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  1. Hey Omaha, I'm in Omaha too! We just got married in Playa del Carmen 3 weeks ago, Good luck planning!
  2. Here's who we used, and they were FANTASTIC and they were VERY affordable... Amin Dominguez Good Luck!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Jenn3878 Congrats!! Thanks for sharing!! Where did you get married in Playa del Carmen? We got married at Hotel Las Palapas....It was so pretty. But I think that the hotel is maybe closing sometime next year?? We didn't stay there though, we stayed at the Royal Playa del Carmen.....FANTASTIC resort.
  4. We stayed at the Royal Playa del Carmen. The royal is adults only, but next door they have a sister resort that allows children. Our experience was AMAZING there, and it is close to 5th avenue (shopping, dining) which was really nice, incase you wanted to do something in town. I saw weddings at the Royal that were for 50 people and it was beautiful..... Good Luck!!
  5. Yay! Here are a few pro pics...it was such a beautiful day....I couldn't wait to share....
  6. ...and the newsletters, they are not the greatest, but if anyone wants the publisher file, just ask and these are the candles for the AHR, i went to 6 dollar generals they were on sale for .30 cents each, so now I have about 80 candles. Sometimes I go a little overboard
  7. Rob's band Tungsten ordered from Overstock Welcome bags, again DIY and I think they turned out great! Ring Shell (DIY) Ceremony Fans (DIY) will be on each guests seat Sand jar: not doing a sand ceremony, but taking sand from wedding spot to keep at home. Gift from my Mom, and its so cool!
  8. WOW! Its finally my turn! Thank you for all of your inspirations, support and fantastic ideas! Here goes: my dress: ordered online from Wedding Dresses, Prom Dresses, Wedding Accessories at BestBridalPrices.com my rings: engagment ring (on top) we had this made for me with our birthstones, I love this ring, but couldn't find a band that I liked with it, so then I got a big sparkly solitare! and I will move my e-ring to my other hand my shoes: flip flops for beach, heels for indoor and AHR receptions Hair Flower, one of my DIY projects...I've actually made three of them, but I can only wear one!
  9. Last year I was a scarecrow...I used my leftover angel costume and painted the skirt green and added patches and wore a crinoline skirt with "stuffing" coming out from the bottom...I really liked this costume.....and FI was satan or something evil, he looked really spooky!!!
  10. Please help! My dog ate my AHR shoes! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these shoes!!!! If anyone has them, maybe I would buy them or if anyone has an extra left one that I could borrow I have other shoes, but I LOVE these. I looked on ebay and found one pair, but they are a 9 and I am closer to a 8. They are Jessica Simpson Style: Alessia size 8 in white... I am too sad to post a pic of the half eaten shoe
  11. It seems most people did the legal thing in the states and did a symbolic ceremony at home (starting to understand why!!) ....BUT...we really want to do the legal in Mexico...Problem is, translating the birth certificates...has anyone done this and if so, how? I went to the Mexican Consolate (sp?) and they could not help me, they did give me some # but they were for lawyers to help get my marriage sponsored or something (they didn't understand that we were both american, and want to be married there!) So....from my communication with the hotel we are being married at, we need to bring certified copies of our birth certificates translated...I don't know what to do!!! I've got a MONTH to figure this out....any one done this?? -Whew! that was long, sorry!
  12. Here's what I think.... I found the "transfer to dark" iron on transfers to be easy to work with, and the color was AWESOME! compared to the regular iron ons. With the "transfer to dark" iron-ons, you do NOT need to flip the image, but you do need to cut out your image without a border (I used cuticle scissors and they worked great, but my design was a seahorse with lots of little curves) I used colorful canvas bags i found at the craft store and the iron on transfers in the same aisle....Good luck!
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