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  1. I am getting married April 19th....and booked my as well and had to put down 50%. You are so right...I have never paid so much for an up do before in my life...it better be stunning. My wedding is at 1pm...and I am booked in for 9am.....hoping this gives me lots of time. I have really thick long hair too!!
  2. I was just at hobby lobby....and they have about 7-8 different colors!
  3. I just received confirmation from my TA.....We have a flight....only 20 min different from original plan....Only thing i am bummed about is we loose out on all our free drinks we were supposed to get!...booo
  4. Btn1091....When are you leaving...and from where We may be on the same flight
  5. I am set to leave in 2 weeks.....a little worried. I booked through Sunquest and I know they will be taking care of us but worried that if the times change it could mess up our second trip....we are leaving after we get back in less than 12 hours to another destination...if flights times differ at all it could really mess us up. I am also hoping they don't split our group up...we only have 21 but they could still split us....We were told to hang tough till tomorrow....I have a great TA and she has been keeping me updated! Lets keep our fingers crossed ladies!!!
  6. I just picked mine up in the US at H&M.....only $20 each....we went with plain white but they had other colours too!!
  7. They are so cute....I am almost done making my own as well...can't wait to surprise my girls with them!
  8. I have around 20....and I'm in ontario too.....PM me if you are still looking!
  9. Amazing review!!! I leave in 2 months for ROR...This is very helpful!
  10. I am in love with your hair piece. Where did you get it? I love your dress. I tried it on but yours is too small. I hope someone buys it off you...it is truly gorgeous!
  11. Love the place card holders....where did you get them?
  12. I bought the ones from oriental trading.....they are nice but they are all different sizes....but they are nice.
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