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  1. this is so perfect. thx so much for sharing!!!
  2. awww....your slideshow looks sooo dreamy! and you both look so in love =) i'm getting married at the sheraton in a few weeks too. can't believe how fast time is flying! thank you SO SO much for the detailed review. it's putting a lot of things into perspective for me. more pics please!
  3. i'm having my wedding at sheraton, but we'd like to offer our guests the option of staying at alternate hotels nearby. i've looked at numerous maps and read tons of hotel reviews, but wanted to get your opinions as well. what are some less expensive hotels (less than $100) closest to sheraton that are somewhat decent? so far, i'm considering los patios, seven crown, villa la paloma, and best western...
  4. looks like juan carlos and leigh win the votes! i know i definitely can't afford leigh, though. so sad. Quote: Originally Posted by MarieSam So glad you saw the similarities too I'll let her know you'll be contacting her ~ I know she LOVES doing DW weddings. We're taking her to our 6/26/09 wedding in Akumal, Mexico and she'll be covering our Welcome Fiesta, entire wedding day, and doing a TTD session with us. We're also taking engagement pics in early 2009, so I'll post once I get em back. Her past clients have had nothing but great things to say and her second shooter is her husband, so they make an awesome team!! Good luck and I hope it all works out Marie, I'm sooo jealous! I got lost in her blog last night (surprise, surprise) and actually ended up e-mailing her. Just waiting for a reply now... You HAVE to post your pictures as soon as you get them! I'm so excited for you =D Thanks again for the referral~~~~~~~~!!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Dana10 Wow Heather does take beautiful photographs! I am also using Juan Carlos to do my wedding photos and everything I have seen from him is amazing (It was love at first sight for me! lol) he seems to be pretty affordable too compared to some of the photographers. Leigh Miller has a similar look to Heathers but I know she is also very pricy... leighmillerphotography.com/ Best of luck, I hope you find what you are looking for! OoO Ana, I am excited to see your photos from Juan come April! yes! i looove leigh's work as well! you're right. very similar... Quote: Originally Posted by MarieSam You're right her work is beautiful ~ and I totally empathize with you when you say you get caught up looking at all your photography options. I swear in the past year I have spent more time looking at wedding photography than I've probably spent sleeping, lol. It is totally addicting and I am now convinced that being a destination wedding photographer has got to be the best job in the world!! Looking at Heather's work sorta reminded me of my own photographer, Stephanie Williams out of So Cal. Here's a link to her website, which she currently revamped and so it's not totally done yet. But her blog is also something to check out if you're interested ~ she's got a similar knack of capturing emotion and "the moment" with her own unique style, and she's really savvy when it comes to using natural light and the elements. Stephanie Williams - Photographer - Weddings, Portraits, Destination - Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Worldwide Hope this helps Stephanie's work is similar too! So much emotion captured. Love it. I think I'll contact her to inquire about DW's. =) Thanks Marie! Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan this site also made me think of Leigh I LOVE this style of photography. I haven't seen someone in cabo with this style. there are some amazing photographers there, but I can't think of any that shoot like this. could you fly out someone less expensive with a similar style? if someone is looking to get into doing DWs, their price is often lower. some will even do it for the cost of travel. I know...I love the style so much too. That's a wonderful idea about finding "newer" DW photographers. Still doing my research to find someone out there.......... I'm so glad you find it so inspiring too! =D
  6. welcome fellow cabo bride!!! look forward to sharing our planning processes! =)
  7. js212

    Cabo Bride To Be

    welcome wendy! i'm planning a cabo wedding myself and am finding this website to be a godsend. happy planning to us all!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Ana wow her pictures are incredible!! and unfortunatley I haven't seen anyone in Cabo that does similar photography. I think photographers are artists, and no two artists are the same. Everyone has their own unique style, which makes their photography beautiful. I am using Juan Carlos Tapia for my photos in Cabo. I've seen alot of his work and I think that its really beautiful. Here is his site: Juan Carlos Tapia Photography Also just search around, lots of girls on the forum have gotten married in Cabo and many have incredible photos Hi Ana! I totally agree with you. Every photographer has his/her own style, and I actually find Juan and many Cabo artists to have unique and beaaauuutiful work too. I get lost in their websites and this forum perusing their work as well. haha! =S I know nothing about professional photography, yet I totally love looking at pictures and analyzing shots! I was just wondering if there were any other "hidden" talents in Cabo that are not discussed as much or I may have overlooked, but someone else may know of... And also just to see if anyone got a similar kind of feeling from any Cabo photographer (I actually have a few in mind myself, but wanted to gather other people's opinions as well and get some fresh perspectives). I heard that many photographers work with you to "customize" pictures to your taste, but still incorporate their own artistry, so that would definitely be a plus for me as well. Ah, to find the perfect match...
