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  1. Sunquest can be a very difficult company to deal with, they dont like to share info on seats, and when they do, they often dont tell the truth. I was told in July that there was 7 seats left on the plane. However, ive booked 6 people since then, been advised once that there was now 30, and then later, all they would say is there are a "few" seats left! Too bad that Riu and Sunquest have an exclusive deal, Riu are favourite chain of hotels down there, and sunquest my least favourite tour company. Just a heads up, that in the summer they usually only have one flight, then 2 from Nov - April. I find it really hard to beleive that its booked already, I would press your TA to find out more info, unless there is a very large group going, there is no way its booked this far in advance. Thought i would do some investigating, lol, sunquest website is confirming seats on your plane Id call your agent asap, ask them again, just how many seats there are!! Flights on Mondays from Toronto are currently stopping over in Mazaltan, you may want to find out if yours will be too, so you cna let your guests know, it adds an hour to the flight, you do not get off the plane, they call it a "touchdown". I just got that added news not long ago.... love sunquest...
  2. red789

    Symbolic Ceremony?

    I decided on symbolic as well, due to the time, bloodtests (didnt really want to do them in mexico) and the hassle ive heard about from some on getting the paperwork translated here when you get back. My MIL did not like this, love her, this was a huge issue to her. Note - dont make the mistake of telling ppl, unless you know they wont freak out. Solution - my great uncle who married my grandparents, and parents is coming to MExico to marry us. We will sign the paperwork with him when we return home. Even though it is the exact same thing, kept MIL quiet........lol.
  3. red789

    Riu SF Day Pass Prices?

