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  1. Leia, I have not been on the forum in a very long time....life has been hectic and I wish I had more time. However, im so glad I got to see your review & your oh so beautiful pics! You looked amazing, stunning! You and your husband are so cute together and your review will be an awesome resource for so many future cabo brides on here! Congrats:)
  2. Here it is, Im so estatic how these turned out...thought I would share:) http://www.juancarlostapia.com/s/dre...la2/index.html
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by KEE LAC I swear I want to cry and I don't even know you. It is so nice. I wish I was getting married there just so I could have him Your so cute! That's how I was when I looked at every brides pics on here...always crying tears of joy for that couple:) Quote: Originally Posted by trisha0612 beautiful pics! where in cabo were you guys? Thanks....We got married at Dreams Cabo.
  4. Your hair came out perfect for the trial! Everything looks great!
  5. Thanks girls for your compliments, your sweet! Quote: Originally Posted by *Heather* Oooh Angela I love your pics! You looked so beautiful! Where are your bridesmaid dresses from? They're so cute! I love the pockets! thanks....my bridesmaids dresses were from Jim Hjelm. The material was very light and a flattering fit.
  6. Here it is girls, im so excited to have it....All of the proofs are awesome and I can't stop looking at them! I love his work, he's fabulous! http://www.juancarlostapia.com/s/dre...ela/index.html
  7. Yeah!!! Dirty 30...HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEIA!!!!
  8. Jessica!!! You look so beautiful, your hair and dress were perfect!....As usual Juan captured some amazing moments, you and your hubby looked so good! I watched you walk down the aisle....it brought back good memories of Cabo!!! I wanna go back:) I love these pics!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by mpajkos Wow you look beautiful! I'm so glad everything went so well for you. I also really like the BM dresses... where did you get them or what is the name of the dresses? I'm having a hard time finding dresses for my BM that I like. Thanks! I loved the BM dresses, they were from Jim Hjelm and I got them from a local bridal salon, he's a popular design so most salons carry his label. They were originally $220 and we received a discount to bring them down to $200, they were very light in material and extremely flattering on all of my girls....Hope that helps:)
  10. Girls I just found this thread...Thank YOU!!! It has been one of the most hectic summers because of that I haven't been on here at all and I miss everyone! This thread made me really happy!!! Thanks!!
  11. You looked stunning, I love all of them! You two are soooo cute!
  12. You look beautiful Maura,your dress flowed awesome! I love the teasers cant wait for the rest!
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