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  1. As far as travel, I'm not sure. I told her my budget and told her it needed to include travel.And she was able to work with me. I also heard manuel was good, but he is expensive as well and I wanted to meet the person before I went or at least speak with someone who had used him. The great thing about Jennifer is that she was there all weekend, got to know the guests, and hung out. It made the wedding day very comfortable. i hired a videogrographer down there and he was great. But he showed up on the day of the wedding, I was real busy, and I met him for maybe 30 seconds and that was it. I prefer to hang out a little with the photographer before I spend all that money. Hope that helps, Kellie
  2. Hello all, If you are looking for a more intimate wedding, Cabo surf is the place. It sits right next to the One and Only Palmilla, but for a fraction of the price. I had 75 guests but it felt like we had our own private villa. Some of the other locations are nice( i looked at most of them), but I didn't want to feel like I was getting married in a hotel. If I did, I would have got married back in the states. Cabo surf gives you a true Mexico wedding. while I'm sure many have gotten married there, it was very personalized where I didn't feel like they had the same wedding there last weekend. And the funny thing was that a lot of my vendors(locals) also got married there. That speaks to the magic of this hotel. Many asked me for pictures, so I wanted to include them. Jennifer Dery Wedding Blog | San Diego & Destination Wedding Photography San Jose del Cabo, Mexico Wedding - Kellie & Jeff this is my photographer's blog. We are under Jeff and Kellie. her name is Jennifer Dery and is out of San Diego. If your photographs are high on your list, you must use her. Enjoy! Mrs. Barry
  3. This is a great DW photographer out of San Diego. Jennifer Dery is ranked the number 2 photographer in Southern California and is absolutely amazing. People have asked me to post pictures of my wedding at Cabo Surf Hotel so here you go..... This is her blog and we're under Jeff and Kellie.. Jennifer Dery Wedding Blog | San Diego & Destination Wedding Photography San Jose del Cabo, Mexico Wedding - Kellie & Jeff Enjoy!
  4. Mandy is a freelance wedding coordinator. I actually found her through my hotel. I think she should start her own business as she truly is a Godsend to Destination brides. She was the the wedding planner and coordinator. I forgot to say that at the end of the night my Dad gave me an extra $200 to give to her because he was so impressed. As far as pics, I don't have many yet as my pictures won't be ready until April. But if you are on facebook, email me and I'll send you some pics from the guests
  5. Try Cabo surf Hotel! Amazing. And if you need a coordinator, use Mandy at mandy@att.net. She's amazing!!!
  6. Dear all Cabo Brides, Ok, I joined this site about 3 months ago when I got engaged. I really haven't posted much but have been reading a lot about all the vendors and ideas. And no one thought I could ever put together a destination wedding in such a short period of time. But I was able to do so with the help of my coordinator Mandy. She was so amazing that I feel the need to write about her on here. If you need a coordinator, you have to use her. If you aren't happy with your current one, you should switch. She not only is very organized, friendly, responsive, speaks English, but she created the most beautiful wedding day for me in less then 2 months. Some of the things she did that were over above and beyond.....she picked my parents and I up from the airport and took us to our hotel, when I lost my wedding jewelry...she found me some new stuff, she hung out with all my friends and took some of them around to different bars one night and then gave them a ride back to the hotel, she knows everyone in Cabo, she set me up with the best vendors, any problems I had with the vendors with not getting back to me quickly.....she would follow up. She was amazing!!! I have been in the service industry for a long time and am very picky. You are making a mistake if you do not use her. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or her. Her email is mandy@att.net, my email masonkellie@gmail.com As far as other vendors.... I used DJ Mijares who was amazing as well. Very professional and super cool. Met with us ahead of time and did exactly what we asked. I loved him! My wedding was at the Cabo Surf Hotel which was the best Venue ever! I had a worker following me with a bottle of champagne to fill my glass every time I took a sip. It felt more like a party, then a wedding which is exactly what I wanted. I also used Neysa for hair and make-up which also came out great. I know it sounds like I may have had a little too much to drink and thought everyone was good, but I tell you Mandy set everything up perfect. If you want a perfect wedding, email Mandy. You won't be disappointed. And if you are unsure of a venue....Cabo surf is a small boutique hotel that may be the best wedding venue in Cabo if you are looking for an intimate feel. We went over to the ME for our honeymoon and ended up switching back to the Cabo Surf. Hope this helps, Kellie
  7. I'm getting married March 7 and my guests are staying at the los posadas best western. it's less then a mile down the beach. you can walk if you want. It's right on the beach, all-inclusive for about $125-140/night. I've encouraged my guests to stay there as Cabo Surf wouldn't give me any sort of deal.
  8. I'm getting married March 7, 2009 at the Cabo Surf Hotel:)
  9. My name is Kellie and I'm getting married March 7 in Cabo at the Cabo Surf hotel:)
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