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  1. I wish I could post pics. I'm posting from my phone. The dress is beautiful -IMO of course- but I got it really dirty at the bottom. White, size 6, hemmed at the bottom (I am 5' 3") I'm in bergen co. NJ and would prefer not to have to ship it. Perfect for a TTD session. PM me and I'll send you pics. You can also google the reference # above (subject). Also selling a gorgeous headpiece. Please google item #H7593. You can use it as a headband or waist band. It is so beautiful. It sucks to part from it but I really don't plan on getting married again, so one of you can have it. I'm selling it for $75 OBO. I also have pics I can email you.
  2. Guys, just be careful about what you share on this site. I had a terrible experience with Arrecife, who looks like they have some type of agreement with the hotel. Some lady named Jackie at Arrecife used the information I posted about my photographer against me. They ruined my wedding memories because they assumed I hired a photographer and ended up coercing me to tell my best friend (who was giving me the wedding pictures as a present) to put his camera away. I have no pictures of the ceremony other than the ones included in the package because I refused to give them my money. Turns out after I caught them lying (they said they know my friend was in Punta Cana for the third time taking wedding pictures. Not true) that they allowed him to use his camera in the hotel premises. That is when the ceremony was already over. So again, they snoop around this site looking for ways to use the information you post here so that they can get money.
  3. Actually, I bought a program called Lightroom from adobe for $89 (student price) and applied the settings to my friend's pictures. They look like professional pictures. Like Enrique said, it's not brain science. You would actually be able to judge whether or not Arrecife take good pictures if they didn't edit theirs. As fat as the photographer himself (Willy), he made me feel comfortable, contrary to what I thought since he was there when I had that discussion with Jackie.
  4. I just got married there on Feb 19th. Wedding coordinators are very accommodating not only with wedding stuff, but also with regular hotel issues here and there. I had my reception on La Barcaza, so I can't speak about their menu. In general the food was decent in the buffets and I think pretty good at the theme restaurants. I was extremely frustrated because my guests were spread all around the hotel (which is massive) and getting in touch with them was impossible. That was partly my fault because I did not give the WC my guest list on time. You probably wont have any problems with that because Ambar is in its own area and it is not as big. It is really pretty BTW. Well, unless your guests are staying in different parts of the hotel (bavaro, punta cana). Actually the WC helped us with everyone's rooms #s and also coordinating so that at least once we could all meet at the same buffet to have dinner. For some reason my guests were given different color bracelets, which determine where you can eat and what pools you can use. One thing I did not like and was a huge deal for me was the lack of communication as well as orientation toward guest satisfaction. I should highlight this DOES NOT apply to the WCs they were excellent to work with. Many of my single guests were sharing rooms to minimize cost and requested two beds via the travel agent. Three of the rooms actually had one bed instead of two (not nice if there are two guys staying in the same room). The people at the front desk asked my guests to come back the next morning to have their rooms changed. They were never changed despite going to the front desk three times in a day. They gave up. Just one of them, who happens to be short tempered, got his way because he apparently made a scene. How bad to have to get to that. The hotel blamed the issue on the travel agent, who sent my friend proof he had requested two separate beds. The same lack of communication actually affected me personally and I will likely not go back any GBP because of this: My wedding present from my best friend was going to be the photographs. We emailed on of the WCs since they say you have to pay $500 if you are hiring a photographer other than Arrecife, which I guess has some type of agreement with the hotel. The WC said as long as my friend was my guest and was staying at the hotel it was fine. We left it at that. At the hotel we talked to a Jackie from Arrecife and she simply said we either prove with documentation that he is part of my family (same last name) or pay the $500. Telling her he is one of my guests, is booked at the hotel for three nights, and has been my best friend for 12 years did not work. She said to me they (Arrecife) check this site (BDW) and told her the bride who is getting married there on Feb 19 is bringing her own photographer. Talk about big brother. What really hurt (and still does) was having to ask my best friend, who made it all the way to Punta Cana to take my wedding pictures, to put his camera away. Jackie said to me that in the past they have stopped ceremonies to ask people with professional cameras to stop taking pictures. To me that sounded like a threat and, who would want to have their ceremony stopped and be embarrassed in front of everyone? I almost wanted to pay the $500 and be done with it, but decided not to give them my money. This is the best part: the ceremony is over, Arrecife people accompany us all the way to the lobby where my friend figured he could take some shots, he is asked to put the camera away. He is told by some lady that she knows he does this for a living and that he has been in Punta Cana three times. Nothing further from the truth. He is the photographer of the president in our country and that was his first trip to the Dominican Republic EVER. Sorry for venting. Again, the wedding coordinators are excellent, and actually the people that you have day to day contact (service staff, restaurant staff) are quite pleasant. The ones that seem a little snobby are the ones at the lobby and reception but who cares, luckily you just deal with them twice.
