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  1. Should I make some badges again or does someone else want to do them? Any ideas? Too bad we already did fat animals...lol. I loved those guys! I am sitting out this season because I have 2 work trips and then we are going to EUROPE in June! Also I am like the worst biggest loser in the history of the game, hah!
  2. Ladies you are all doing so great! I was down a few but of course it all came back this week....ARGH. But I am very proud of you all and let's not quit now!
  3. We had our guests stay are various places they found on VRBO is Vacation Rentals By Owner that are on the next beach over. Las Mananitas was a nice one. Also, I second Maura's rec for the Westin, as it's pretty close. There are also some villas on the other side of the highway in the La Jolla neighborhood. I would recommend that guests rent cars so they can get to the hotel easily.
  4. How about like a silvery gray green?
  5. I haven't been to Cabo in 2+ years but I think I remember eating here and being totally underwhelmed. I hope I'm not confusing restaurants, but it was so overpriced and just not good food. Sorry...
  6. Can you get DISH Network? I am super happy with their customer service (amazing for a freaking CABLE company) and the price is not too bad either! Like $80 with HBO?
  7. I recommend two blogs: Get Rich Slowly The Simple Dollar Best part about it? They are FREE! Put them into your Google Reader and get 3-6 posts per day on personal finance. Eventually, it just seeps in!
  8. Welcome! I recommend Bradley Fraser for photography. Don't worry, you still have time to plan
  9. I TiVoed it -- hopefully will find time to watch soon. The good news is I've been to the gym 7 days in a row!
  10. Ann: your new pic of Gwen is priceless. Girls: Sign up! I need the $$$$ motivation! Do it for meeeeeee! (kidding, but seriously, sign up!)
  11. Ann: you new pic of Gwen is priceless. Girls: Sign up! I need the $$$$ motivation! Do it for meeeeeee! (kidding, but seriously, sign up!)
  12. so cute! have you started an official pet photo business yet?!?
  13. congrats! we did that too (lunch hour on a work day) and it was awesome. Definitely didn't take anything away from the wedding either
  14. I always felt very safe in Cabo. More safe than in my own neighborhood to be honest Have fun!
  15. If I were trying to create that, I would do exactly what Abbie said, but I'd def use hot rollers (after a blowdrying -- just looks better). Sounds cute!
  16. I have similar hair, so I know how you feel. The problem with Gwyneth's lovely haircut is that I ALWAYS tuck my hair behind my ears, thereby negating the cuteness of that kind of cut. Do you do the same? What about some long layers with swishy side bangs?
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by KLC77 Janet, I LOVE those! yay, I'm glad! thanks
  18. ok ladies, these aren't as cute as the fat animals, but here are four badges for Season Five! If you want to insert one into your siggy, just copy and paste the code below the icon, but DELETE THE ASTERISK. If that's confusing just ask, we can help. [img*]http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h304/loveisblonde2/bdw5v1.jpg[/img] --------------------- [img*]http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h304/loveisblonde2/bdw5v2.jpg[/img] --------------------- [img*]http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h304/loveisblonde2/bdw5v3.jpg[/img] --------------------- [img*]http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h304/loveisblonde2/bdw5v4.jpg[/img]
  19. I agree that two weeks in a ROW should be a DQ. Sometimes I take business trips and can't weigh in on every Wednesday on my home scale, ya know? Also.....do you girls want me to make little badges again? Any theme ideas? I loved the fat animals!!
  20. Tammy! You are so amazing! I am in Hillsdale Michigan right now...want to come photograph me...oh wait I am so fat from all this stupid thanksgiving eating. Sarah -- you look glowing and gorgeous!
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