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  1. I was wondering how you thought about your thoughts are of dealing with them. I am having a wedding there in a few months and wanted to compare notes. I find them so difficult to deal with! Even though I know the hotel staff and service is supposed to be fantastic - the planning department is very lacking I find. My guests won't see it but just wanted to vent with other Marquis brides. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone! Does anyone have pictures of their wedding at Marquis hotel? I would love to see some ideas of tables and decor set up there. I've tried to search in the older threads but didn't find much. Thanks in advance!!!
  3. I can't seem to find much helpful information it either. Please post if you find anything useful! Thanks!
  4. Would anyone know if Sunset Mona Lisa and Pureta Vieja are within walking distance? I'm thinking of having sunset cocktails at SML and then dinner at Puerta Vieja (without having to deal with transporation). And prices are cheaper at PV it seems for food. Thanks!
  5. Soon to Be Mrs. Gomez - could you ask your WC who she used? I'm doing the planning by myself unfortunately...
  6. Can anyone recommend a great/cheap vendor that offers chair rentals, decor accessories (paper lanterns, mexican star lights, etc.), candle votives, etc? How much did you end up renting them for? I love the little details but not sure how much they are and trying to factor in those hidden costs that just sneak up! Thanks so much ladies!!!
  7. How far is it to Cabo Surf Hotel from the Marquis? Anyone know how much it is in cab fare? Thanks!
  8. Does anyone have pictures of their ceremony and reception at PB Pacifica? I went for a site visit last week and fell in love with the space. Just trying to get some ideas of reception decor and layout. Thanks in advance!
  9. I'm renting out Cabo Surf Hotel for our wedding and have too many guests! We still want to have that private and intimate feel for all of our friends and family but will need places nearby. Can anyone recommend some affordable and nice hotel or villa options nearby? Thanks so much!!
  10. Cabo Bride also! We're thinking 10/2/09 but still debating on venue! Can't decide hotel or villa. Private beach or what!?!?
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