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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by marryinghimagain Here is a link to some of my Vow Renewal pictures that include a few of my boquet with the starfish in it. I got many compliments on the starfish! Pictures by daveliz35 - Photobucket Thanks for posting the pic! He is a great addition to your bouquet. I cant wait! Thanks again for everything, Elisabeth.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by marryinghimagain I have the starfish. I received it the morning that I was leaving for Mexico. I returned home late last night. I will now be passing it on to meli122, along with the journal. It is a beautiful starfish and got many compliments on it in my bouquet. I got some great pics of it. Thanks again to diana for starting this whole thing. It was great to be a part of it! I got him in the mail on Friday!!! He is soooo CUTE. Thank you so much, Elisabeth!! Im glad you had an amazing time. I hope he will bring me luck too. Here is the list for the wh
  3. Yay! I'm glad everything worked out. Let me know when you get back and we will work out the details on paypal. Have a great time!!!!
  4. Regardless have a wonderful wedding and enjoy!!!! I can't wait for pics when you get back. Let me know about the spanish books too. It looks like I am out of luck on the starfish too! oh well. Quote: Originally Posted by marryinghimagain FINAL UPDATE: Well girls, I leave tomorrow for Mexico. I wanted to give you a final update on the starfish. I never did receive it. Nor did I ever hear anything from Jacilynda. Those of you that were in this same passing group may now want to find a new group since there is now no starfish to be passed. Those of you who are in other passi
  5. I'm sooo upset! I can't believe she would do that. I'm hoping she will still come through for us! Quote: Originally Posted by marryinghimagain Update: I see that Jacilynda was on the BDW Forum last evening at 5:46pm but did not respond to my PMs or to this thread. I still have never received the starfish. I wanted to update any girls that are on the same starfish passing list as me.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by marryinghimagain Still nothing today. Oh no that really sucks!!!! Have you heard anything recent from her? And I'm supposed to be next. Can anyone add me on to their list for Nov. 4th - Nov. 12th?
  7. I sent it over your way. Quote: Originally Posted by Shirley_Ken Thank you. I can't open it though, I dont have enough permissions for that. Could you email it to me? gwevyanskywalker@Hotmail.com. Thank you!!
  8. Here is one I downloaded a while from a fellow Destie. Attachment 4162 Quote: Originally Posted by Shirley_Ken Hello again, Just another side thought as I prepare my wedding invitations and the wedding website (i am not sure if you already talked about this, i haven't read all 188 pages), but does anyone have a "What to Pack" list that I could use for my website? My invites are almost done! I will send them out next month! I am so excited. around 400 days to go! Packing List.xls
  9. I'll join the list too. I only need 2-3 more for my OOTB.
  10. The a la carte menu is up!!! It's nice to see what up-grades are available. I don't want get caught up in the moment when we get to Mx and want to up-grade everything. I wish I would have a had this in the beginning for planning!!! : ( Planning your perfect weddings
  11. Is the dress still available? What are your measurements?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by candicemarie I'm hoping to do that where everyone can just meet at one of the bars for a welcome cocktail reception. Way cheaper and that way people can come and go as they choose. We are thinking of doing the same for a welcome meet and greet. Any ideas of which bar you are going with?? Lobby bar, Martini bar or Tequila bar?? Too many choices.
  13. Im still interested. Quote: Originally Posted by ebredhawk mrsgtobe - when do you get back from your wedding? i leave on the 24th so i would need it before then to fit you in on the list below. whitni - it looks like meli122 is on the list for november 7th. so that may not work unless she's no longer interested. i updated the list below for the clear starfish as of today's date so we know who's next. Here is the current list: 1) marryinghimagain - October 15 - dreams puerto aventuras 2) meli122 - November 7 - royal, playa del carmen 3) angruck- December 12- D
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