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  1. Wondering if you girls got your dress pressed and had suggestions of good places? Or what did you do to press your dress for the wedding? Thanks!!
  2. Also im not sure if you girls can tell in the picture but it has a purple train at the back, that I thought was very fitting for it being a rehearsal dinner dress Im also 5'5 tall and it still has a few inches to spare for heels.
  3. Sorry girls I had a headache and wasnt even thinking about that! It says its a size 16 but I am only a size 9 and it fits good. The designer is Cinderella http://www.cinderellasgowns.com/2010-Cinderella-s-Collection-s/100.htm
  4. Used this for my dinner rehearsal, I would love to keep it... but I no longer like it with my new back tattoo. :/ If its shipping to BC I will pay, otherwise I ask you pay for your own shipping.
  5. I still have the bouquets and center pieces saved if anyone wants them. BOUQUET-3.pdf CENTER.pdf BOUQUET-2.pdf
  6. I found they looked better when I put clear packing tape over the labels. It made them shiny and look like they were meant to be there good luck!
  7. We just paid the $300 fee to the on site photographers, it worked out cheaper than getting a room for him. Originally Posted by Avens Aww I'm sorry you had a poor experience Clean! As someone above said, definitely can't wait to read everyone's reviews and hopefully avoid some of the issues you had, and take advantage of the good stuff! Ya im sure some of it could have been avoided if the wedding planner had better comunication with us. Scott was mad thinking that I was the one running late. Our wedding was on a monday at 4:00pm. There was still at least one ot
  8. here is the rehersal dinner dress I got.. Some extra stuff for parents, we all used the hats almost every day!! Putting the bags together the night before we left, I cant believe we fit everything in our luggage.
  9. So we just got back from our wedding at Barcelo. A few good things happened but a LOT of BAD things happened also. I dont think I would ever reccomend barcelo for a bride EVER. Everything was about money, which I understand theyre trying to make money...but the service I found was not that great unless you TIPPED for everything. Ill post a review later but our wedding times got messed up because of our wedding planner and her comunication with our party. She put too many chairs out and didnt bother to ask Scott who was standing there if all the guests were there and instead delayed the we
  10. Ya she just started up a etsy acct but hasn't uploaded pictuRes because she was busy with christmas. Ill ask her for her acct and let you know!Â
  11. For our wedding we used the WC from the hotel (Claudia) she has been very nice thus far and im happy we have her. However she does take a long time to reply to my emails sometimes, and when I ask her questions she doesnt always answer them. I got a outside photographer because they recently changed the hotels and I wasnt a big fan of their work. I booked Ivan Luckie and hes been AWESOME to work with. http://www.facebook.com/index.php?lh=e1dbeb20bf2344e638cd636b30f5363c&eu=a7LLUCRuFEHx3DXaIVsFgA#!/pages/Luckie-Photography/336746687249 They do make you pay either $300 or for a hotel s
  12. No sorry, I just free hand that painting on canvas. I used to be an art major so I had all my paints and brushes from that.
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