them eat cake or no? *Party planning/sharing thread*
  3. Hey girls, my husband and I got married at Dreams in April of 2009 and we did just a church wedding. We had our legal ceremony here at home 2 days before we left for Cabo, and when we got there we had the religious ceremony in San Jose followed by the reception at Dreams. I am not around as much on the planning boards, but I have a link to my review in the siggy and feel free to ask me any questions!
  4. lol I have no idea how I didn't realize this thread existed....wow I'm super behind
  5. as its already been pointed out, there are quite a few threads on this issue already. In my opinion its a PERSONAL choice. If you're too afraid to go and have concerns then don't go...that simple. I don't think anyone on this forum can (A)make mexico any safer for you, and (B)answer this question on your behalf.
  6. I honestly never felt like this before. People respond to threads that apply to them, if I read something and have nothing to add, then I don't say anything at all. I've been on the forum for a while now and I never really felt like I was being ignored. If people don't respond to my thread then so what? I mean the purpose of my threads are to inform others of what I am doing or what I think is a good find because it might help someone else. If no one answers then maybe no one needs my input lol I don't take it personally because I'm not posting for the sake of getting responses. Also like some of the other people have said, some threads are redundant and have been started and asked a million times before.
  7. You realize this is the CABO forum and not Puerto Vallarta right? so I'm not sure the girls on here can help you.
  8. We stayed outside and partied until 10:30pm, at which point we had to switch off the music. By that point most people were exhausted and went to sleep, while a few of the younger people, including ourselves, went to the bar/lounge and stayed there until 2am.
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