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  2. Thanks Sabrina. My cousin and I were dicussing lowering the back today. Do you guys think I should ask for a U,V shape? Or just tell them to lower it? The color of the top was bothering me too
  3. Thanks ladies. The more I look at the pictures,the more the dress is growing on me   Quote: Originally Posted by happy8shlee It will wear more beautifully than it appears on the proofs because it's designed for your body shape and I can just picture the elegance of the train, so keep the train... you can always ask for a bustle. I think they charged me about 10 bucks but it was all I needed. Best wishes on your wedding!   I googled "bustle" (because I'm ashamed to say I had no clue what they looked like) and from the results that came up,I'm still trying to figure out how that would work for this dress? Did they give you a choice on the bustle for your dress? Or,did they just do the type of bustle they deemed better suited for your dress? Â
  4. I sent them pictures of the dress and told them that I wanted a zipper covered by buttons instead of just buttons. Â I'm going to ask them if they could add more pleats on the top portion. The first 3 top layers on the bottom portion look like they're just hanging there (not "crunched up" like in the original) . I need to tell them to change it,but can't figure out how to word it I was planing on making arrows pointing to the 3 layers and make the request to change it. Any wording advice so I can send it to them??? Â
  5. I received pictures of the vow renewal dress today from GianinarBridal. I was told if I'm satisfied,that they will add the sash with the flower and the buttons that will be covering the zipper. I think the upper part looks weird with the line on the top portion (line going from top of right breast to waist area). The color is a little light for my taste too,but I can deal with it. Hopefully it's just their lighting and that it's actually darker IRL. I've been going back and forth between pics of the original dress and the one they made... And think I should ask to add more pleating around the lower waist area (or maybe it just looks off because the sash and bow is not on there yet?). I think they did ok with the bottom part of the dress. I'm also going to ask them to send me a picture of the "flower" that they mentioned they were going to add to the sash. I'm only wearing the dress for a few hours,so I don't think I'm going to go all bridezilla about the dress...lmao Do you think I should ask to shorten the back being that the ceremony will be on the beach (on the sand)??? Please feel free to give me your two cents. Â Â Here are pics of the original Vera Wang's "Diedre": Â Â Here are pictures from Gianinar Bridal: Â Â
  6. I have been meaning to post this,but I've been out of the country and so busy with work...That I'm just getting to it. Sarah of Sproullie Designs made my STDs for my vow renewal cruise. She has been amazing,and so patient. I think I've asked a million questions during the whole process,lol. I love how they turned out. I got a new camera,& I'm still trying to figure it out so excuse the way the pics came out. Some pics the flash went off,& others it didn't. It doesn't really show through the pictures I took,but the cover is printed on semi-gloss paper & the inside pages/postcards on shimmer paper. Here is our Save The Date passport: The envelope. I got the customized stamps from Zazzle: Cover: Page 1. Page 2: The last 2 pages: Front of postcard: Back of postcard: The number 60 that I pointed out with the arrow is because I read from other threads here that some people tend to reply without their names,& really don't want to play the guessing game. I have a file stored with the numbers and according names.
  7. When I was asked which color I wanted for the dress,I told them that I wanted the pale nude. They then emailed me a color swatch and told me which one they thought were closest to the color I wanted. The thing is I thought the colors they mentioned (t27 & t42) were off. So I emailed them back and told them what colors I thought were closer from their color swatch. I thought t45 or even t46 (but that is not shiny) would make a better match. They replied:You're right,t45 is better. Now I'm kind of doubting them about the whole color thing,lol. So if you guys have some time to spare could you please tell me which one do you think is closest to the pale nude? Here's the color swatch that was emailed to me: here's the dress in pale nude: TIA
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Bride2Be21 Make sure you tell her your shoes are 3.5 inches. She just says 2 inches assuming your shoes are 2 inches. Then she said (at least in my email) please let me know if your shoes are taller than 2 inches. Hope this helps! I'm so glad you said that,because I assumed by the way it's worded that they were asking if it's ok with me if they added 2 additional inches in addition to my 3.5 inch heels. Thanks for pointing this out.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by D14me Here is the dress in pale nude and also in white: Quote: Originally Posted by hockeymom97 I love this dress - it's beautiful and very unique!! I've kind of been lurking on here...still trying to decide if I should go with a knock off or not. Based on all the posts it sounds like you really can have a gorgeous dress made and not break the bank! Hi ladies, I've decided to go with gianinarbridal afterall for my dress & it turns out nice. They've asked if it's ok to make the dress 2 inches longer for the height of shoes? The shoes I will be wearing have 3.5 inch heels,so should I say yes to making it 2 inches longer or not?
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by A_J_Mitchell MY pics have arrived.. Can you girls take a look and see if you can see any "flaws" or something that needs to be fixed. I just LOVE it!! Your dress is gorgeous!!!
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