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  1. I am also really conflicted about this issue. I am getting married at Cabo Azul in May. I had decided to just stick with the hotel's coordinator, Sergio, but over the past few months he hasn't been good about returning emails or calling. We haven't even begun to talk about details. So I decided to hire April from Baja Weddings. But when I told Sergio this, he immediately called to apologize and implored me to give him a week to prove his ability and commitment. I had read some negative reviews of Sergio but I originally thought that I would be fine with him because I have an exact vision and plan for everything I want at the wedding. I just don't want his knack for not "following through" to reflect in the "day of" wedding coordinating. The most important thing for me in a coordinator is that once I arrive in Cabo I want the whole weekend to run smoothly without me having to deal with anything. I had even considered having Baja Weddings just do "day of" but they said they don't do that... that it's more complicated than just being involved from the beginning. Any advice would be very very much appreciated! Thanks! Michelle
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    Hello all! My name is Michele and I am getting married in Cabo in May of 2010.