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  1. Hi Kingz85! The DJ was from Lomas Travel - they were fantastic! The DJ actually brought the glow sticks and balloons. We brought the paper lanterns which we purchased at www.paperlanternstore.com Good luck!!
  2. Hi Ladies!! We got married March 26th, 2013 and I wanted to share the video our photographer put together for us as well as some pics. He was absolutely wonderful!! http://www.taylorjacksonphoto.com/blog/azul-sensatori-wedding-mexico-destination-wedding/ Resort review to follow in the next few weeks!!!
  3. The wedding coordinator told me the round tables are 5ft across at plaza zavas.
  4. Only a few minor details to go! I agree it really did come around so quickly! We got engaged in November 2011 and at the time March 2013 seemed like it was ages away!!! How about you?
  5. Hi Gina P!! I will be there March 23rd as well! We are going March 23-30th, getting married on the 26th. See you at the swim up bar!
  6. Hi ladies! Just putting together my reception timeline and I am just wondering how long previous brides budgeted for appetizer, entree and dessert - just want to make sure its somewhat accurate as I dont have a clue! Thanks!
  7. Hi ladies! Do you know where the Terrace Zavas is on the map of the resort? We are putting together our welcome bags for our guests and wanted to include a map of locations. We are having our reception at Plaza Zavas and wanted to put that and Terrace Zavas (our cocktail location) on the map for people. Thanks! Link to map included below! http://www.mexicobeachexperts.com/maps/SensatoriMap.jpg
  8. Hi ElanaB82, I found them earlier in this thread. I havent confirmed the measurements myself but assume they are accurate: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/23412/azul-sensatori-brides-post-here/14390
  9. Hi Ladies, Just thought I'd share our save the date for our wedding. It was SUPER easy to do, we just had a camera which took pictures 2x per second (my poor sis-in law had to hold the button down for us the whole time!), then uploaded it to windows movie maker to create a stop motion movie and edited out the pictures in between our costume changes, etc. We had SO much fun doing it, and got an amazing response from our guests. I wish we would have already decided on the Azul Sensatori at the time we made it, but it was just as effective without the location! Total costs for our save the date - $0!!
  10. Hi Kate! Congrats on your weddings - its so close!!! I am just wondering if you are using the live webcam for your ceremony on the sky deck, and whether you'd be able to provide feedback afterwards as to whether anyone had problems with it? We are getting married on the sky deck on March 26th, 2013 and we are hesitant in sending out the webcam link to those who can't attend because we have heard stories in the past about it not working or people not being able to get it to work. Thanks!!
  11. Agreed JennyBenz!! We had a number of close friends and family tell us they were coming, but then their situations changed (money, pregnancy, health, etc) and they have since RSVP'd and said they couldnt make it. We also had other people who we never expected to attend who have booked, so it has a way of working itself out! Our rule has become that we assume someone isn't coming until they tell us they have booked their trip. It may seem a little pessimistic, but it makes it a lot easier to just be excited when someone books and less disappointed when someone tells you they can't come.
  12. Hi Murmel - I LOVE the lanterns in your pics. Where did you buy them? I have seen lanterns online at www.paperlanternstore.com however this shipping prices to Canada are insane if you are just ordering a few to see how they look. What sizes did you opt for? I really like the staggered sizes together like what you did. Thanks again!
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