  5. Hi guys I recently returned from Punta Cana. I had my reception at la barcaza and it was simply theeee best choice. A few pointers: *don't worry about how to entertain your guests between the end of the reception and pick up time. Between the bride being late to the ceremony and getting everyone together for a worthy group picture time will fly by and you wont even notice. *If you take a lot of decorations you will be charged a fee (I was charged $100). *My advice to you is don't take candles. I took floating candles as well as pillars. They were not even lit up cause the wind is so strong. *Don't worry about carrying centerpieces (unless you take the flowers from the ceremony). I took three glass cylinders per table. Two arrived in pieces even though they were very well wrapped and the rest I had to leave there because it was just a big hassle. If anything ask Fiori to uses the glass cylinders Diana left them!!! *Fiori will tell you to bring towels as they don't have. *Be prepared to pay for an extra hour because time goes by so quick you wont even notice. You'll want to keep partying. Our bestman paid for our extra hour -so nice! *Bring a pashmina or a sweater. Like a said, it is super, super windy. Don't hesitate to hit me up via private messages if you have any questions. I am no longer as active in this forum as I used to be, so I will probably not notice if you ask me a question on this thread. Enjoy your reception. Ah! and don't use Arrecife photography. They're awful.
  6. I don't know how this works with other resorts, but Arrecife has some deal with Gran Bahia Principe Bavaro where, no matter whether they work or not, they end up getting your money anyway. I did not like Jackie, the person sitting at the desk when you arrive at their office. She is somewhat polite and well mannered, which does not make up for her lack of listening skills and logic reasoning: A few months before the wedding I emailed one of the wedding coordinators to ask whether they would let my friend take my pictures. He is my best friend, a guest, and this was his wedding present to me. The coord. said as long as it was a hotel guest it would be fine. Jackie said no. The only way they would waive the $500 fee for letting someone with a professional or semiprofessional camera take pictures at the ceremony is if I can show (with a passport or some other document) that this person is related to me by blood. She actually said if they saw someone with a professional or semiprofessional camera there they would stop the ceremony and ask the person to put the camera away. She also said if I found the email my wedding coord. sent the most that could happen is she would get yelled at, but I would still have to pay. I had to ask my friend not to take his camera out (that was heartbreaking). At the end of the ceremony we were leaving and my friend took some pictures at the hotel lobby. Turns out someone from Arrecife was following us around and asked my friend to put the camera away. This lady said she knew he was at that hotel for the third time, which is far from true. When I told her he was there as my guest, he was rooming with my sister, he is my best friend and this would have been his weeding present, she said I should have said something. She allowed my friend to take pictures at the end when the ceremony, the most important piece, was already over. I could have paid the $500 and be done with it, but I chose not to out of principle. don't think it is right for Arrecife to keep my money when they did no work at all. I just took my 10 pictures included in the package and called it a day. The photographer, willy, was very nice and courteous. The pictures themselves were OK. Nothing extraordinary. I am just really hurt that their lack of communication actually ruined my special day and left me with no wedding pictures from my best friend. Booooo to Arrecife.
  7. wow everything is very nice!!! love how original your rings are. Kudos!
  8. I am getting married on the same date!!! lots of luck to you and my everything come out as planned!!!!
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