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  1. I am so sorry that you had to cancel your wedding!
  2. Our hotel offered us a "discount" rate. But, when I booked online using orbitz I got a better deal for flight and hotel- at the Sheraton.
  3. I have started to research flowers for late October and feel like I have hit a wall. I really wanted calla lillies, but I was told they are out of season and will be really expensive. So, does anyone know what is in season in late October? I would love to have a few options before I start stessing over prices. Thanks
  4. Congratulations. Welcome to the forum
  5. No matter what happens- everyone there will be there for your wedding. Think of it this way- You are having your wedding in such a great location she wants to share it with you. If you were having it in your hometown, she probably would not be so excited- take it as a compliment.
  6. Wow- I am a Nordstroms junkie and I had no idea they had these options
  7. I am also planning a Cabo wedding for 10/09. I am likely to book at the Sheraton for the ceremony and reception. Because of the distance (and my limit to one visit in February) I am hiring a wedding coordinator. I ahve contacted a couple- including Signature weddings and Baja weddings and am going to make my final decision when I meet them both. Both coordinators have been very helpful- it seems like it may ultimately come down to cost for services.
  8. I am so sorry for your loss. I know it is hard to get away from work, but try to make a little time for yourself
  9. Congratulations! I have to agree with your choice of Cabo!
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