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  1. I also honeymooned at EPM and it was beyond amazing, would reccommend it in a heartbeat. We absolutely loved it IF you do, make sure you get a rooftop terrace suite. They are unreal.
  2. Hey Dan. Unfortunately in order to have a legal wedding in Huatulco (or anywhere in Mexico) you have to have the blood tests taken IN Mexico. They will not let you take them in Canada/USA. This is a big reason alot of people opt for a symbolic ceremony in Mexico and have a quick legal ceremony at home. Having said that, there are people who do get blood tests done and have the legal ceremony down there and I havent heard of any problems. Good luck!
  3. Hi ladies Its been ages since I have been here but just wanted to pop in and say hi. I see some of you met up, I would love to meet up one of these times but I am out of town for teh long weekend on the 29th. I'll check back to see what you plan for the August meet up! Happy Stampeding!
  4. Hey Jen, Fabian passed away last year around October. I am not sure who does photos around there now? You might want to look into bringing your own photographer, thats what I ended up doing. Good Luck. Oh and my sisters gf got married at one of the villas and it was AMAZING.
  5. Great to see your review Nicole!! Im so happy everything turned out as amazing for you as it did for me! You looked gorgeous and your dress was PERFECT for you. congrats!
  6. Wow Cassie, I haven't been on here in ages but I apparently came on at the right time. Is it really your wedding already?! Time flies - I still remember when you got engaged like it was yesterday. You did so much and your planning thread is incredible, you outdid yourself! Congrats & Best of luck on the big day!!!
  7. holy crap Di, what a fabulous review! You have definitely made many Royal brides to be very happy!!! congrats!!
  8. Great pics, another wicked job by Nate (Nate Cordova - I think Broshot is just his FB name?)!! Congrats!
  9. I LOVE THIS SHOW! I think i cried multiple times last night when they did the house calls. Makes me so happy for some of them when all their hard work pays off and then also makes me so sad for the ones that dont make it. i agree some of the better dancers did let go but they all state that they dont just take the BEST dancers, they take dancers that will grow on teh show, that the audience will connect with and that have good personalities. So i can see why some were chosen over others for sure. Cant wait for tonight
  10. Aw congrats & hugs Cara!!! So glad everything turned out for you and your pics are so good! I love the one of you hugging him with only the bright blue sky in the background (frame it), and the one of you both laughing so hard in the water. so cute
  11. Incredible Di!!! I cant wait to see how it all turned out for you and to hear all about it, you are going to make one beautiful bride!! Hugs!
  12. Congratulations! Your pics were beautiful and your dress looked amazing on you. I loved the different styles and colors of your bmaid dresses!
  13. aw I love your pics Amy. They put a huge smile on my face while looking at them, he really captured all the emotion of the day. Congrats!
  14. Everything looks awesome Karen, I cannot wait to hear how it all goes and see your review. Your dress is gorgeous!
  15. I am so excited for you Kayley!!! I love your dress, your colors, your bmaid dresses, the chair covers for the girls, eek! can't wait to see your review!
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