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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Holly22 You should send her a text message saying " Thank you for being so helpful and supportive. I will not require your help as my BM any longer. I thought this was fair so you can recover from your illness. PS f U " Holly, that is f'ing hilarious! Women can be our worst enemies ...honestly they are the first ones you go to when in crisis but then they can also create so much trouble and drama. The women in my family/friends were the ones making trouble too. I guess this is standard or something in weddings....? One of my coworkers cheered me up (I'm the one that had to deal with rain throughout my Jamaican wedding week, with children and elderly in wheelchairs...not good!) by asking me if there were any fistfights at my wedding. I said no ....he said, every wedding he'd been to in the 80s when open bars were more common had at least one fistfight. LOL!!!!!!! So not to worry Brandy, I'm sure all these kinks will straighten out by your wedding day.
  2. Thanks Lisa, you're a peach...yeah I've been told since then the safest bet in the Caribbean is to go to the SOUTH side of the island, you'll have better weather. And thanks to everyone for your comments...I am still a bit disappointed but my reality check is that I still had a lovely wedding despite everything.
  3. true, and like my DH says to me, it's not like we're asking them to spend a week in Siberia...we still got to wear flip-flops and shorts for a week. I think it was bad luck too. Which totally threw me off, because everything else fell so easily into place I felt like there was an angel on my shoulder! Seriously! From the dress to the rings to the decorations...all the planning was so easy and fun. SO for everyone who is having bad luck pre-wedding, not to worry!!! By rights it should all turn around in time for your wedding!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by svetayasofiya Well that sux plain and simple. I am pretty worried about the weather already, but it's not like I can control it. Once the dissapointment fades I hope you'll be able to look back on your wedding with happiness and fond memories. What ended up happening at the airport? I have never even heard of that before! I do look back fondly but also glad it is over too. The best day and night by far was my wedding day. So that is all that matters, in the end! At the airport we ended up getting everyone on board. Sunquest (operated by SkyService) is INSANE. At one point, they told us that my SIL's baby was actually written down to sit with my FI...I'll never forget the look on her face when FI went over to her and said I have to board with your daughter, pass her over. LOL !!! That got straightened out too, but not before keeping us waiting on pins and needles for 30 minutes.
  5. Oh definitely...and everyone said is was a beautiful wedding and one of the best they've been to. I'm just writing this from my own perspective, as the bride. As for your wedding date (very cool by the way!) I see you are getting married in Mexico...you have a FAR better chance of it not raining!!! And January is supposed to be the best time of year to visit Jamaica so I have no idea what happened.
  6. I think most of us have moments of "what have i done" and second thoughts, but they do pass. If you are finding your moments are increasing though, and not going away, you may want to get this sorted out through counselling etc. before you get married. Or postpone the wedding, if you can?
  7. I just got back from ROR Jamaica and while I had a lovely wedding in many ways...I had a number of hurdles to clear and bumps in the road. I don't know if I would do this again, knowing what I know now! Here is why I think this. With the hopes I don't sound too much like Debbie Downer... 1)SO MUCH ROOM FOR ERROR - trying to get a large number of people together on a flight is just asking for trouble. So many things can go wrong. For us, SunQuest was disastrous - 2 of our wedding party members were not on the plane list! They were told if their names were not on the list they could not go. This caused a major upset in the airport, let me tell you. My mother was one of them, the other person who was in her 60s was ALREADY afraid of flying and an inexperienced traveller. This, after spending $1700 each! 2)PEOPLE WITH TODDLERS – are not going to enjoy their trip as much as you hope they will if the weather is bad. The ROR did not have a lot of choice for daytime activities, from what my sister in law told me…and most of the time she was tending to a crying child. This may have a lot to do with her parenting skills, or the weather…which brings me to my next point… 3)YOU ARE STUCK WITH THE WEATHER FOR A WEEK (INSTEAD OF JUST A DAY FOR NORMAL WEDDINGS) – for us, it rained most of the time at the ROR. I’ll be totally honest here…it was depressing as hell. Every day the staff would tell us “tomorrow there will be sun†and every day there was rain and/or clouds. It rained on my wedding day, and after my little cry in the morning I made the best of it and had a lovely ceremony anyway. They still do a great job, regardless of the weather. Still, we were not able to have our beach wedding, which to this day saddens me. 4)YOU ARE STUCK WITH YOUR WEDDING GUESTS FOR A WEEK – and if you’re at all like me, you worry that everyone is having a good time…if it rains, you may as well forget it and just go to the bars and drink! No matter how you try and sugar-coat it, people are there for the SUN, and if there is none, be prepared for people being disappointed. Tell yourself it’s not your fault and it’s nothing you can control. 5)MAKE SURE EACH GUEST GETS THE SAME TYPE OF ROOM – 3 couples were not in the same “wing†as the rest of us and therefore did not get junior suites. We offered to help them change their rooms but they didn’t want to bother with moving. Their problem, right? WRONG! They felt disjointed and left out from the rest of the group as a result. I blame Sunquest again for this…why on earth wouldn’t they get the entire group together? We all paid the same amount. I feel a little guilty about even posting this, because everyone else has been so gushy about the ROR. I can't say it was a dream wedding for me...I would have loved to see the ROR in sunshine and to see everyone on my trip happy and enjoying themselves. I really do hope that no one has the same experience as I did. It's just the build-up is so great about DW's but I had no Option B planned in my mind as I had no clue it could rain that much during their non-rainy season. Debbie Downer out!
