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  1. Welcome! The Cabo Surf is so much fun, you will LOVE it!
  2. cool, thanks. I didn't mean exactly 10 words, so you know what i mean. Does it offer daily/weekly menus and stuff?
  3. what is the 10-word summary of the diet (ie low carb, or whatever)? I could be on board....
  4. what is the 10-word summary of the diet (ie low carb, or whatever)? I could be on board....
  5. welcome! we honeymooned there...it's gorgeous!!
  6. Alyssa, I could probably get it cheaper, but I use Yahoo hosting, which has Wordpress all built in. If you're considering going to wordpress (I like it better) it might be a good option. It's definitely not the cheapest, and I'd rather support a small business, but it's so easy I can't quit it!
  7. I don't know what I'll be going to yet but definitely something! I think I might end up working at a few events, which is cool (even though I'll likely be like a check-in type person or whatever, some kind of gopher). But Alyssa, it would be fun to meet!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan I recently read "whatever it takes" about jeffry canada & the harlem children's zone. it was pretty inspiring. and also made it so clear how important early education is. i was very happy to see that obama supports spreading this program into more cities. When i first heard about this I googled "harlem childrens zone" to see what else I could find out. I saw a lot of people saying things like, "I don't want my tax payer dollars going to pay someone to read to a kid." This is where I think a societal perspective really makes a difference. If we are willing to fund programs that really help kids succeed, then down the road these kids are paying taxes instead of living on welfare. also, spending money now on good programs will cut down on future law enforcement costs. I understand the idea of, "it's my money, i worked hard for it & i want to keep it." I'm a big time saver. I'm sure everyone can see from the way I planned my wedding I don't like spending my money. But, I'm happy to support programs that really will help people and improve our society. Morgan, I used to work for a group called Fight Crime: Invest in Kids and we argued just what you said: if you invest in kids early, you cut crime later. And when you reduce crime, you save money. For every dollar spent now on quality early education, you can save $17 down the road in decreased crime, welfare, law enforcement, and increased tax revenues. So really it's fiscally conservative! Obama has pledged to make early education one of his top priorities. Sorry to get off topic! I couldn't help myself since I worked on that issue for 4 straight years...
  9. alyssa, I love your enthusiasm! I voted for Obama because I agree with him on the main issues (health care, early education, the war, etc). But I'm EXCITED about him because I see his potential to be a great leader for our generation and our country. I believe he is a very honorable man who ran an honorable campaign. I feel very disappointed by the kind of campaign McCain ran.
  10. congrats! I am so happy for you!
  11. tam he is SO CUTE! and the name Nacho just makes me laugh. Your photos are looking so professional these days! have you been practicing a ton or what?
  12. Oops I meant North Carolina, not Pennsylvania (sorry, sleep deprived!)
  13. Just listening to Chuck Todd who says to pay attention to: Ohio (7:30 pm), Penn. (7:30), Virginia (7:00) and Florida (8:00). Obama basically needs 2 of the 4 to win, and the longer the news stations take to call those states, the better it is for McCain. (all times eastern)
  14. Hi Jamy! I miss you girls too! I leave town for a few days and everyone seems to give birth! With the caveat that anything could happen tomorrow night, I am sort of thinking we WILL know by the end of the night. Virginia and New Hampshire close at 7pm eastern time, and if they call those states early, then I think that's a sign of things to come. If they wait (news networks to NOT want to be wrong) it could be a long night. Who knows! All I know is I will be drinking heavily!
  15. alyssa - obsessed is an understatement for me, lol! I just spent the weekend in Colorado with a group of Democratic donors from California. We went door-knocking all day every day, it was awesome but so exhausting. I just got back to town and will probably be glued to my TV for the next 48 hours As for news sites I like: Talking Points Memo | Breaking News and Analysis Marc Ambinder
  16. Tammy -- we are interested in some kind of nice trip for just the two of us next year and would love to go to Dreams Cabo. Can you let me know if you have any particularly good deals (timing is totally flexible) and if we are eligible even though we didn't have our wedding there? Thanks! xoxo
  17. I would recommend networking. Get out and meet people face to face. Lunches, coffees, informational interviews, informal meetings, happy hours, seminars, etc. Meet people, tell them you're looking, ask for advice, etc. It's so much better than doing it behind an internet screen! Good luck
  18. How about an entry-level fundraising/development job at a children's nonprofit. That's what I did after college and now I am a political/nonprofit fundraising consultant. You'll never be unemployed and if you're good at it you can make a difference and make decent money for nonprofit work and have a good work-life balance.
  19. welcome! you might want to check out the Cabo Surf Hotel....
  20. I second the bookkeeper idea -- I think you should find jobs like this (work from home.consulting/part time) on craigslist...
  21. my friend just got hers (not destination wedding) at Target for $25! Try just looking for cute dresses in the usual places (dept. stores, etc.) instead of "bridesmaid" dresses and you'll find something.
  22. I am so impressed! they definitely don't look DIY. I think this might be a first on the forum -- you look fab!
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