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  1. That was you and I was worried that I sounded mean. I told my husband later that I thought that was you!!! When you said michelle I was like uhhhhhh no. lol Vincent is the hotels photographer's name and he really was great.
  2. Our first dance song was Alicia Keys - Butterflies. He let me choose the song and that one always made me think of him.
  3. Hammy...I heard that you were looking for me. I'm sorry you missed mine and I missed yours. But I think I saw you taking pictures on the balcony. My room was directly across. If that was you...you looked BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Can't wait to see your pictures.
  4. I just got home today so i'm still trying to get settled in. I'll post my review in the next week when I'm not so tired. The wedding was great for us!!!! The hotel's photog did a great job! Here is the link for our photos. But for all future brides...RELAX!!! Everything will be just fine!! Don't get to involved with those small details. http://tiffanyandjasonnowjade.adventurephotosmx.com/
  5. I decided to order a dress from LandyBridal. Originally, I was going for a Rosa Clara but I found out I was pregnant so that mermaid fitting gown was not going to work for me. I changed to a different dress on the site, not sure who it's by but it was different fit. Now the thing is I pretty much waited til the LAST SECOND!!! I ordered the dress mid January which means they weren't going to be able to ship it until February 9 (exactly 6 days before I leave for my DW!!!) So the only thing I could do is pray and hope it makes it here on time. Guess what??? Not only did it come on time (Feb
  6. So glad to hear everything went well!! I'm so looking forward to get back to show people that it's fine!!!
  7. OMG!! I leave for my wedding in 2 days. The time has gone by so fast. In the beginning I had so many ideas for decorations, gifts, etc... but because people and other things have been stressing me out so much I've cut everything. I'm getting just the Divine Package with no extra anything!!! I didn't buy any additional decorations or chair bows like i originally wanted. Nobody is getting any OOT bags. I'm not having a wedding party except for my 7 yr old son. I wish I would have decided on that from the beginning it would have saved me so much time and headaches. I'm finishing up packing right
  8. I know that's right!!! I already have quite a few people who I know I don't have to worry about anymore. I'll end up saving alot of money from now on.
  9. I am going to be there from Feb 15-25. You'll probably be gone by the time I get there. Good luck and i'm sure your wedding will be amazing!!! Hammie, don't be surprised if you see someone peeking around just to see your wedding. lol Good luck and congrats!!!
  10. I have about 10 people back out for this reason. I didn't plan on that many people going from the beginning but for that many to back out has thoroughly pissed me off. I tried to keep it at the 25 limit but i guess that was a waste cause it's about 15 people now.
  11. OMG!!! My wedding is in about 2 weeks.I'm so excited and nervous at the same time!!! I've been so stressed lately that all my personalized plans are out the window. I had so many people back out and put me through hell that i decided i'm going to keep it as simple as possible. As long as me, my fiance and my son have a good time that's all that matters.I found out I was pregnant in November which means I had to change my dress and because of that I am pushing the dress fitting off til the last minute since I leave 4 days before the wedding.
  12. Jen THANK YOU for having the ceremony at the fountain because i'm having mine there also and your pictures look beautiful.
  13. awesome idea!!!!!! I think i'm going to have order my free stamp. Any ideas to save money is a great idea!!!
  14. I'm getting married the same day at NOW Jade!!! Time has went by sooo fast and i'm sooooo excited!!!!
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