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  1. ...continued... I have several emails from Caitlin in which she’s very happy about the 3 sets of invitations she received from us. I thought we’d parted ways pleasantly. If I’d had any indication otherwise I would have been happy to work something out with her. Unfortunately I was never give the opportunity, as her review was the first I’d heard from her since she cancelled her order.
  2. ...continued... 4. “I emailed Sarah to tell her [about cancelling the order] and she was happy to watch us go.” This is also not true. I’d already begun design work on her programs and never had received a deposit for them as I provide program design as a complimentary service to my previous clients. This is the email I received from Caitin, out of the blue, after we had exchanged several more emails and had continued moving forward with her project: “Sarah, At this point, we’ve decided to order through another company for our wedding programs. Thank you again for all the work you’ve done for
  3. ...continued... 3. Re: program fans and place cards order. We took a very limited design schedule over the summer to accommodate a couple of vacations for myself and my three assistants. We work over 90 hours a week from January to May and take some family time during the summer. I sent an email in late June to my clients that had projects going on in early July to let them know that I would be in and out of the office for the next 3 weeks and that I would be occasionally available by email, but would be working on their projects remote from my office and would be in contact upon my return. A
  4. There are many false statements in this review that I needed to address: 1. “Sproullie Designs keeps taking down their bad reviews” – Caitlin is referring to a review on Etsy in which there was a major miscommunication with one of our brides and an email the client never received. We reached out to the client and she voluntarily took her review down. 2. “Our start date came and went without any emails from Sarah or her team”. What she fails to mention, is that during that time, we squeezed in another order for her, which normally has a 5 week turnaround. We completed it from receiving the or
  5. *NEW* Baby Bump Thread!
  6. Had my first "Celebrity" invitation client
  7. Congratulations! Such an awesome prize. Thank you and your FI for your service to our country
  8. 75 is my minimum. Unfortunately (or fortunately!) we've gotten into such high demand that we had to impose minimums to scale back the number of orders we take on.
  9. Hands down: Our own Tammy from Tammy B Photography: www.tammybphotography.com She's done several photo shoots for me and has done boudoir photography for a friend - she's AMAZING!
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