  8. You guys have packed already?!! Guess I better get on it! We are having everyone meet at the house where we will hand out the OOT bags...so they can pack those themselves . From my experience at all-inclusives, I remember basically living in my bathing suit and cover-up...a few nice dresses for the evening and maybe a few tshirts and shorts and voila! I'm packed. LOL. Ladies, I need a hug...I checked the weather for Ocho Rios and it looks like the entire week will be filled with rain and/or cloudiness.
  9. thank you so much everyone for your thoughtful replies. It really sheds some light on the issue from both sides. I understand a bit better now ...the whole idea of being the ones 'in the know' does seem to be important to FI. He feels as if my friends are sabotaging us...'stealing our wedding' is how he put it. When I reallly think about it yeah, I can see that now...the whole point is for us to experience things together as a group... But the point is they are there right now, and actually, my friend has been pretty good - no texts or emails, not even that much on FB other than her posting something about everything being 'irie'...lol. So I think she got the point...especially when I told her not to tell me anything right on her FB page! I do have to form a united front with FI...sometimes I think he gets kind of jealous that I am so close with my BM and perhaps that is the underlying problem here. Oh, and no we are not staying an extra week. Which again is another thing...like...they get to experience a 2 week vacay and we, the ones who are actually getting married, only have the 1 week. Hmmm. Doesn't seem fair!
  10. thanks for your comments! I really need to hear everything you are saying! That being said, how can I possibly "calm down" FI and my mother? Any suggestions? LOL
  11. thanks for your comments! I really need to hear everything you are saying! That being said, how can I possibly "calm down" FI and my mother? Any suggestions? LOL
  12. Thank you Susie Q! You and I are the only ones so far who have this opinion. The funny thing is, the more FI rages about it, the more upset he makes me...which is the opposite of how I was feeling before, kwim? Like, none of this bothered me before, and THAT seems to bother FI...sigh...we just don't see eye to eye on some things and this is one of them. He said that if it bothers him, as his soon-to-be wife I should handle it and warn them not to send us any pics etc. Which I did. So hopefully this is dropped now. Until of course they meet our bus at the resort with drinks in hand.
  13. Both my FI and mother have an opinion that differs with mine and I want more people to weigh in on it. My BM and her boyfriend just left yesterday to go up to the resort a week early, as they got a pretty good deal and they wanted an extra week of holidays. They have said they will let me know how the resort is, send pictures, check out the other weddings, and generally scope out the place. Now, both of them are kind of the "know it all" variety but they mean well and really want to help. Sometimes that drives FI nuts but I'm used to it and can ignore it. What really , REALLY irks FI (and my mom but to a lesser degree) is that they are going up a week early to "steal our thunder". He thinks they are going to wreck the surprise by going up early, and he does not want them to "control our wedding" by telling us where to eat, what to do, how we should do our wedding etc. He is REALLY mad that they went up BEFORE us. I can totally see his point now, didn't then, but I do now. Still, that being said, it does not bother me like it bothers him!! And my mom agrees that it was rude of them to do this. I am the only one that is kind of shrugging her shoulders about it...to me, I would rather know as much as possible before we get there so I can be prepared to have a really great wedding. Am I being blind here? Is this really truly a rude thing to do? What do you think?
  14. I can't believe I missed this!!! They don't ship to Canada...Lucky Girls!!
  15. thanks, everything looks amazing...and thanks for giving me some ideas of all the things I still need to do!!
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