    Im pretty sure its $75, they no longer allow outside vendors, day pass or not. I was there in December and it was $75, i wouldnt expect less then that. Hope that helps!
  4. Hey Guys! Crazy so many of you there at the same time! I just got some answers back from Nelly, thought i would share them for other brides who may have the same ones. I have to agree, Nelly is awesome, much faster at getting back, looking forward to working with her. What will the seating arrangement be for 61 ppl so I can make a seating chart? Because of the lay-out of the restaurant you only can have tables of 10 or 12 people, and a head table if you want How long will the photographer be there for? It depend of the package you choose. When do i select flowers/cake. When you arrive. When will we do the rehearsal ( can we do it Wednesday around lunch time - we will leave for the sunset cruise at 3:00) The rehearsals we make them in the morning like 9 or 10am, What colour chair back colours do you have? The fabric is in white and the bows are in silver, gold and purple. What time will you set up the ceremony location, as my family would like to add a few things Usually 3 hours before the cermenony Are there any other weddings that day yet? So far you are the only. I will be supplying my own minister – we will not require one – as previsouly agreed, there will be no charge for the free wedding package, Yes, there won't be charge for the minister.
  5. Could you add me to that list, ive been brain storming this for a bit, what i was picturing in my head wasnt even as nice as yours!! schier02@hotmail.com. Thanks!
  6. Girly Girl Riu isnt big on exceptions, basically your options are the beach, the beach and the beach....lol. Took me a while to get used to the idea, as I really didnt want to get married on the beach, Ive come to terms with it. They have an engish garden where they do private receptions, they may let you do it there, the beach is much nicer. Even though the Palace and the Santa Fe are the sister resorts, management doesnt view it that way. Ive been to the Santa Fe twice, if you have a younger crowd, its where you want to be
  7. I have a guest list of about 180, I have 60 coming to Mexico in November. I arranged a group travel discount for my guests through a tour operator. They had to book by June 30th, basically this was my rsvp to the wedding. My invites basically say wedding to be held at Riu Santa Fe Los Cabos November 19, 2009, Reception will follow in (hometown) on December 12, 2009. I will be sending mine out in October as i know how busy a Saturday in December can be for ppl, so close to xmas, there will only be an rsvp for the AHR, not the ceremony.
  8. Girly Girl Just noticed its says your getting married at the Santa Fe, you want to be married at the gazebo at the Palace. Just a heads up, this cant be done. I wanted to dot he same, I was even going to pay for a day pass for all my guests, to be there for the day. To have your wedding at the Palace, 80% of your guests must stay there. If your getting married at the Santa Fe, you ahve to use their Gazebo (only fits group of 10) or go with the beach. I was obsessed with that gazebo, was basically going to the Palace for it, with over 50 guests, the wedding package was going to set be back an additional $3000, Im went with the Santa Fe. Ive been twice, loved it both times
  9. Heys Guys - Im from just outside Toronto - Here is what I have for my bags Roxy/Billibong/Hurley/Volcom Beach Bags - these I actually got in the states $16.50 - marked down to 9.99, 50% off, then gave me another 10% for buying 32, ends up about 5CAD Mugs -Discount Mugs - so afforable - Stainless Steal, Pink Trim for the girls, black for the boys - Mine have been shipped to the grandparents in florida for them to bring home - so they will be 4.50 CAD - if you need to get them shipped here its about $40US for 60 Postcard with Stamp - Postcards are $.75 each Us, (sent to hotel through loscabosguide.com) Stamps to be purchased on arrival OK so the CAD Stuff - Dollarama - 3 Hand Sanitizers $1 - 4 Mini Axe Body Spray $1.50 - Frisbees, Water Guns, Water Bombs Frisbees$1 - 8 Elastics Headbands $1 - Blistex $1 - Hawaiian Lais (given to ppl as there ticket to gte on the sunset cruise) $1 (they were 2.49 at Party Packagers) - Flip Flops $1 Giant Tiger - Coca Cola Deck of Cards $.50 - Brain Teezer Games Workbooks $.50 BOTH Giant Tiger and especially Dollarama, had tons of Totes that could be used - if i didnt get such a great deal in the states, I would have prob bought them at Dollarama as they had tons of options, they were only $2 My wedding is 2 weeks after Halloween so Im going to pick up some Chocolate and Candy then, make up some bags with celofane(*sp)
  10. Just a word of warning to those girls flying Sunquest to Cabo this year.(Im through Toronto) They originally just had Monday flight,(they did have Thurs last year) which I was disappointed about, it was the only day, so we went with it. Today, I found out they decided to add a Thurs, which I can deal with. Then I see that the Monday says "via Mazaltan". (Thurs doesn't) I called the trval agent and sure enough, we have to stop and drop off those passengers and their luggage. The flight is already 6hrs and now its going to be at least 7...ugh. I know its not a HUGE deal, just not looking forward to breaking the news to my 57 guests who have booked and were told it was a direct flight, Im going to have to hear it from at least a few, I read the fine print and nothing I can do - just says return flight. From what I know of Sunquest, from what Ive read on here - Im pretty sure they dont care........... Anyway, just a heads to other Sunquest Cabo brides, make sure to find out if your flight has this "touchdown" (this is what they call it), on your way to Cabo, there may be a 2nd flight that doesnt - Id get that one...
  11. Im from a small community as well, most people have Jack n Jills. No one really sees it as a money grab, more or less a chance to a huge party. Ppl from small towns love any excuse for everyone to get together, drink and have a good time. We will be having one, we are also haveing AHR.
  12. Quick Question - did anyone do their speeches at the steakhouse? I have about 60 guests so im not sure if everyone will be able to hear. If it would be strange with other guests there. Are you seated right by ther guests or sort of on your own on one side of the restaurant? Any info would be a great help, I have the option of waiting until our home recpetion for speeches, i think they would be better in the moment Thanks!
  13. red789

    Sunrider Tours-Pricing Information

    A question for those of you who have been on sunrider private tour (smaller boat). It says the Max is 65, i have 60 ppl. Im concerned it is going to be way too crowded, ppl will get stuck inside and not even get to see the sunset or the sights. Let me know what you think - i really would like private, not if it will be too crowded, im worried i mihgt have to go with the larger boat and not private. Let me know what you think.
  14. Oh and congrats by the way!! Did you do your speeches at the reception??
  15. So, how long was he taking photographs when you asked for the cheapest package? Was he there getting ready, ceremony, to take pics of the two of you afterwards? I think i would def like to take the $200 option....lol. Im most concerned about pics from the ceremony, and of the two of us after. The rest I have pretty good photogs who are guests, not so much wanting them to take the romantic pics of the two of us...lol.