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  1. YOu are very talented -- not to mention your patience! Keep them.
  2. Sammy_U

    Need help with first dance song?!?

    You should go with YOUR song... I vote #3!
  3. We were just talking about this... I am weary of taking my e-ring off at all --- so wearing it on my right hand let's me wear it ---- and go forward with getting my wedding band... effortlessly.
  4. Sammy_U

    Welcome/Rehearsal Dinner

    Thanks for the replies -- I really appreciate the advice. Exploring new options.Thanks again.
  5. Really like number 2... it's just pretty ... classic.
  6. My fiance wants to wear linen. He'd like to wear a guayabera, a traditonal Mexican wedding shirt, that they wear in Mexico and the Caribbean. We are having a tough time finding a nice one --- he'd like to wear one that's a little more formal -- i.e. embroidered. Anyone with suggestions?
  7. Sammy_U

    Cabo Newbie

    Congratulations... all the best with your plans... you will get plenty of great advice.
  8. I was hoping to get a little insight --- my fiance an I are going to host our rehearsal dinner and were looking for ideas. Initially, we had thought to stay within the Hilton as that is where our wedding is... but I don't want to miss out on a gem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Sammy_U

    Wedding at the Cabo Hilton

    Thank you for the review.... I get caught up in the decision making.... it's great to see it all come together.
  10. I will wear mine below my engagement ring -- there's something sweet about it being closer to your heart...
  11. Sammy_U


    Welcome fellow Cabo bride.... Congrats! and happy planning...
  12. Sammy_U

    less expensive Photographer

    Just starting out with all of this -- thanks for the info....
  13. Sammy_U

    Flowers in October

    I am in the same boat -- I am in the process of researching -- If I find anything out -- will let you know....
  14. Sammy_U


    congrats and welcome Heather! I will be an October Cabo bride as well....
  15. Hoping to get married in cabo -- in the process of booking at the Hilton for October 18, 2009 --- thank you for all the great info....