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  1. I have 66 of them! They are Oil of Olay sandalwood and Chamomile sented Bodywash. The guests did enjoy having these instead of the hotels supplies. 50 cents each plus shipping! Melinda melinda234@aol.com
  2. Costco and Sams Club is exactly the same as in the states! The products as well as the layouts!
  3. Hated the flowers on top, did not ask for them!!
  4. I just want to share that we visited the RIU Santa Fe while staying at the RIU Palace. It is amazing! The landscape and decorations are wonderful, the only difference is the service. we had breakfast there one morning, and the service was terrible. The service at the Palace is much better.
  5. Finally a review! I was Married at the RIU Palace on June 25th at 6pm on the beach, with a cocktail hour(did not pay extra) afterward, ending with a 8pm reception at the Mexican food San Jose. We had exactly 40 people attend! RIU Palace: A+++ It is so beautiful there! We stayed for 12 nights, never got sick, had a bad meal or got bored! The staff is amazing, the grounds are amazing, and they really are willing to do anything to make your stay great! One bad thing, they water down their alcohol!! A bartender admitted on the second to last night! I guess it is a way to save money an
  6. I'm a country girl...... so I am walking down to She's Everything by Brad Paisley! And our wedding song is: Whatever it is- Zac Brown Band
  7. We are 23 days away from our wedding at the RIU PALACE! Let me tell you, Danielle get better at communicating as you get closer to the wedding date. I am still up in the air about the table decorations!?! and the arch decoration ?!? I guess it will all work out when I get there! I have all my OOT boxes ready to go. I will post pictures soon! I will let you all know how it goes when I return in July!
  8. We have 40 guests and I spent .54 cents on OOT gable boxes, I put personalized koozies .80, chapstick, hand wipes, jelly bellys, motrin, all in all cost about 5$ per person! Having 75 people you can buy more in bulk off line and save a lot of money!
  9. Thanks, but I am needing larger gable boxes to use a oot bags. They are really cute tied in ribbon and easier to transport to the destination. I have now foundthem tofor .54 each including shipping for 9" gable boxes!
  10. I was looking for someone to share gable boxes with me. I will buy them and mail them to you with the use of paypal. I need 50, they are just so cheap to order 100! Thanks Melinda melinda234@aol.com WHITE Gloss GABLE BOXES 9-1/2" x 5" x 5" Price: $42.50 Pack: 100 Gable Boxes
  11. You are amazing!! How are you transporting everything? I hve your same colors! You are very prepared! Im getting married June25th and have nothing done!
  12. How or where did youe get the pre-wedding broucher? Can you please show more pictures? They look great and are SUCH a great idea! I am getting married June 25th! Thanks!
  13. Girls have posted on the forum that the cake is not that great, but by the time it is cake time nobody cares after all the drinking and it does not even get ate! That is just what I have read! We are getting married at the palace on June 25, it is almost that time! I will post when I return, I am sure we will taste everything!
  14. I am going to use them in June too! Can you post some of your pics? or send them to me> melinda234@aol.com! Also, where was your reception? How did you decorate and do you flowers? Thanks- MElinda
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