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  1. I'm sorry, that had to really hurt Hugs to you. It sounds like it's more of a reflection on herself than on you.
  2. I'm sure I would be feeling the same way. Hopefully you can have a good, long, honest talk tonight. I would recommend two things: 1. Don't take about yourself using terms like crazy, psycho, etc. You are not crazy or psycho! I think women do this a lot, I know I do it, but I really think negative self talk over time tends to seep in ("maybe I really am crazy...."). See if you can have any entire conversation without calling yourself names! 2. It would probably good to start learning how to communicate better when things are bugging you, and not to let things bottle up. It's not fair to you and your feelings, or to your hubby, who may as well think everything is fine until you explode. That's really not healthy for anyone. So I know it's hard, but commit yourself to getting better about this, and you may just stop feeling crazy, psycho..and more healthy and loved!
  3. ugh that totally sucks! I'm sorry
  4. ha - I just realized I wrote exactly what Lizz said! I swear I didn't read it but lol!
  5. Melissa - I've said this every time you've ever posted a photo, but you really are amazing! Any bride would be lucky to have you shoot her wedding!
  6. I highly recommend La Panga Antigua, which is a restaurant in San Jose del Cabo (maybe a 20 min drive?). It was so yummy, so gorgeous, and even though ours was 2.5 years ago I still hear great things about it.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Gr8ful Last time I was in Paris, we stayed here: Hotel Valadon Paris - between rue cler market and eiffel tower ! It was charming, relatively inexpensive, and close to the Rue Cler, which is a cute little shopping street with little bistros, fruit stands, it is close to the Invalides, Eiffel Tower, walking distance to a lot of great stuff. In the 7th Arr. It's not five-star, but it's no-frills and charming. Too funny -- we JUST got back from 2 nights at the Hotel Valadon. We loved it! Very small, wonderful owners, lovely area, good value in an expensive city. Would totally stay there again! Your honeymoon sounds absolutely amazing!
  8. great review! I am glad to hear that La Panga is still worth recommending (it was one of the highlights of our wedding weekend).
  9. ooh tough question! I live there so let me know if I can help. I love the capitol, the lincoln memorial (they are on opposite sides of the Mall), the portrait gallery - free, the botantical gardens - free, Eastern Market, Dupont circle....are you up for lots of walking around? Also, the Jefferson Memorial is really nice! (everything I listed is free, now that I think about it)
  10. have you gotten an quote online from netbride.com or Pearl's Place? I ordered my dress online, saved $300, and it came early! (now I sound like an infomercial...)
  11. Congratulations on your wedding. I have to TOTALLY AGREE with your comments about the Cabo Surf Hotel. It's a gem. I wish I could get married there every year.
  12. clearly I didn't read the replies before I replied. Oopsie
  13. Wow Ann - major happenings! I think your feelings on both sides are totally right on -- it's okay that you don't feel 100% like going. What does Paul want? When do you have to decide? If it were me, I'd do it, but I don't have a baby or a traveling husband so that doesn't mean much at all! What does your gut say?
  14. I just got a new passport non-expedited and it only took like 4 weeks. You can call and get an estimated timeline. I think you will be okay! phew
  15. I came in around $100 pp total at the Cabo Surf Hotel but that was with 2006 rates...But it was 4 hrs open bar and awesome food!
  16. My mom is not a vendor on here, so I won't illegally link, but she is a wedding photographer in Denver and I'm sure if you need someone in a pinch she would help out. PM me if you're reading this and need a Denver photog. (Hope it's ok to post this, mods? If not you can remove)
  17. Hey Allyson, I know I already told you this but you will LOVE it! Also, we had our welcome/rehearsal dinner at La Panga too! It was one of the best meals of my life, and it's a gorgeous setting.
  18. Old Town is a great idea, like Christine said. If you do end up wanting to be in the city, I recommend the Kimpton Hotels. Kimpton Hotels: Boutique Hotels and Luxury Travel - Alexandria Hotels Let me know how else I can help...I live in DC
  19. I'm sorry Jaime! If your friends are on facebook, can your MOH make an "Event" for either party there and get rsvps online? You could even offer to set it all up... It's okay to just let your feelings out - better than building up until you explode with sadness or stress!
  20. If you're in, put a badge in your siggy so others see it and sign up! We need a bigger pot! I would add one but I am sitting out this season....
  21. I thought about putting fat ladies in bikinis...but honestly.....It hit too close to home, lol!!!! Seriously the idea of me in a bikini right now. I'd rather die. I also tried to find some good pics of vinatge retro pinup girls in bikinis, but I just couldn't find anything good that wasn't pornariffic...ew. when I searched for more fat animals, I got lots of the old fat animals, and of course, was laughing out loud at them... So jcrew bikinis and those cute lil' polda dots won me over.
  22. okay what do you guys think of these? [img*]http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h304/loveisblonde2/bls61.jpg[/img] [img*]http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h304/loveisblonde2/bls62.jpg[/img] [img*]http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h304/loveisblonde2/bls64.jpg[/img] [img*]http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h304/loveisblonde2/bls63.jpg[/img]
  23. ok....those are good ideas...and I totally agree that fat babies will only make me want to have one! I will spend some time on them this weekend...stay tuned!
  24. Great job girls! I didn't do well but I didn't gain and at least I send my photo to Ann every week, so at least I am paying attention to my weight, right? Congrats Shannon!
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