  9. So here's a local (NY) photog whose work I totally love, but cannot afford to have travel with me to Cabo for my wedding... Her vision is EXACTLY how I'd like my wedding pictures to look - I especially lovelovelooooove the way she uses light/contrast and different/unconventional angles to capture the perfect moments in fun ways. IMO, her pics are fun yet sentimental, whimsical yet serious, alive yet captive. Am I making any sense? =P Ok, so I'm a little obsessed... =S My question is, when you look at her pictures from the below website and blog (and I warn you, beware of getting sucked in, esp. with the music she has on there) whose work in Cabo does hers remind you of the most? I'm looking for a Cabo photographer who shares a similar vision/style as mine, and was curious what you ladies (and gentlemen) thought? Brace yourselves, here it is <3: Heather Waraksa Photography
  10. Thanks for such a fabulous review! I'm looking to get married in Cabo end of 2009, and your review totally put things into perspective for me. Especially the part about Suzanne and her team's capabilities with asian women! Totally puts my heart at ease... You all looked so gorgeous!!!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by adevilbi Hi JS, I posted wrong. I am having my wedding on Tortugas beach and the reception at the Fiesta Palapa at the Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar. Viviana sent me some great pics of the palapa lighted up at night and I really like the hardscape setting. We will do dancing in the palapa and pretty much everywhere. The De Cortez restaurant buy out is a $16,000 minimum, which I wasn't sure that I would meet with only 50 people, but you can also just do reservations for dinner or the terrace of the restaurant. I was more interested in having my own area and that's why I decided on the Palapa. Music has to be off at 10:30pm anywhere. But, we are starting the dinner at around 7pm so that leaves a couple of hours. The nice thing is that if people still want to do things we are only ten minutes from Cabo San Lucas. Most of the resorts that I have looked into have a 11:00pm music cut off anyway. I'll be sure to fill you in as my planning progresses. Take Care! Ashley Hi Ashley, Palapa seems to be the popular choice! Yeah, I guess if the dinner starts early enough, 10:30 isn't that bad. I'm so excited to follow your planning process as well. Def keep us posted! Thanks for all your insight~ I am so loving this forum.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Mango Deck Hey jess... Her names is Addy Garcia, I have her e-mail adress, adris_gr@hotmail.com like I said, she did a great job, and we've had our share of Wedding parties, with different WC's And she might as well be at the top ten. Thanks Mango. Is Addy an independent WC or part of a company?
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by pixystix Congrats on your engagement! I am also having my wedding at the Sheraton on June 20th, 09 but we chose to have the ceremony on the beach and the reception at the Palapa Fiesta. I love the romantic look it exuded in all of the pictures I have seen. There is definitely enough room for a dance floor if you want one. Most people use the inside of the actual Palapa though and that's what we are doing. Viviana has been extremely helpful and normally less than a 24 hour response to most emails. I am not using a wedding coordinator because I have booked everything myself and don't really feel the need to spend all that extra money now. It seems that from what I have read on this site that if your organized and know what you want then you really don't need one. I hope this all helped. I know its all a little overwhelming at first. If you have any more specific questions feel free to PM me ok? Hey Shawna, The Palapa does look beautiful with all the lanterns. I hate the idea of spending extra money too. I'm really debating right now about the WC. I'm in the middle of a career change, so I'll need to graduate from grad school, look for a job, and start my brand new career all the while planning for a wedding, and just feel overwhelmed thinking about it all. We'll see... Thanks for giving me your perspective! Definitely helps. Keep me posted on your progress. I'll do the same!
  14. thanks everyone for the congrats! MANGO, do you know who the wedding coordinator was for the one you went to in sheraton? i'm looking for referrals...i have a few so far, but more wouldn't hurt so I can start my process of elimination! ADEVILBI, i'm hoping to get married there a month or two after you! also expecting around 50 ppl as well. yes, i'm hearing more and more good things about viviana, so that makes me happy. where are you having the reception? TAMMYB, how many people did you have at de cortez for the reception? that's where i'm considering for the reception. did you have cocktail hour as well? i was thinking of having the cocktail hour at palapa fiesta, then dinner reception at de cortez. was there space for a dancefloor there? i heard music has to be off by 10:30, which seems too early to me..... =/ what did ppl do after your reception?
  15. I just posted a thread on the cabo forum, but then found this sticky, so here it goes... User Name: js212 Name: Julie & Jay Location: Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Wedding: Sometime end of 2009 in Cabo: n/a
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