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  1. *NEW* Baby Bump Thread!
  2. Epic Draw Something Pictures
  3. David played at my wedding back in 2006 and was AMAZING. You might be able to reach him thru facebook: Welcome to Facebook | Facebook
  4. Oh and I meant to say CONGRATULATIONS to you and your new hubby!
  5. This review totally made my day! It's been 3.5 yrs since my Cabo Surf Hotel wedding and I am SO GLAD that weddings there are still A++ We also LOVED our wedding there. I am so glad everything was so perfect. They really have such a great vibe and such nice staff and such delicious food!
  6. I love that first one Deb found!! sooo chic and expensive looking (is it also $$$$?) I will look at a few places now...love me some online shopping!
  7. Welcome! My SIL is getting married in Charleston in December in Mt. Pleasant. We are so excited!
  8. I'm sorry, that had to really hurt Hugs to you. It sounds like it's more of a reflection on herself than on you.
  9. I'm sure I would be feeling the same way. Hopefully you can have a good, long, honest talk tonight. I would recommend two things: 1. Don't take about yourself using terms like crazy, psycho, etc. You are not crazy or psycho! I think women do this a lot, I know I do it, but I really think negative self talk over time tends to seep in ("maybe I really am crazy...."). See if you can have any entire conversation without calling yourself names! 2. It would probably good to start learning how to communicate better when things are bugging you, and not to let things bottle up. It's n
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